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1 Metallica Share Trailer For Photo Book, ‘The Black Album In Black & White’
2 Metallica release trailer for new 'The Black Album' photobook
3 Metallica Release Trailer for New 'Black Album' Photo Book
4 Metallica: The Black Album In Black and White Arrives
5 How Metallica made the Black Album: an oral history
6 Metallica Share Video Of Black Album Classics Performances From Aftershock
7 Metallica's Black Album: Kirk Hammett on Lost Porsches, Grunge Influence, "Soul Groove"
8 Metallica’s James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett look back on 30 years of The Black Album: "It really was the master key to everything"
9 We asked famous musicians about Metallica's Black Album
10 See Metallica Exhume Black Album Deep Cuts for Surprise Full-Album Performance
11 Metallica and Ross Halfin release The Black Album photography book
12 Win Metallica's Black Album Deluxe Box Set
13 Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ lineup immortalised as new Funko figures
14 Metallica's Black Album Turns 30 with a Remastered Edition
15 METALLICA's 'Black Album' To Get 'Pop! Albums' Figure From FUNKO
16 Metallica Share Live Video For Black Album Classic From Louder Than Life
17 METALLICA Guitarist KIRK HAMMETT Talks 30 Years Of The Black Album
18 "I got choked up": Mastodon's Brann Dailor reviews Metallica's Black Album set at Aftershock festival
19 Thirty years of 'The Black Album' | Arts & Entertainment |
20 Metallica, Black Sabbath fans will want to check these out
21 How Metallica Became the Biggest Band in the World: Exclusive Interview
22 Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ Reissue Is Much More Than A Simple Rerelease
23 Metallica Fans Can Now Own an Official Lady Justice Mini Statue
24 Metallica Plot 30th-Anniversary ‘Black Album’ Reissue With Massive Box Set, Covers Compilation
25 Metallica 'Black Album' 30th Anniversary Edition, 'Blacklist' Out Now
26 Jay-Z's 'The Black Album' Reconsidered
27 Green Day to Release 'BBC Sessions' Live Album
28 Why I Used to Hate Metallica's 'Black Album' (But Don't Anymore)
29 Metallica's 'Black Album' Retakes the Charts, Reissue Hits No. 1
30 Metallica's 'Black Album' Returns to Top 10 on Billboard 200 After 30th Anniversary Reissue
31 Metallica announce new photo book ‘The Black Album In Black & White’
32 Black Marble: Fast Idol Album Review
33 Is Jay-Z Still Necessary?
34 Watch Metallica play ‘The God That Failed’ live at Aftershock Festival
35 Gerard Way Says My Chemical Romance Almost Left 'Welcome to the Black Parade' Off Third Album
36 Metallica: Massive Reissue of 'The Black Album' Includes All-Star Covers Album
37 BKTHERULA Delivers Psychedelic Tracks On New Album "LOVE BLACK"
38 Only Elton John Could Have This Much Fun Making a Quarantine Album
39 Arch Enemy Debut Fierce New Song 'Deceiver, Deceiver'
40 Metallica and Vans Join Forces To Celebrate The 30th Anniversary of the Legendary 'Black Album'
41 Metallica Plan In-Depth ‘Black Album’ Podcast
42 Metallica Honor Jason Newsted With Unboxing Of ‘Black Album’ Boxset
43 Metallica Tease 'Black Album' 30th Anniversary Reissue
44 Metallica and friends: “‘The Black Album’ was a victory for the underdog”
45 Here's Where Genre-Bending Albums From Lil Nas X, Halsey, Miley Cyrus & More Landed for 2022 Grammys
46 Video: Metallica Read 1-Star Amazon Reviews of The Black Album
47 Metallica ‘Black Album’ anniversary tops this week’s new music releases
48 Metallica Release Blackened Whiskey “Sonically-Enhanced” by the Black Album
49 Are Metallica Prepping a Black Album Reissue?
50 Bruce Dickinson on the game-changing Black Album: “None of us had the balls to step up to the next level – but Metallica did”
51 Weezer Cover Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ for ‘Black Album’ Anniversary
52 Metallica Post Cryptic 'Black Album 2021' Teaser on Social Media
53 Metallica’s Lars Ulrich says it’s “still surreal” to have a “record of this magnitude” in ‘The Black Album’
54 Metallica share previously unreleased Take 36 of Sad But True from their forthcoming Black Album reissue
55 Lars Ulrich on Why Bands Should Always Change Set Lists
56 What Nikki Sixx Wants From Future Motley Crue Album
57 METALLICA Shares Alternate Version Of 'Nothing Else Matters' From Remastered Deluxe Box Set Of 'Black' Album
58 METALLICA Looks Back On World Tour In Support Of 'Black Album' In Latest Episode Of Official Podcast
59 Metallica Release Three New Covers of ‘The Unforgiven,’ Plus Rough Mix of ‘Black Album’ Cut
60 Lana Del Rey: Blue Banisters Album Review
61 Every Cradle Of Filth album ranked from worst to best
62 Metallica Tap Rina Sawayama, Idles for Latest ‘Black Album’ Covers
63 How The Agonist's Vicky Psarakis Learned to Scream
64 Metallica BLACKENED 'The Black Album' Whiskey Pack | HYPEBEAST
65 Metallica Announce New 'Black Album'-Enhanced Batch of Whiskey
66 Metallica's Black Album Meets Blackened American Whiskey: Inside Batch 114
67 Metallica Unveils Rough Mix Of Black Album Classic “The God That Failed”
68 Kirk Hammett on How Metallica's Audience Changed With Black Album
69 Metallica's James Hetfield: The Black Album 'Changed Our Lives'
70 How Will the Grammys Handle Morgan Wallen?
71 James Hetfield Recalls Metallica Recruiting a Different Singer
72 Metallica: The untold story of the album that changed everything — Kerrang!
73 The Genius Of… El Camino by The Black Keys
74 An all-you-can eat Metallica buffet of 'Black Album' covers
75 BLACKENED American Whiskey Introduces Limited Edition "The Black Album" Whiskey Pack
76 Metallica to release new photo book, 'The Black Album In Black & White'
77 METALLICA Shares Rehearsal Recording Of 'Holier Than Thou' From Remastered Deluxe Box Set Of 'Black' Album
78 Metallica on The Black Album's success: Our core underground fans thought they were losing us
79 Metallica 'Black Album' Returns to Top 10 of Billboard Album Chart For First Time Since Release
80 METALLICA's LARS ULRICH On Black Album: 'It Was A Convergence Of Different Energies Coming Together Just At The Right Time'
81 Metallica’s Black Album Anniversary Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
82 Metallica share classic ‘Sad But True’ performance from ‘Black Album’ tour
83 COREY TAYLOR Says He Was 'Shocked' The First Time He Heard METALLICA's 'Black Album'
84 Metallica share 'Black Album 2021?' teaser
85 Sonic Frequencies from “The Black Album” Make Metallica’s Latest Blackened Whiskey the Perfect Sipper: Review
86 Metallica Excites Fans with Massive Reissue of Black Album with 53 Artists
87 Music review: An all-you-can eat Metallica buffet of 'Black Album' covers
88 Taste Test: This Whiskey Was Aged to the Sounds of Metallica’s ‘Black Album.’ The LP Fared Better Than the Spirit.
89 Metallica To Rock Late Night TV For Black Album Anniversary
90 Xenia Rubinos: Una Rosa Album Review
91 Luke Bryan on why he ‘can’t imagine’ ever slowing down: ‘I’m always happy onstage’
92 Why Miley Cyrus Covered 'Nothing Else Matters' of All Metallica Songs
93 Max Cavalera: I Love Metallica's 'Black Album'
94 METALLICA Announces METALLICA: The Black Album In Black & White Book
95 Producer Bob Rock has sold his rights to Metallica's Black Album
96 Mastodon Guitarist Talks How Metallica Behaved When They Were the Opening Act, Explains What Was 'Very Difficult'
97 "The Black Album Changed Our Lives" Says Metallica's James Hetfield
98 Of Mice & Men Debut Atmospheric Song Off New 'Echo' Album, Aaron Pauley Talks EP Trilogy
99 Pandemic, Protests And Creativity: The Black Album Mixtape Awards
100 Metallica Reveal 1993 'Wherever I May Roam' Sao Paulo Performance