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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 'How-to-grow' guide found in wardrobe after house fire unearths cannabis crop 17 days ago
2 Boatie in Marlborough Sounds standoff spends Christmas in custody 17 days ago
3 Driver convicted after running from scene of crash and refusing blood alcohol test 15 days ago
4 Alleged burglar misses court appearance after getting a Covid test 4 months ago
5 Man's 'fantasy' about killing estranged siblings drove offending, court hears 2 months ago
6 Man takes video and photos in court room, posts to Facebook 9 months ago
7 Sex workers arrested in Blenheim have until 5pm Friday to get back to Auckland 4 months ago
8 Offender requests prison sentence so he can 'meditate' 2 months ago
9 Judge commends teen's act of bravery after she addressed man who assaulted her 2 months ago
10 Woman who hit her young children sentenced to supervision 2 months ago
11 Man who burgled Blenheim businesses lacks empathy for his victims, court hears 6 months ago
12 Man on home detention for theft burgles two Blenheim homes 7 months ago
13 Rape-accused should keep name secret due to Blenheim's 'small jury pool' lawyer 11 months ago
14 Businesswoman charged after flying from Auckland to Blenheim Otago Daily Times 4 months ago
15 Man tries to clear drug debt with fuel after stealing card 1 month ago
16 Man who forced girlfriend into car 'lucky' to not be charged with kidnapping 2 months ago
17 Second man jointly charged with murder after stabbing in Blenheim 7 months ago
18 Sex workers accused of lockdown breach get pro bono offer, court hears 3 months ago
19 Bungled Marlborough Sounds yacht theft accused to appear in Blenheim District Court New Zealand Herald 1 year ago
20 Man who went on shoplifting spree takes puffer jacket, various electronic goods 5 months ago
21 Man threatens to attack ex-girlfriend with weed eater 4 months ago
22 NZ case examines copyright as a relationship property Managing Intellectual Property 3 months ago
23 Blenheim man charged with threatening to kill 3 months ago
24 Driver five times over limit ignored passenger's call to pull over 2 months ago
25 Woman who noted bank card details went on 'spree' 4 months ago
26 Judge tells unvaccinated defendant he refuses to accept 'nutcase views' 8 days ago
27 Man sentenced after police trace dropped cigarette butt back to diesel thief 2 months ago
28 Man assaults driver after road rage incident 2 months ago
29 Shoplift and go leads to community work sentence 2 months ago
30 Overseas vineyard worker punches partner in face 3 months ago
31 'Two cups too much' kava sees man fail impairment test 3 months ago
32 Man accused of cultivating cannabis after house fire remanded on bail 2 months ago
33 Blenheim man burgles home, leaves car keys behind 12 months ago
34 Woman who refused breath test continued driving after losing tyre 2 months ago
35 Blenheim man offered special discounts on meth during his deals 5 months ago
36 Man steals fuel card from relative, spends over $5000 3 months ago
37 Repeated petrol drive-offs lead to remand in custody 3 months ago
38 Czech national to be deported after serving time for Blenheim shoplifting spree 5 months ago
39 Woman slapped 2-year-old for moving while getting nappy changed 10 months ago
40 Man threatens to drive into power pole after forcing girlfriend into car 4 months ago
41 Man attempts to stab police dog after evading police in stolen car 2 months ago
42 Pair face robbery charges after armed police search Blenheim house 4 months ago
43 Woman copies bank card details at work party, spends nearly $4000 6 months ago
44 Live: Positive Covid case in Blenheim the 'kick up the backside' the South Island needed New Zealand Herald 3 months ago
45 Man followed woman home from ACDC tribute concert 7 months ago
46 Man pushes mother after money request refused 2 months ago
47 Dangerous driver tackled to the ground trying to escape Blenheim District Court 3 years ago
48 Blenheim District Court list Marlborough Express 7 years ago
49 Man who caused fatal crash caught driving while disqualified 2 months ago
50 Offender has no memory of assault against man and police 9 months ago
51 Forgotten corners: 'Cool spot to do something awesome' 16 hours ago
52 Driver escapes jail despite notching up his 14th disqualification 4 months ago
53 Police trace dropped cigarette butt back to man who stole diesel 5 months ago
54 Sentencing delayed for Sounds arsonist as further reports sought 6 months ago
55 'Freedom of expression' defence for man who threatened parking warden 7 months ago
56 Blenheim man found with meth in luggage at airport security 11 months ago
57 Man who caused serious crash while affected by drugs jailed 3 months ago
58 Meth dealer who 'barely made profit' jailed 3 months ago
59 Overseas worker who stabbed housemates 'lucky' he didn't kill anyone, court hears 6 months ago
60 No easy fix: Blenheim court delays likely to continue with national psychologist shortage 1 year ago
61 Drink driver's song change leads to home detention 4 months ago
62 Groceries worth $1000 stolen from supermarkets in woman's shoplifting spree 4 months ago
63 Teenager 'seeking the beef' convicted over three assaults 12 months ago
64 Alcohol interlock on a learner licence a 'recipe for disaster', judge says 6 months ago
65 Prisoner released with no ID, bank account, money or home, offends again 3 months ago
66 Two wounded in alleged stabbing incident in Renwick, Marlborough 9 months ago
67 Surveying damage from the deluge as assistance gears up 3 months ago
68 Blenheim District Court appearances 6 years ago
69 Security boosted at the Blenheim District Court 6 years ago
70 Fraud case opens lid on turbulent rift at Marlborough Aero Club 2 months ago
71 Shoplifting visitor to spend last month of working holiday in custody 6 months ago
72 Man who punched another man at McDonald's has no recollection of incident 12 months ago
73 Unprovoked attack follows movie meltdown at Picton backpackers 6 months ago
74 Court security guard knocks off after eight years watching justice unfold 1 year ago
75 Man on meth sets fire to girlfriend's father's car port in 'cry for help' 8 months ago
76 Woman in court charged with unlawful sexual connection with minors New Zealand Herald 1 year ago
77 Man who groped police officer while leaving party 'grossly affected' by alcohol 12 months ago
78 News from the Blenheim District Court in Marlborough Marlborough Express 6 years ago
79 Blenheim businesses targeted in man's burglary spree 1 year ago
80 Man on bail for alleged sex acts with minors arrested for having minors in bedroom 1 year ago
81 Supermarket worker who stole every shift for two years 'hideous' behaviour, says judge 4 months ago
82 Teenager's dangerous handbrake turns in busy CBD leads to court 11 months ago
83 Man faces the music after stealing mum's credit card while she's in hospital 8 months ago
84 Two months on the run: Meth, gambling addict averages an offence every other day 4 months ago
85 Man driving over the alcohol limit crashes after changing song on phone 6 months ago
86 Man caught doing indecent act in train station car park 10 months ago
87 Two people from Marlborough appear in Blenheim District Court and admit to assault Marlborough Express 6 years ago
88 Father and son face assault charges for brawl in Blenheim District Court foyer 6 years ago
89 Drunk man ran through Blenheim streets shouting gang mottos 2 years ago
90 Man admits stealing from ex-employer's premises Blenheim District Court Marlborough Express 7 years ago
91 Man caught driving while disqualified for 10th time 7 months ago
92 Drink-driver racks up fifth charge after hitting caravan 8 months ago
93 Man who rammed car after 'drug deal gone wrong' breaches sentence 12 months ago
94 Convicted murderer Scott Watson denied parole for the fourth time 2 months ago
95 Man accused of ferry bomb threat remanded in custody 9 months ago
96 Marlborough woman convicted in Blenheim District Court after not paying for item on Trade Me 6 years ago
97 Fraudster should have gone to prison, says Blenheim judge 2 years ago
98 Blenheim woman admits third drink-driving charge 5 years ago
99 Care worker takes woman's bank card, spends $2120 4 months ago
100 Judge has 'no other option' but to jail woman on seventh drink-drive charge 8 months ago