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1 Hiltzik: A business's bottom line vs. a rare disease cure
2 Stem cell agency says it's going all out on 'bubble baby' cure
3 Why the death of a stem cell cure is actually good news
4 A Frozen Leap Forward | The UCSB Current
5 'Bubble baby' treatment shifted to stem cell agency, UCLA
6 California's vote to revive stem-cell institute sparks debate
7 Research topics to expand as California passes stem cell measure
8 Frustration, anxiety mark families' hopes for 'bubble baby' cure
9 The stem cell market was valued at USD 14.7 billion in 2020, and it is expected
10 Stem Cell Medical Research to Expand in California Following Passage of Prop. 14
11 California's stem-cell research program nearly out of money
12 Billions of Dollars for Stem Cell Research Institute On California's November Ballot
13 Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (BCLI) gains 1.5350% for June 15
14 Stem cells on the ballot
15 Brainstorm Announces Expansion of NurOwn® IP Portfolio with Grant and Allowance of Multiple Patents and Applications in Major Markets
16 Rocket Pharmaceuticals Receives Funding from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine for Phase 1 Clinical Trial of RP-L401 for Infantile Malignant Osteopetrosis
17 State stem cell agency follows the money
18 Prop. 14: In the COVID age, can California still afford its stem cell research program?
19 Orchard abandons promising gene therapy for rare immune disorder
20 Jeff Sheehy: Why Prop. 14 is unaffordable, unnecessary, fatally flawed and unsupportable
21 Teams Engineer Complex Human Tissues, Win Top Prizes in NASA Challenge
22 Column: The California stem cell program wants too much money
23 Stem Cell Funding Agency CIRM Is Nearly Out of Funds
24 Children's Hospital Los Angeles Chief Scientific Officer Named to California Stem Cell Research Body Governing Board
25 California Voters to Decide Future of Stem Cell Funding Agency
26 Medeor Therapeutics to Provide Interim Results of Phase 3 Mercury Study of MDR-101 Cell Therapy in Living Donor Kidney Transplants During Rapid Fire Oral Presentation at ATC Virtual Congress
27 ChromaDex Shares Research Findings from the ChromaDex External Research Program (CERP™)
28 California's Stem Cell Agency Will Get A Funding Boost From Prop 14. Here's A Look At Its History.
29 Proposition 14: Measure to continue funding California's stem cell research leading
30 Janelle's journey: Arizona woman hoped to heal through stem cell treatments
31 California's stem cell research fund dries up
32 Graphite Bio, seeking $100M, goes from Stanford spinout to IPO in 14 months
33 FDA's hasty approval of an unproven Alzheimer's drug is bad news, by Michael Hiltzik
34 Ballot initiative takes shape to give California stem cell agency a second life
35 FDA approval of Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm sets bad precedent
36 Proposition 14 Aims to Keep California at Worldwide Center of Stem Cell Research
37 Voters Will Decide if California Should Continue Funding Stem Cell Research
38 California stem-cell agency's supporters reveal plan for $5.5-billion ballot initiative
39 Oncternal Therapeutics Presents Updated Interim Data for
40 California’s stem cell center hasn’t delivered, shouldn’t get more taxpayer money
41 Should California invest another $5.5 Billion into stem cell research?
42 California's stem cell bet: After 14 years and $3 billion, has it paid off?
43 Should California Put $5.5 Billion Into Stem Cell Research? Voters To Decide With Prop. 14.
44 Recipient of $22 million from stem cell agency named to its board
45 California's Proposition 14: short in the arm for stem cell research
46 3D-Printed Human Tissue Wins Impressive NASA Challenge
47 Column: California’s stem cell program faces an existential moment — and a chance for reform
48 3D Printed Human Liver Tissue wins NASA Prize
49 Prop. 14: Stem-Cell Research Program Nearly Out Of Money As Voters Mull $5.5B Bond
50 UCI clinical trial targeting retinitis pigmentosa receives $6.6M grant from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
51 Support stem cell research in CA: Vote 'yes' on Prop. 14
52 Insider Opposes $5.5 Billion State Bond to Fund Stem Cell Research
53 Stem Cell Research on the Ballot: A Closer Look at Prop 14
54 California Stem Cell Agency Put $15 Billion into US Economy (1)
55 PD Editorial: No on 14: It’s time for stem cell agency to stand on its own
56 Prop. 14 will continue CA's life-saving stem cell research
57 Proposition 14: With Just Handful of Cures, California Stem Cell Agency's Fate Is In Hands of Voters
58 Next Article Here's Why Proposition 14, the $5.5 Billion Stem Cell Bond, is a Bad Idea
59 Stem cell therapy promotes recovery from stroke and dementia in mice
60 Scientists 3D-print a cube-shaped human liver tissue in a lab using live cells
61 What You Need to Know About Prop. 14, The Stem Cell Research Bond (Transcript)
62 Stem cell initiative: Save lives and energize the economy
63 David vs. Goliath: California’s Stem Cell Program Demonizes Small Clinics
64 CIRM board member, former chair tangle over Prop. 14
65 CA Prop 14 results: Stem cell research election
66 Happy Stem Cell Awareness Day: Get out there and vote “Yes” on Prop 14
67 Semma Therapeutics Announces $5 Million Grant from California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to Develop Novel Stem-Cell Derived Treatment for Diabetes
68 Time Running Out, California Stem Cell Agency Yet to Produce Big Results
69 Keck School of Medicine Receives $2.5 Million from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) for Translational Osteoarthritis Research
70 Can California afford stem cell research? Voters are set to decide
71 Prop. 14: California voters asked to preserve stem cell research
72 Two Anti-viral Enzymes Transform Pre-Leukemia Stem Cells into Leukemia
73 No on Prop 14: Not the best way to support stem-cell research
74 Election Guide: Here's What You Need to Know About Proposition 14
75 Wind-down of stem-cell institute leaves a void World View | 07 AUG 2019
76 Stem cell research, clinical use of 'magic mushrooms' among issues on state ballots this year
77 How do you separate scientifically sound stem cell therapies from scams?
78 $4.96 million CIRM grant awarded to Sanford Burnham Prebys to help the tiniest patients
79 Designer DNA Therapeutic Wipes Out Cancer Stem Cells, Treats Multiple Myeloma in Mice
80 Medeor Therapeutics Awarded $18.8 Million From the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
81 Angiocrine Bioscience Announces FDA Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) Designation Granted to AB-205 (Universal E-CEL® Cell Therapy) to Treat Organ Vascular Niche Injuries for the Prevention of Severe Toxicities in Lymphoma Patients
82 Regenerative medicine institute awards $5 million grant to UCLA retinal researchers
83 bluebird bio Awarded $9.3 Million From the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to Further Gene Therapy Clinical Development
84 CUR Engineering Division Announces 2021 Mentoring Awardees, Student Video Competition Winners
85 Chronicle recommends: No on Prop. 14; no need to replicate California’s disappointing stem cell experiment
86 UC Davis: First clinical trial of stem cells to treat spina bifida
87 Immune-Onc Therapeutics Appoints Stuart Lutzker, M.D., Ph.D. to Scientific Advisory Board
88 Proposition 14: There's much, much more than meets the eye
89 Potential COVID-19 treatment identified in UCLA-led lab study | UCLA
90 Tangled tale: Research, profits and the 'bubble baby' syndrome
91 Stem cell therapy shows potential to heal intestinal disease in premature infants
92 California Institute for Regenerative Medicine has opened a $32 million public-private stem cell bank
93 OUR VIEW: Endorsements: Vote NO on Props 14 and 23
94 Rough Surf Ahead for California
95 World's first: Drug guides stem cells to desired location, improving their ability to heal
96 Prop 14: California Measure's Pros And Cons | Across California, CA Patch
97 Stem cell therapy can repair brain damage and improve memory function in mice
98 Scam Cell: California's embryonic stem-cell research institute fails to deliver.
99 Sanford Burnham Prebys receives CIRM award for COVID-19 research
100 State earns first royalty check after investing billions in stem cell research