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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Australian Deer Association criticises plan to curb Tasmania's fallow deer population The Examiner 6 months ago
2 How Did a Wild Deer Make Its Way Into Residential Melbourne – Again? An Expert Shares His Thoughts Broadsheet 8 months ago
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5 Vikings Fans, Want To Dance With Aaron Rodgers? SuperTalk 1270 19 hours ago
6 Feral deer cull in Victoria's Alpine region could be creating 'smorgasbord' for wild dogs to thrive ABC News 3 years ago
7 Relaxed shooting rules means game not over for feral deer Sydney Morning Herald 2 years ago
8 Deer kills man, injures woman in Australia The Washington Post 3 years ago
9 $50000 for study into hunting and sporting shooting Premier of Tasmania 5 months ago
10 Why Sydney keeps finding deer wandering the streets Sydney Morning Herald 1 year ago
11 'We can't not do it': The reluctant hunters ABC Online 5 years ago
12 Here's Where to Donate Locally For The Betty White Challenge 94.5 PST 22 days ago
13 Deer hunting opened up after feral numbers soar to estimated 1 million The Age 3 years ago
14 Tempers fraying in Australia as COVID-19 cases hit new highs Arab News 20 days ago
15 Niagara SPCA Pleading With WNY to Help To Get Pitbull Adopted 6 days ago
16 Should This Animal Be Back On The Endangered Species List In MI? 8 days ago
17 Deer hunters work to control sambar deer numbers in Victoria's Alpine National Park ABC Online 5 years ago
18 400 Red and Sambar Deer to Be Culled Sporting Shooter 2 years ago
19 'It's not a cute little Bambi': Farmers frustrated as deer wreak havoc across the landscape ABC News 3 years ago
20 Pest or protected game species? Push to rethink shooting rules as farmers battle feral deer ABC News 3 years ago
21 Pet deer kills its owner, injures woman KRON4 3 years ago
22 Hunting contributes $2.4 billion to national economy, report finds ABC News 2 years ago
23 Sports briefs: U.S. forfeits world junior game after 2 players test positive 27 days ago
24 'We don't jump at ghosts': The mystery of Wonnangatta Valley The Age 8 months ago
25 Gun Dog Training Weekened Sporting Shooter 3 years ago
26 Pet deer kills man and leaves wife seriously injured in attack in Australia The Independent 3 years ago
27 Tis the Season...Sign up to win the KICKS 105 Deer Hunter's Dream 4 months ago
28 Tests for fatal deer disease qualify for $1k, $500 drawings Associated Press 4 months ago
29 Canberra and Sydney landowners hesitant to help with feral deer problem at south coast The Canberra Times 3 years ago
30 Missoula Photographer Captures Annual 'Red Sleighs over Montana' Newstalkkgvo 28 days ago
31 The New Animal Welfare Act Could Seriously Affect Your Hunting Future Time to Unite 1 year ago
32 Deer sightings becoming increasingly common in suburban Melbourne The Age 5 years ago
33 Life next door to a deer hunter: One man's trophy, another's environmental vandal ABC Online 6 years ago
34 Deer hunters want more access to Victorian wilderness ABC Online 5 years ago
35 Deer Bounty Night Shooters Want Access to Crown Land 3 years ago
36 Pet Deer Kills Man, Injures Woman In Australia NDTV News 3 years ago
37 Report: Man attacked, killed by his pet deer WDSU New Orleans 3 years ago
38 Mount Alexander group criticises draft deer plan Bendigo Advertiser 3 years ago
39 Cattle farmers oppose Snake Island hog deer hunting trial ABC Online 5 years ago
40 Victorian Deer Hunters Can Now Take there Game to Commercial Premises for Processing Sporting Shooter 2 years ago