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1 How to build a better wind farm
2 How seeds know it's a good time to germinate
3 Uproar over sale of iconic Carnegie institution headquarters to Qatar exposes deeper tensions
4 Discovery of a moon-forming disk around a young exoplanet has been confirmed by astronomers: the first of its
5 For the first time, scientists observe a moon forming in another solar system
6 Carnegie Institution for Science in talks to sell DC headquarters to Qatar
7 Sale of building to Qatar deepens Carnegie rifts
8 Massive Machines Are Bringing Giant Exoplanets Down to Earth
9 Bizarre ‘Moon-Forming Disc’ Spotted Around Exoplanet
10 In a First, Scientists Find a Moon Forming Around a Planet Outside Our Solar System
11 Don Brooks helped the Carnegie Institution run for a half-century. He died of covid-19 just months shy of retirement.
12 Amateur Spots Possible Jupiter Moon In Old Telescope Images
13 Earth Has a Heartbeat, but No One Really Knows Why Here's how often it goes off
14 What causes the deep Earth's most mysterious earthquakes?
15 Record-breaking flare from Sun's nearest neighbor
16 For the first time, scientists observe the formation of a moon in another solar system.
17 Washington-based Carnegie institute HQ sold to Qatar
18 Carnegie Institution gets pushback on HQ sale to Qatar
19 Senate bill gives 'have-not' states a gigantic research set-aside
20 ‘GMA3’ Faith Friday: Rev. Pamela G. Conrad talks space and faith
21 Where were Jupiter and Saturn born?
22 UTSA joins National Academies' prestigious Government-University-Industry Research Roundtable
23 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and University of Nevada, Reno announce new research partnership
24 Deep diamonds contain evidence of deep-Earth recycling processes
25 In Appreciation of AGU's Outstanding Reviewers of 2020
26 Graphene was found in a meteorite!
27 Qatar buys Washington-based Carnegie institute HQ: reports
28 At first, scientists find a moon forming around a planet outside our solar system.
29 Stunning Galactic Fireworks: New ESO Images Reveal Spectacular Features of Nearby Galaxies
30 Kennesaw State to graduate more than 1500 during summer commencement ceremonies
31 Engineering light availability for crop production—a solution for coming challenges?
32 Unraveling a mystery of dinoflagellate genomic architecture
33 Replace the Proposed New California Math Curriculum Framework: Open Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, the State Board of Education, and the Instructional Quality Commission
34 John Mulchaey and Yixian Zheng Named Interim Carnegie Institution for Science Co-Presidents
35 Philosopher, scientists propose new way to categorize minerals
36 Summer 2021 algal bloom still expected to be mild for western Lake Erie
37 Novel method predicts if COVID-19 clinical trials will fail or succeed
38 Tens of millions of trees in danger from California drought
39 Renowned scholar Juna Kollmeier named director of U of T's Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics
40 New form of silicon could enable next-gen electronic and energy devices
41 Vera Rubin, astronomer extraordinaire — a new biography
42 WD Lab Grown Diamonds Expands Its Leadership Team
43 RIT postdoctoral researcher Erika Holmbeck named one of NASA's 2021 Hubble Fellows | College of Science | RIT
44 Can super-Earth interior dynamics set the table for habitability?
45 The Hot List: Meet Ken Caldeira, Bill Gates' climate adviser
46 Making history — and smashing atoms — in a leafy part of Chevy Chase, D.C.
47 25 Private Colleges Whose Graduates Go on to Earn the Most Money
48 A Science-Themed Wedding at the Carnegie Institution for Science
49 Most-distant galaxy helps elucidate the early universe
50 Ancient gas cloud reveals universe's first stars formed quickly
51 Algae growing on dead coral could paint a falsely rosy portrait of reef health
52 The Vera C. Rubin Observatory and Women of Chilean Astronomy
53 Four "Fast Facts" About Exoplanets
54 Infrastructure key to balancing climate and economic goals in developing countries
55 Scientists create strange new form of silicon
56 Scientists Synthesize New Crystalline Form of Silicon | Physics
57 'Cold Neptune' and two temperate super-Earths found orbiting nearby stars
58 This Glamorous Wedding Featured an Ivory, Black, and Blush Color Palette
59 Down to Earth With: Ecologist Chris Field
60 Science communication is key to problem-solving, experts say
61 Astronomers found 1,715 stars with an unobstructed view of Earth in the last 5,000 years
62 Saturn surpasses Jupiter after the discovery of 20 new moons
63 News
64 The Earth Has a Pulse—A 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Geological Activity
65 Yoichi Shiga
66 Mineral classification system needs revamping to be more useful to various scientists, according to report
67 Microbiome species interactions reveal how bacteria collaborate to cheat death
68 The University of Southern Mississippi has released its President's and Dean's Lists for the 2021 spring semester
69 She's a priest. You'll never guess her other job
70 Astronomers confirm solar system's most distant known object is indeed Farfarout
71 Mars's core has been measured — and it's surprisingly large
72 Skip college? Not if you want to make more money
73 See Photos From Washingtonian's 2015 Tech Titans Celebration at the Carnegie Institution for Science
74 This November Wedding Featured DC Themes, a Moody Color Palette, and One Super-Cute Pup
75 Carnegie Institution Seeks Cut of Rising Lab-Grown Diamond Sales
76 'Chemtrails' not real, say leading atmospheric science experts
77 Carnegie's Joe Berry elected to National Academy of Sciences
78 The dazzling Blue Ring Nebula puzzled scientists for 16 years — and now they finally understand why
79 The James Webb Space Telescope's First Year of Extraordinary Science Has Been Revealed
80 Carnegie's Larry Nittler elected meteoritical Fellow
81 Co-Chairs Appointed to Lead New National Science, Technology, and Security Roundtable
82 Ancient Earth was a water world
83 NAU astronomer on team confirming orbit of most distant object ever observed in our solar system – NAU News
84 Mick Hitchcock: An infectious passion for science | Nevada Silver & Blue Magazine
85 New UC scientific collaboration focuses on the senses | University Of Cincinnati
86 A plant's nutrient-sensing abilities can modulate its response to environmental stress
87 Heavy iron in large gem diamonds traces deep subduction of serpentinized ocean floor
88 Under the sea with scientists fighting climate change | Pictures
89 Auburn boasts 18 representatives at Tokyo 2020 Olympics
90 Vera Rubin (1928–2016)
91 Sagan Award goes to committee chaired by Carnegie's Alan Dressler
92 A String Of Aleutian Volcanoes Might Actually Be One Mega Volcano, Scientists Say
93 Scientific Integrity and Innovation: Remarks at The Carnegie Institution for Science by Sen. Hillary Clinton
94 UPDATE: Looking @ The Cosmos With Virtual Reality – SatNews
95 New measurement of universe's expansion rate is 'stuck in the middle'
96 Vera Rubin's Well-Deserved Space Observatory
97 'Elegant' solution reveals how the universe got its structure
98 Astronomers Crack the Case of the Blue Ring Nebula
99 Lakes worldwide are experiencing more severe algal blooms
100 Kristina Guild Douglass named Carnegie Fellow | Penn State University