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1 Boeing's Starliner capsule rolls out to launch pad again (photos)
2 NASA, Boeing move Starliner launch to Tuesday at 1:20 p.m.
3 SpaceX to Restart Starlink Launches in August
4 Peterson, Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain to become Space Force bases
5 Boeing's Starliner capsule is 'go' for July 30 test launch for NASA
6 Wounded warriors share message of resilience in Florida
7 Colorado, North Dakota installations to join Space Force this month
8 ManTech defends $475M space launch support recompete
9 How to watch Boeing launch its 2nd Starliner test flight for NASA
10 Space Station Tilted After New Russian Module Fires Thrusters
11 First Air Force takes command of Det 3 rescuers as part of new Space Command mission
12 Boeing attempts uncrewed test flight to ISS a second time
13 Crew Dragon Endeavour moves to new spot on ISS to make room for Starliner
14 Space Force seizes $1.2 million worth of cocaine from shores of Cape Canaveral base
15 SpaceX delays next rocket launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station
16 ManTech Books $475M Space Force Launch Systems Engineering Follow-On Contract
17 Russia ditches 20-year-old space station module to clear way for lab's arrival
18 Cape Canaveral bases redesignated for Space Force, but in name only (for now)
19 Acting SecAF, CSO visit Cape Canaveral SFS > US Air Force > Article Display
20 NASA Sets Coverage, Invites Public to Virtually Join Starliner Launch
21 Starliner arrives at launch facility ahead of test flight to space station
22 Space Florida preparing development of launch and landing facility
23 AFRL conducts 1300 experiments on record-breaking satellite
24 New Bridge at NASA's Kennedy Space Center Starts with Utilities Work : CEG
25 New SpaceX drone ship arrives at Port Canaveral – Spaceflight Now
26 SpaceX will launch a Falcon 9 rocket on its 10th flight Sunday and you can watch it online
27 Why Florida would be the perfect home for the U.S. Space Force command headquarters
28 Space Travel Relies Too Much on Entrepreneurs Today, And Experts Say It's Risky
29 Space Force considers merging Cape Canaveral with Kennedy Space Center
30 SpaceX launches advanced GPS satellite for US Space Force, sticks rocket landing at sea
31 SpaceX launches another batch of Starlink satellites
32 In battle with Russian lab module, space station 'brought a knife to a gun fight' – Spaceflight Now
33 Space Force renames Florida space wing as Space Launch Delta 45
34 UW in the News | News
35 Watch an Atlas V rocket launch US Space Force missile-warning satellite today
36 Cocaine worth $1.2M washes ashore at Space Force Station
37 > US Department of Defense > Contract
38 WATCH: SpaceX launches Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station
39 Photos: SpaceX launches Transporter-1 mission from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station
40 SpaceX launches 29th Starlink mission from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station
41 Navaho missile restored, put on display in Cape Canaveral
42 FAA and Air Force sign agreement on commercial launches from Space Force bases
43 Now boarding: Space Force wants to turn launch ranges into rocket 'airports'
44 Enough cocaine to send someone into orbit found near nesting turtles on Cape Canaveral
45 Industry spacecraft assembled for next flight test | Technology Today |
46 Space Force's new delta organizations will help the service keep up with growing launch cadence
47 Weather OK for this week's SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral
48 Florida launch base to be renamed Cape Canaveral Space Force Station – Spaceflight Now
49 It's Launch Day! Here's everything you need to know for today's SpaceX Starlink launch
50 The 45th Space Wing is now Space Launch Delta 45
51 NASA's Perseverance Rover, Ingenuity Helicopter Mark 1st Anniversary Since Launch
52 WATCH: Blue Origin’s Jeff Bezos reaches space on 1st passenger flight
53 SpaceX delay's launch of Starlink Satellites
54 Watch SpaceX and Russia launch a Valentine's Day rocket doubleheader tonight
55 Space Force seeks $832 million in classified spending, new missions and more in annual wish list
56 Space schedule update: SpaceX postpones launch from Tuesday to Thursday
57 The 45th Space Wing's new name reflects Space Force status
58 Encapsulation of GPS III SV05 Completed @ Cape Canaveral Space Force Station For A June 17 Launch – SatNews
59 Space Force to Integrate Multi-Manifest Satellite Vehicles for Future Mission
60 US Space Force's next missile warning satellite arrives at Florida launch base – Spaceflight Now
61 Patrick AFB, Cape Canaveral soon to be renamed Space Force bases
62 Pence reveals name changes for Patrick and Cape Canaveral bases, astronauts for Artemis moon shot
63 Cape Canaveral's Air Force launch wing to become a space delta
64 Air Force: Space Coast bases will change names to reflect Space Force
65 Florida Daybook | State and Regional News |
66 Rocket Report: Ariane V returns after long layoff, Rocket Lab’s tough culture
67 Trump seeks to rename 2 Space Coast Air Force bases for Space Force: report
68 Trump Admin to Rename Two Bases for Space Force Over Military Objections
69 When is the next rocket launch from Florida?
70 SpaceX delays rare-trajectory Cape Canaveral launch to this week
71 A Pentagon strategy for elevating the space mission
72 SpaceX rocket successfully launches, carrying satellites
73 It's launch day! Things to know for ULA's launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station
74 SpaceX launches Turksat 5A communications satellite for Turkey, lands rocket
75 ULA launches Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral with Space Force missile warning satellite
76 Weather OK for SpaceX launch from KSC and Cape Canaveral landing
77 United Launch Alliance delays Atlas V rocket launch for US Space Force
78 Weather looks good for SpaceX's next Starlink launch from Cape Canaveral
79 Cape Canaveral: Launch Pad for U.S. Space Program
80 SpaceX launches Turkish satellite from Florida
81 Updates: Watch SpaceX launch Starlink satellites from Cape Canaveral
82 Some Space Coast Air Force members officially transfer to the Space Force
83 KSC's new bridge could be a sign of what's to come for NASA and the Space Force
84 Officials forecast than 50 launches from Florida's Space Coast this year – Spaceflight Now
85 SpaceX will launch a new Sirius XM satellite early Sunday. Here's how to watch online.
86 Buckley AFB Officially Renamed Space Force Base
87 WATCH: SpaceX launches last rocket of 2020 from Kennedy Space Center
88 SpaceX will launch new Starlink satellites on a veteran rocket today. Here's how how to watch.
89 Billion-dollar military satellite arrives at Cape Canaveral for ULA launch
90 Hurricane-damaged Navaho missile back on display near Cape Canaveral SFS
91 Space Force wants to introduce commercial capabilities to all mission areas
92 From rocket launches to great food, hidden gems highlight Brevard's connection to space program
93 SpaceX just launched a Falcon 9 rocket on a record 9th flight and stuck the landing
94 SpaceX delays rare-trajectory Cape Canaveral launch to next week
95 Unveiling of the first two space force bases name change
96 Alabama beats out Florida’s Space Coast for U.S. Space Command headquarters
97 UPDATE: Kleos Space Confirms Their Polar Vigilance Mission Smallsats Will Launch From Cape Canaveral Space Force Station – SatNews
98 SpaceX aborts launch of advanced GPS satellite for the US Space Force
99 It’s (almost) launch day! NASA, SpaceX to send astronauts to space station from Kennedy Space Center
100 45th Space Wing forecasts more than 50 launches in 2021