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1 24 July 2021: 47 Years Since The Restoration Of Democracy — Greek City Times
2 Protesters to defy gov’t ban on Athens Polytechnic uprising march
3 Stelios Petsas: Annual Athens Polytechnic Uprising march unlikely to go ahead
4 Greece: Activists, journalists decry crackdown on protests
5 ‘We’re afraid’: Greek plan to police universities panics students
6 The Polytechnic Uprising Commemoration Is Cancelled Because Of COVID-19 — Greek City Times
7 Athens Polytechnic Uprising: How Greek Students Overthrew a Coup – 17 Nov. 2019
8 Why are Greece's students and tutors so set against a university police force?
9 The New “University Police” Shows Greece's Authoritarian Turn
10 Greece remembers the brutality that felled its dictatorship
11 Listed Buildings in Greece in Danger of Collapse as Owners Left in Limbo
12 How The Athens Polytechnic Uprising Ideals of Freedom and Democracy Lost their Glow
13 The Return of Democracy. July 24, 1974: Photographic documents
14 New law on university police leads to protest in Greece
15 The spirit of the Athens Polytechnic lives on in Australia: 17 November 1973-2019
16 He took Olympic bronze, later joining the Water Polo Hall of Fame — and he was from Jacksonville
17 Greek scholars hope new law ends student anarchy on campuses
18 On This Day November 17, 1973: Tanks Roll Into Athens Polytechnic
19 Greek government bans protests, imposes authoritarian measures utilising pretext of pandemic
20 Greek government passes bill allowing police onto campuses for first time since 1982
21 Foundations of Solidarity: A Conversation with Zeynep Gambetti
22 Athens University Rector Says Vandals, Thugs Operating With Impunity
23 Police dispatched to break up Aristotle University gathering
24 Vale Nick Sikiotis, a man with many friends
25 Clashes break out at student protest in northern Greek city
26 'Memories of Dictatorship', a Greek Film Archive Tribute for Greeks worldwide.
27 Protesters Defy Greek Government's Restrictions on Demonstrations
28 Greeks march to mark 1973 student revolt, protest against austerity
29 Student Protests Against Education Bill Erupt Across Greece Protest
30 Documenting history as it happened for 30-plus years
31 Why Greece is Israel's latest unlikely friend
32 Greece to overturn law that made universities no-go zone for police
33 Greek police clash with students protesting against university shutdown
34 Greece court declines to stop transfer of militant prisoner on hunger strike
35 Greek Neo-Nazi Leader: Nobody Was Killed During the Athens Polytechnic Uprising
36 Students mark 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising
37 General strike: Greek workers respond to government’s attacks
38 Athens Technical University To Offer Joint Degrees With Columbia
39 Anarchists accused of Nazi tactics in raid on university dean
40 Greek journalist shot dead outside his Athens home
41 The Polytechnic uprising
42 November 17th, 1973 and the Legacy of State Terror
43 Greece scraps university sanctuary law banning police from campuses
44 Greeks recall 1973 student defiance of junta
45 Greece: Activists Defeat Authoritarian Protest Ban
46 The assassination of Richard Welch
47 Queues in the Constitution for free rapid test ATHENS 9,84
48 Acting smart, at a crucial crossroads
49 Protesters and students clash with riot police in Greece
50 Greece: A Lost Democracy 22 March 2021
51 Police poised to take strict security measures for Nov. 17 anniversary
52 How a Greek reporter could help put neo-Nazis behind bars
53 Riots Flare in Athens on the 10th Anniversary of a Police Killing
54 Exarchia, the Anarchist Athens Neighborhood Where No Government is Good Government
55 SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance's Statement on November 17 | greece , politics
56 Free checks for the coroner from EODY on Tuesday 29/6 ATHENS 9,84
57 Greece loosens coronavirus lockdown, massively rearms military
58 Greece celebrates the 40th anniversary of joining the EU, in Athens
59 Greeks march to mark 1973 student revolt against junta
60 Greek police arrest 19 people during protest commemorating 1973 student uprising
61 'Polytechneio' Today: A Revolt Without a Cause
62 Greek lawmakers approve campus police in contentious education reform
63 Leftist militants claim Golden Dawn killings as rally honours 1973 uprising
64 Greek Revolution-Era Costumes Come Back to Life in Amazing Photo Shoot
65 Elon Musk's Tesla Confirms Opening of Research Hub in Athens
66 The founder of modern conservation in Greece
67 Statement by the Party for Socialism and Liberation in solidarity with the CP of Greece (KKE)
68 Exhibition pays tribute to women in architecture
69 “Insurgent Holidays”: Greece’s Three Annual Days of Political Violence
70 Key player in Greek military coup dies
71 Greek activists warn of surge in police brutality and rights violations
72 Greek Metsovio Polytechnic celebrates 180-year anniversary in Athens |
73 November 17: youth uprisings in Greece then and now
74 When Nazi troops executed 9 — the 1939 event International Students’ Day recalls every year
75 International Women's Day: Meet the famous women who graduated from Lancs Uni
76 Billion Euro Rail Project Set To Transform Athens — Greek City Times
77 MeRA25 marching for democracy in Greece: “Above all we observe the constitution”
78 All Greeks could be vaccinated for Covid-19 by mid-2021, spokesman says
79 Alexis Tsipras: Greece’s radical or realist?
80 Greece celebrates 40 years in the European family
81 Greece Celebrates Anniversary of November 17, 1973 Student Uprising Against Junta
82 BBC News
83 Demonstrators protest Obama visit in Greece
84 Anarchists' fury fuels Greek riots
85 Greek people refuse to forget after 46 years
86 Tension Outside Athens Law School Ahead of November 17 Polytechnic Events
87 Three Athens metro stations to close for November 17 rally
88 Exarcheia: The Athens neighbourhood that's gone from riots to art galleries
89 Greece Weighs Ending Law Barring the Police From Campuses
90 The last of Greece's ex-dictators passes away
91 Metapolitefsi 40 years on
92 Bahrain swimmers already making waves at Olympic Games
93 Greece: Police accused of excessive force against protesters
94 A Storied Taverna in Exarchia, Athens
95 New Metro Line in Athens Hailed as "Largest Project in Greece"
96 Greece’s lockdown extended to December 7, as intubations, deaths remain high
97 Two men suspected of planning Athens attacks remanded in custody
98 Anarchists Fill Services Void Left by Faltering Greek Governance
99 Athens police to adopt strict security measures for November 17 anniversary |
100 Last of the Greek coup leaders dies