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1 Perspective | Aug. 1 is Emancipation Day. But the end of British slavery didn't mean freedom.
2 UK Windrush victims demand compensation on Emancipation Day
3 Illusions of empire: Amartya Sen on what British rule really did for India – podcast
4 How the British Empire Died in Burrard Inlet
5 Moray woman presented with British Empire Medal
6 The crimes of the colonial barbarians – feat British, Portuguese, and the French empire
7 Portland stone: how a creamy British limestone became a symbol of empire and elitism
8 Misremembering the British Empire
9 [Diplomatic Circuit] Yun Sang-koo receives Order of the British Empire
10 Germany is returning Nigeria's looted Benin Bronzes: why it's not nearly enough
11 Britain's Former Colonies Love Using Its Oppressive Imperial Laws
12 UK's HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier pictured in South China Sea
13 When the sun never set on the British Empire and London never slept – Borneo Bulletin Online
14 Scarborough's Jean Dixon receives British Empire Medal after 18 years and £750,000 fundraising for Yorkshire Air Ambulance
15 The Victorians & The British Empire: A Brief Guide And Timeline
16 Amartya Sen: what British rule really did for India
17 From A to Z: New volume examines animals' role in the British Empire, racial politics
18 The sector is no longer unified on the subject of the British empire
19 There's a strong case to be made for constitutional monarchies. But there's no case for one in Australia
20 1838: A Year In The Life Of The British Empire
21 The Orioles are undefeated since the trade deadline and 9-4 in the second half
22 Fallen British Empire Soldiers Were Overlooked Because of Racism, Inquiry Finds
23 Afghans referred to new U.S. refugee program must get themselves out of Afghanistan
24 Suez canal: what the 'ditch' meant to the British empire in the 19th century
25 This ambitious history of the British Empire touches on everything from the Mahabharata to Marx
26 The toxic legacy of the British empire in Canada’s residential schools
27 New calls to replace ‘empire’ with ‘excellence’ in UK honours system
28 Imperialism and the British class system
29 I turned down an MBE – I don’t want an honour glorifying the British empire
30 Ahmedabad: Cong protests ‘mismanagement during Covid’, AAP criticises lack of hospitals
31 Husband of Belarusian athlete at heart of Olympic standoff has entered Ukraine: source
32 Stephen Bush: Why the British empire alone cannot explain the politics of the present
33 Just 27 schools take GCSE Israel option
34 Kwasi Kwarteng: Debate about British Empire has 'cartoon-like view' of history
35 Padraic X Scanlan On How Slavery Fuelled The British Empire | HistoryExtra Podcast
36 How Queen Victoria remade the British monarchy
37 A nuanced account of the legacy of empire
38 The Sun Ever Sets on the British Empire
39 British historians shaped ideas of empire | Stanford News
40 Online celebration of first Emancipation Day on Aug. 31
41 What the UK owes in reparations
42 Times letters: Pride in achievements of the British Empire
43 Books Cruel Britannia: The British empire exposed in all its viciousness
44 President’s view of British empire is too one-sided
45 ‘Moral evil, economic good’: Whitewashing the sins of colonialism
46 A Scandinavian 'Nabob' of the British Empire: The Discovery of a New Colonial Archive
47 Priya Satia On Historians Of British Empire | HistoryExtra Podcast
48 StationSoccer Founder Awarded Order of the British Empire
49 Birthday Honours 2021 Overseas and International List: Knight Bachelor and Order of the British Empire
50 Sathnam Sanghera: Why we need to teach children about the British Empire in schools
51 The British Empire – and the story of how Scots helped to start it
52 The World Is Reaping the Chaos the British Empire Sowed
53 Revolutionary Pottery: Colonoware Undermining the British Empire
54 UK more nostalgic for empire than other ex-colonial powers
55 National Trust 'asks children to denigrate the British Empire'
56 Map: The rise and fall of the British Empire
57 We need to recognise Irish participation in the British colonial story
58 Reasons Why The British Were Successful In Expanding Their Empire
59 Sathnam Sanghera on the British Empire: 'Growing up, I was fed the idea that I was a novel social experiment'
60 Reed Magazine | Defining and Defying Difference
61 Ireland has yet to come to terms with its imperial past
62 Running through ancient landscapes has allowed me to understand the British Empire
63 The mistake Remainers make about the British Empire
64 How the Dead Hand of Imperialism Continues to Influence World Politics
65 Pat McGrath Named Dame of the British Empire | The Business of Beauty | BoF
66 Essay was a reminder that the British empire was callous and pernicious
67 Empireland by Sathnam Sanghera and Slave Empire by Padraic X Scanlan – review
68 We Can't Tell Kamala Harris' Story Without the British Empire. We Can't Tell America's Without It Either
69 New Year Honours 2021 Overseas and International List: Knight Bachelor and Order of the British Empire
70 Book Review: ‘In Search of a Kingdom,’ by Laurence Bergreen
71 Goodbye Cecil Rhodes: House renamed to lose link to British empire builder in Africa
72 Delroy Lindo: ‘The British empire informs how racism manifests in the UK’
73 If Boris Johnson Wants Trade With Africa, Britain Needs to Stop Acting Like a Colonial Power
74 The backlash against colonialism holds lessons in guilt and gratitude
75 How Erstwhile Empire Day Became Commonwealth Day: History, Theme and Significance
76 Ditch ’empire’ from honours system in favour of ‘excellence’, recipients say
77 British rule in India: an abusive relationship
78 How big was the British Empire and why did it collapse?
79 IODE created to stand behind British Empire
80 Irish comedian imagines what a school reunion with British Empire would look like
81 This July 4, America is more like 18th-century Britain than we know
82 Craig David Named Member of Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
83 How the East India Company Became the World's Most Powerful Monopoly
84 The decline and fall of the British Empire
85 Michael D Higgins: 'Brutalising effect' of British Empire in Ireland leaves 'a bitter residue of pain' to this day
86 Cabinet Office confirms ‘Empire’ will not be removed from OBE awards
87 Protests in U.K. Spark New Scrutiny of British Empire
88 The uncomfortable truth about Britain’s imperial legacy
89 8 Valuable Items The British Empire Has Stolen From All Over The World Through The Years
90 Can You Name Old British Empire Countries?
91 The British Empire is now the subject on which the sun never sets
92 Boris Johnson's Dreams of an Anglosphere to Replace the European Union Aren't New. UK Politicians Have Pursued Similar Ideas Ever Since the End of the British Empire.
93 British Flag Union Jack Flies Over Country as UK, Scotland, and Ireland Fray
94 British colonialism and its legacy are reassessed in a new podcast series
95 Benjamin Franklin and the Crisis of the British Empire
96 How imperial hopes for the Commonwealth led to British citizenship being redefined along racial lines
97 The Sad, Dark End of the British Empire
98 Sathnam Sanghera On How Modern Britain Is Shaped By Empire | HistoryExtra Podcast
99 Sujit Sivasundaram On Imperialism On The Oceans | HistoryExtra Podcast
100 What an audit of the British empire's deadly toll in southern Africa would reveal