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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Understanding the errors introduced by military AI applications Brookings Institution 10 days ago
2 US Army's virtual world becoming high-demand war planning tool 14 hours ago
3 Army Solicitating Wide Array of AI Technologies National Defense Magazine 7 months ago
4 Community engagement enriches partnerships, idea generation at AFC United States Army 26 days ago
5 The development of cyber warfare in the US – part 6 8 days ago
6 A Force for the Future: The Artificial Intelligence Opportunity Foreign Affairs Magazine 27 days ago
7 Army Builds AI Development Toolkit For All Domain Ops Breaking Defense 1 year ago
8 AI Task Force taking giant leaps forward | Article | The United States Army United States Army 3 years ago
9 How AI Would — and Wouldn't — Factor Into a US-Chinese War War on the Rocks 13 days ago
10 Project Convergence: AIs vs. Uncertainty Breaking Defense 1 year ago
11 Military officials highlight Pittsburgh's AI prowess for military modernization with downtown symposium event The Business Journals 1 month ago
12 Adoption of Artificial Intelligence in Indian Army’s C4ISR: Here is what the Chief said The Financial Express 7 days ago
13 New US-led task force to focus on the Red Sea The New Arab 4 days ago
14 Carnegie Mellon Hosts Activation of US Army AI Task Force Carnegie Mellon University 3 years ago
15 Army Futures Command preparing an AI-ready workforce Federal News Network 2 years ago
16 Should Indian Defence Forces get a Chief AI Officer? Analytics India Magazine 6 days ago
17 Silicon Valley AI Keen to Solve US-Ukraine Translator Shortages | Bloomberg Government Bloomberg Government 5 days ago
18 US Army’s AI Task Force’s collaboration with CMU is filling the gaps with AI The Sociable 3 years ago
19 Applications for artificial intelligence in Department of Defense cyber missions Microsoft On the Issues 13 days ago
20 Algorithmic Warfare: Army's AI Task Force Making Strides National Defense Magazine 3 years ago
21 Army AI Task Force Comes To Pittsburgh, c/o CMU Breaking Defense 3 years ago
22 Some students, faculty remain uneasy about CMU's Army AI Task Force Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3 years ago
23 Civilian helps keep Army's AI Task Force on cutting edge United States Army 3 years ago
24 To prepare for the future battlefield, the Army has opened its AI Task Force at CMU Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3 years ago
25 US Army launches AI Task Force at CMU, stirring concerns about lethal machines NEXTpittsburgh 3 years ago
26 New Navy Task Force Focused on AI, Robotics National Defense Magazine 7 months ago
27 CMU Quietly Hosts Project Maven Offshoot Through Army AI Task Force 90.5 WESA 3 years ago
28 SparkCognition Hosts World Leaders to Show the Future of AI in Business at Time Machine Interactive Event PR Newswire 25 days ago
29 How The United States Army Is Leveraging AI: Interview With Kristin Saling, Chief Analytics Officer & Acting Dir., Army People Analytics Forbes 9 months ago
30 News Briefs Carnegie Mellon University 11 months ago
31 Why prioritising military might over net zero makes no sense Energy Monitor 11 days ago
32 USMC Force Design 2030: Threat or Opportunity? 19FortyFive 12 hours ago
33 We salute the airman who eliminated ‘tedious repetitive tasks’ for colleagues stuck in paperwork hell Task & Purpose 6 days ago
34 Navy to stand up new AI and unmanned system task force FedScoop 8 months ago
35 Six ways the CIO is supporting the Army's new AI task force Federal News Network 3 years ago
36 Shared Responsibility: Enacting Military AI Ethics in U.S. Coalitions The National Interest Online 16 days ago
37 How Army Futures Command plans to grow soldiers' artificial intelligence skills 2 years ago
38 White House partners with NSF to stand up National AI Research Resource Task Force Federal News Network 11 months ago
39 Air Force technology czar compares dealing with Pentagon bureaucracy to fighting gravity Task & Purpose 26 days ago
40 Army Sees Results as it Continues to Expand its Data-Driven Tools and Cloud Ecosystem Nextgov 2 months ago
41 New CENTCOM Commander Visits U.S. Navy Unmanned Systems Hub in Bahrain US Central Command 14 days ago
42 NATO vindicated Washington Examiner 3 days ago
43 AI software prototype expedites Army sensor, shooter capabilities United States Army 2 years ago
44 Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (May 12) NPR 4 days ago
45 President Biden Announces Key Nominees The White House 3 days ago
46 Army Considering Artificial Intelligence Task Force | SIGNAL Magazine Signal Magazine 4 years ago
47 Futures Command looking to grow Army tech talent through new educational programs FedScoop 2 years ago
48 Opinion | There Are Two Endgames in Ukraine. Both Carry Big Risks. The New York Times 2 days ago
49 OpenSea will use image recognition to ban copymints Fast Company 5 days ago
50 BG Matt Easley: US Army AI Task Force Looking to “Cast Fog of War“ on Adversaries ExecutiveBiz 3 years ago
51 US Army is putting all its AI eggs in one basket, AI in every system The Sociable 3 years ago
52 Army Tests New All Domain Kill Chain: From Space To AI Breaking Defense 2 years ago
53 Army's Project Convergence Continues on 10-Year Learning Curve National Defense Magazine 5 months ago
54 JUST IN: Army Futures Command Boosting AI Training National Defense Magazine 2 years ago
55 Army builds retention prediction model using machine learning Federal News Network 2 years ago
56 The US Army sees a future of robots and AI. But what if budget cuts and leadership changes get in the way? 4 months ago
57 The weird true story of how NASA almost ended up with a huge campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts Salon 20 hours ago
58 Trump’s Former Aides and Advisers on the Peril He Poses The New York Times 4 days ago
59 The Tesla Effect: Snowmobiles, Boats and Mowers Go Electric The New York Times 1 day ago
60 Army's 'Scarlet Dragon' uses AI with Navy, Air Force and Marine assets to rapidly find, ID and destroy targets 7 months ago
61 Army Artillery's AI Gets Live-Fire Exercises In Europe, Pacific Breaking Defense 1 year ago
62 Army AI helper would suggest actions in multidomain fights C4ISRNet 1 year ago
63 Finland and Sweden Move Toward NATO Membership. But What About Ukraine? The New York Times 3 days ago
64 Proposed US Army budget funds third Multi-Domain Task Force C4ISRNet 2 months ago
65 How Memes Can Spread Dangerous Ideas Modern Diplomacy 18 hours ago
66 AUKUS and the Eastern Indo-Pacific’s Evolving Security Architecture Observer Research Foundation 6 days ago
67 A Punk Feminist Escapes Russia and More: The Week in Narrated Articles The New York Times 3 days ago
68 Semiconductor Investments Won't Pay Off If Congress Doesn't Fix the Talent Bottleneck Lawfare 6 days ago
69 The myth of Lashkar-e-Khalsa Modern Diplomacy 1 day ago
70 Task Force 59: Another Perspective Second Line of Defense 5 months ago
71 Russia may become the only non-NATO nation in the Arctic, sparking fears of conflict NPR 4 days ago
72 New Heights and Old Grudges as Turkey Crowns Its Champion The New York Times 3 days ago
73 Can this offbeat tattooed Democrat flip a Pennsylvania Senate seat? The Guardian US 2 days ago
74 Some war-ravaged parts of Ukraine try to rebuild as fighting rages elsewhere NPR 4 days ago
75 UK's future force to lean heavily into robotics, AI and hybrid power 8 months ago
76 New goggles bring AI to Soldier training | Article | The United States Army United States Army 3 years ago
77 LEAK: Russia main focus of upcoming transatlantic TTC summit EURACTIV 5 days ago
78 Thousands Gather at Marches for Abortion Rights The New York Times 2 days ago
79 'Conversations with Friends': Sally Rooney on screen, take two NPR 3 days ago
80 Can we create a moral metaverse? The Guardian 2 days ago
81 House Plans Vote to Ease Baby Formula Shortage as Biden Pledges Quick Action The New York Times 3 days ago
82 4 Who Helped Catch Subway Attack Suspect Now Need Help Themselves The New York Times 2 days ago
83 2021 Artificial Intelligence and Automated Systems Annual Legal Review Gibson Dunn 4 months ago
84 JAIC thinks AI might solve DoD's struggles with contract writing systems Federal News Network 7 months ago
85 Army CISO Takes on New Role at Pentagon MeriTalk 3 months ago
86 Michael Che Is Still Trying to Crack the Code The New York Times 3 days ago
87 US Announces ‘Big Defense Deals’ For India Amid The Russian Invasion; Can Washington Deliver What It Promises? EurAsian Times 29 days ago
88 Opinion | ‘A New Generation of Powerless Women’: On Life Before Roe, and Fears for the Future The New York Times 2 days ago
89 The Era Of Autonomous Army Bots is Here Forbes 2 years ago
90 DoD Forms New Task Force To Shore Up Supply Chain Breaking Defense 8 months ago
91 F.B.I. Told Israel It Wanted Pegasus Hacking Tool for Investigations The New York Times 4 days ago
92 Match Group Sues Google Over Its App Store Rules The New York Times 7 days ago
93 VISIMO Chosen To Deliver Project Coeus PR Newswire 2 years ago
94 Future Defense Task Force: Scrap obsolete weapons and boost AI 2 years ago
95 Video games: The alt-right’s radicalisation toolkit in the West Modern Diplomacy 2 days ago
96 AI asks SL to rescind emergency, shooting orders immediately The 3 days ago
97 How the Deepfake Task Force can improve the emergency alert system 9 months ago
98 Army Futures Command preparing to evolve human, technological dynamics for hybrid workforce Federal News Network 12 months ago
99 Sonia Boyce, a Winner at the Venice Biennale, Is Fighting Forgetting The New York Times 3 days ago
100 Gotham Knights' Batfamily Matters Much More Than Its Gear Does Gizmodo 2 days ago