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1 Are we missing other earths?
2 RAS launches new multi-disciplinary journal
3 Astronomers discover a quartet of teenage alien planets far, far away
4 Transgender astronomers speak out about outdated name change policies
5 Off-center massive black holes in dwarf galaxies: QCC physics professor's paper published in prestigious journal
6 Are We Missing Other Earths? Dramatic New Evidence Uncovered by Astronomers
7 NASA's TESS Discovers Stellar Siblings Host 'Teenage' Exoplanets
8 Earth-Sized Exoplanets May Be More Common than Previously Thought | Astronomy
9 TESS Discovers Planetary Systems around Two Young Co-Moving Stars | Astronomy
10 Astronomers spot 1st moon-forming disk around an alien world
11 Weird Neptune-like exoplanet may have water clouds
12 New research unlocks origin of planets
13 The Sarnia Journal trivia challenge
14 A Black Hole Feasted on a Neutron Star. 10 Days Later, It Happened Again.
15 New balloon-borne astronomical telescope to rival Hubble
16 Publications | NASA
17 Astronomy professor and alumnus have papers published
18 Current UAP Debate Could Use An Injection Of Common Sense
19 OHIO physicists are getting even closer to the Big Bang, thanks to a new way to examine light from the past
20 A large tidal stream observed in the Sombrero galaxy
21 OPINION | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: At astronomical cost | Nature and survival | Aw, gee, thanks, guys
22 Retroactive Name Changes in Astronomical Publications | astrobites
23 Tough times for restaurants | Editorial |
24 Doug Hoffman
25 Gardens galore | News, Sports, Jobs
26 A giant, sizzling planet may be orbiting the star Vega
27 The Pentagon Revelations About Aliens: UFO Sightings, What Area 51 Hides, And The Secrets Of The Roswell In...
28 Voyager spacecraft detect new type of solar electron burst
29 High schoolers discover four exoplanets through Harvard and Smithsonian mentorship program
30 Caught speeding: Clocking the fastest-spinning brown dwarfs
31 High schoolers discover four exoplanets through mentorship program
32 Astronomers Find an Astonishing 'Super-Earth' That's Nearly as Old as The Universe
33 Living life without AC | Lifestyle |
34 Don't fear socialism. Fear any economic system taken to the extreme. | Rolfe
35 No life will survive the death of the sun — but new life could be born after, new research suggests
36 Dartmouth researcher's work is out of this world
37 Reaching for the stars: Westport's Emily McMahon pursues dream of becoming an astrophysicist
38 Planets can shrink? UH astronomers find new evidence | University of Hawaiʻi System News
39 Exploring the Big 12/SEC Timeline: Here's How Oklahoma and Texas Got Here
40 Astronomers discover "weird" Neptune-like exoplanet that could have water clouds
41 Neutron star 'mountains' may be blocking our view of mysterious gravitational waves
42 Physicists more fully describe sun's electric field
43 A 'super-puff' planet like no other
44 Exoplanet is Gobbling Up Gas and Dust as it Continues to Build Mass
45 Putting all other ‘boat checks’ to shame: Retired schools superintendent gets $1.1 million by staying on the
46 Astronomers discover nearby exoplanet with substantial atmosphere
47 Twins' first half: three things that went right, three that went wrong
48 Earth's Second Known Minimoon is Natural Object, Astronomers Say | Astronomy
49 Job numbers were great for Delaware Latinos. And then they collapsed
50 Astronomers discover an Earth-sized 'pi planet' with a 3.14-day orbit: The rocky world, with its baking-hot surface, is likely not habitable.
51 New look at a bright stellar nursery
52 UCI-led team challenges existence of recently proposed exoplanet at Barnard's star
53 About Half of Sun-Like Stars Could Host Rocky, Habitable-Zone Planets
54 Surprising number of exoplanets could host life
55 Exploding stars may have assaulted ancient Earth
56 Distant Planet May Be On Its Second Atmosphere, NASA's Hubble Finds
57 The natural brightness of the night sky
58 Guadag-no longer a Republican
59 The Beginning to the End of the Universe: The mystery of dark energy
60 ‘Sextuply-eclipsing’ — Astronomers discover a six-star system that eclipses one another
61 Looking for Another Earth? Here Are 300 Million, Maybe
62 Scientist proposes a new timeline for Mars terrains
63 Astronomers Develop Model for the Distribution of Inner Planetary Systems
64 Spitzer Discovers Three Most Rapidly-Rotating Brown Dwarfs | Astronomy
65 Astronomers Measure the Background Brightness of the Night sky Across the World. Canary Islands are the Dar...
66 High schoolers help discover 4 new alien planets
67 Studio One Eleven, Howard CDM Team to Transform Bellflower
68 Astronomers enlist AI in the search for 'lethal' baby star eruptions
69 Distant planet may be on its second atmosphere
70 As many as six billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy, according to new estimates
71 NASA's TESS discovers new worlds in a river of young stars
72 Cicada Swarms Were Documented by a Black Naturalist in the 18th Century
73 Skyrocketing land values are pricing affordable developers out of Northern Virginia. Fairfax County may have a solution.
74 Shrinking planets could explain mystery of universe's missing worlds
75 Astronomy Rewind sifts through old pictures to find new cosmic perspectives
76 'Super Earth' discovered near one of our galaxy's oldest stars
77 Unusual Exoplanet Might Be Regrowing Its Atmosphere | Smart News
78 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters | Oxford Academic
79 FactChecking Biden's CNN Town Hall
80 Astronomers make discovery of new super-Earth in distant galaxy | Daily Sabah
81 Voyager Probes Spot Previously Unknown Phenomenon in Deep Space
82 Astronomers Rule Out Super-Earth Around Barnard’s Star
83 NASA's Roman mission will probe galaxy's core for hot Jupiters, brown dwarfs
84 Could game theory help discover intelligent alien life?
85 Research May Also Help Illuminate Origins of Life on Earth
86 Second stars can distort planet size estimates
87 Long COVID: Pain, fatigue, headaches and a nagging forgetfulness haunt after virus departs
88 Six Stars, Six Eclipses: ‘The Fact That It Exists Blows My Mind’
89 This Neptune-Like Exoplanet May Have Water Clouds
90 Oliver Daemen ‘super excited’ to join Blue Origin crew, be youngest in space
91 Commentary: High journal acceptance rates are good for science
92 Sextuple star system fascinates with three eclipsing binaries – Astronomy Now
93 Benjamin Banneker: How cicadas led this Maryland farmer to become the country’s first recognized Black scientist | COMMENTARY
94 TESS discovers four exoplanets orbiting a nearby sun-like star
95 About half of Sun-like stars could host rocky, potentially habitable planets
96 Warm Gas Giant Found Circling Young Active Star TOI-201 | Astronomy
97 Giant Exoplanet Hunters: Look for Debris Disks
98 Rogue planets wander the galaxy all alone
99 A New Look At The Bright Stellar Nursery In The W49A Molecular Cloud
100 Irish scientists light the way to new telecoms and computing technologies