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1 Session 1
2 Session 1
3 California Energy Commission approves additional funding for local clean energy start-ups
4 Lead Commissioner Hearing
5 Day 2
6 Staff Workshop on Resource Adequacy Qualifying Capacity of Supply-Side Demand Response
7 IEPR Commissioner Workshop on Benefits From the Clean Transportation Program
8 Disadvantaged Communities Advisory Group Meeting
9 California Energy Commission announces $12M for public EV charging in South Central Coast counties
10 Session 3
11 'Astonished and Appalled': Hayward Residents, Leaders Decry State's OK to Restart Power Plant That Exploded in May
12 Drought socks hydroelectricity, putting California in a power pinch
13 Dell won't ship energy-hungry PCs to California and five other US states due to power regulations
14 AppleInsider New energy regulations prompt Dell to stop sales of high-performance PCs in six states
15 EVmatch Awarded California Energy Commission Grant
16 What Lessons Can California Learn From Its Energy Crisis 20 Years Ago?
17 California speeds up energy transition to face immediate energy crisis and long-term climate goals
18 California Offering Cash Incentives to Cut Energy Use to Avoid Rolling Blackouts
19 Earth 8: California Energy Commission approves additional funding for local clean energy start-ups
20 Pre-Application Workshop
21 South Central Coast Incentive Project Requirements Webinar
22 California governor moves to free up electricity supply amid projected 3.5 GW summer shortfall
23 That Weird California Computer Ban Isn't What It Appears to Be. It's Dumber.
24 Drought threatens to close Calif. hydropower plant for first time
25 California Scrambles to Find Electricity This Summer as Blackout Risks Grow
26 California’s Perfect Storm: Hot Weather, Low Reservoirs, Diminished Hydro Power, Unreliable Renewable...
27 California water officials talk statewide drought impact, agency response efforts
28 CEC Commissioner Siva Gunda Responds to CPUC Decision on Demand Response
29 Reliability Assessments
30 The legacy of Enron in California’s power challenges today
31 California Asks Residents to Cut Energy for Fifth Time This Year as Heat Waves Plague State
32 Report Shows California Needs 1.2 Million Electric Vehicle Chargers by 2030
33 IID appoints two for newly formed Coachella Valley Energy Commission
34 Session 2
35 California Offers Rebates for Installing EV Charging Stations
36 Workshop to Present Next Steps for Considering Offshore Wind Energy off the California Coast
37 Often Overlooked, New Building Codes Could Buffer Climate Change
38 Southern California Edison plans for 38000 EV charging stations, in largest IOU effort of its kind
39 Renewable Energy Update
40 California’s power grid has a big drought problem
41 Solar on farmland could help California keep the lights on
42 Reliability-Wary California Will Procure More Energy Resources to Get It Through Summer
43 Newsom issues emergency proclamation to free up extra sources of power
44 Keeping the Lights On: CA Emergency Proclamation to Quickly Increase Energy Generation, Suspend Certain Environmental Requirements
45 Staff Workshop on Proposed Development for Long Duration Energy Storage Scenarios
46 California Is Tightening Regulations on Monitors, Too, but Don't Panic
47 New Report: California Ratepayers Can Save $120B with Sustained Local Solar and Storage Growth
48 Cars, Trucks and Buses or Power Plants? – Energy Institute Blog
49 Electric Program Investment Charge 2021-2025 Investment Plan Scoping
50 Hayward power plant approved to restart following massive turbine explosion
51 Senate Bill 1000 Staff Workshop (
52 Energy Innovation Virtual Tour
53 Plans to shrink incentives for rooftop solar draw backlash
54 Power grab: Company that promises 100% renewable energy wants to challenge APS, Tucson Electric
55 San Diego Approves Deal with Shell New Energies for 8 Microgrids
56 No 'Easy Street' to Create Hydrogen Economy in California
57 Want to install a public EV charging station in SLO County? You could get a big rebate
58 Zero-emission vehicle infrastructure expanding on the Central Coast – CalCCA
59 Webinar: Dedicated Purpose Pool Pumps
60 California's Water and Energy Crisis Amid a Drought and Excessive Heat
61 As California's Hydro Output Slips, Regulators Call for More Power Resources
62 California Energy Commission Grants $5M for Hybrid Energy Storage
63 Session 1
64 California approves expedited pathway for near-term utility EV investments, despite cost concerns
65 Massive California Solar Project Faces Strong Opposition
66 County supervisors want to require new developments to use electricity over gas
67 Why California isn’t banning gaming PCs (yet)
68 How to get electric cars into low-income communities?
69 Lithium boom could be coming to Salton Sea area, and residents need to be included
70 Central Coast Community Energy is Powering EV Adoption and Building EV Infrastructure Throughout the Central Coast – CalCCA
71 100% Renewable Microgrid “Takes Off” at the Redwood Coast Airport
72 Low water levels could force Oroville hydropower offline
73 Senator Bob Archuleta Announces Senate Select Committee on Hydrogen Energy
74 Airport Microgrid Project Breaks Ground | News Blog
75 Staff Workshop: Data-Driven Tool to Support Strategic and Equitable Natural Gas Decommissioning
76 Hyundai to deliver 30 fuel cell trucks to California in deal backed by Macquarie
77 Center for Transportation and the Environment wins grant to deploy 30 hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks in Northern California
78 Temporary use of phased-out power plants could help keep the lights on
79 Gas Could Be A Thing Of The Past In New Contra Costa Buildings
80 California says it needs 1.2 million electric vehicle chargers by 2030
81 Contra Costa Supes Want All Electric, No Gas In New Construction
82 New PC Power Rules Only Apply to Idle, as Alienware Squawks Alone
83 UC Davis accused of ignoring public transparency laws regarding push to downsize KDVS radio, destroy Freeborn Hall • Sacramento News & Review
84 Why Southern California Is the New EV Mecca
85 California Energy Commission Proposes New Building Standards Favoring Electric Appliances Over Natural Gas
86 Staff Pre-Solicitation Workshop for Light-Duty Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projects Serving Rural and Multi-Unit Dwelling Residents
87 Scripps Oceanography gets share of California Energy Commission contract to simulate climate change
88 Commission grills PG&E on power shutoff policies, improvements – SFBay
89 Congress proposes "clean hydrogen" production hubs—with coal as a potential source
90 California Energy Commission wants to steer new homes from gas appliances
91 Hyundai announces plans for hydrogen trucks in California
92 CA Budget Approves Historic Clean Transportation Investments
93 Good luck with the California electric car rebate program
94 California PUC unveils draft plan for 'forward-thinking' distributed energy policy
95 Building for “a Climate Damn Emergency”
96 California OKs Ownership Transfer in Four Hydroelectric Dams
97 Californians Asked to Voluntarily Cut Electricity for Sixth Time Since Mid-June
98 Ubiquitous Energy Receives Additional $3 Million Grant Award from the California Energy Commission for its UE Power™ Windows
99 Pre-Bid Conference
100 Power Source Disclosure | California Energy Commission