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1 Central Qld prawn farm promises new jobs ahead of expansion
2 ‘Larger than life’: Beloved Coast businessman, pioneer dies
3 A-peeling grant backs prawn farmers to go digital
4 Tackling pathogens in Australia's tiger prawn farms
5 Rare fossil captures ancient shrimp hiding inside a clam
6 NT set to double nation's prawn production
7 Project Sea Dragon reports significant progress
8 Federal Agriculture Minister orders review into raw prawn import risks following white spot outbreaks
9 Women in aquaculture: Helen Jenkins
10 White spot disease: prawn farmers say import ban too late
11 Seafarms' prawn production slumps by 22 percent
12 Promising a world first, company clears site for lobster farm by protected channel. Neighbours protest.
13 Green prawn imports banned following white spot outbreak
14 Prawn boycott urged with Animals Australia turning up heat on 'cruel and unnecessary' eyestalk ablation
15 White spot disease in Australia prawn sector – antivirals in feed
16 Can mussels improve the palatability of tiger prawn feeds?
17 Prawn farmers defend eye removal as animal activists call for its ban
18 Aquaculture: Is it just fish farming and why are billionaires investing in the industry?
19 Top tips for setting up a shrimp farm in the US
20 Exploring the use of probiotics in shrimp farms
21 Fishmeal free? Protein alternatives key to Australia's prawn future
22 Women in aquaculture: Naua Lakai
23 Man Kicked Out of All-You-Can-Eat Restaurant Raises Dilemma
24 Prawn industry benchmark a first-time outcome
25 Iconic Queensland fish and shellfish farm offered for sale
26 Indian shrimp farmers left devastated by Cyclone Yaas
27 Prawn farms’ future in the balance
28 Government feud sparked by white spot disease compensation for Queensland prawn farmers
29 Slip a more sustainable prawn on your barbie this Christmas
30 Food Prices Driven Up By Global Worker Shortage, Brexit
31 New project launched to detect 'emerging production threats' for Australia's prawn industry
32 Melbourne's Best Restaurant Openings of 2021
33 Logan River prawn farmers face uncertain future with no guarantee white spot disease won't strike again
34 Plan to relax Australian rules for chemicals and pesticides attacked by environment groups
35 International expert says all stops needed to protect Australian prawns from white spot virus
36 The workforce needed to support future growth of aquaculture
37 Prawn expert to visit Logan farms
38 Dreaded white spot prawn disease returns
39 Prawn shortage in Australia isn't a thing | — Australia's leading news site
40 Leading abalone farmer hit hard by Covid pandemic
41 Pesticides killing prawn larvae in early warning for $80m industry
42 Planning Christmas lunch? Here's everything you need to know to support Australian producers
43 Vietnam says Australia's prawn import ban is 'causing serious damage'