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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Machine learning IDs mammal species with the potential to spread SARS-CoV-2 EurekAlert 17 days ago
2 Think SARS-CoV-2 is just hitting humans? Add hundreds of species to high-risk list. Anthropocene Magazine 3 days ago
3 Impaired wild mice survive and thrive as well as unimpaired counterparts Phys.Org 1 month ago
4 Machine learning IDs mammal species with the potential to spread SARS-CoV-2: Insights can guide surveillance to prevent secondary spillover, new variants Science Daily 17 days ago
5 Antibiotic used in livestock production could cause soil to release more carbon The Counter 2 days ago
6 Livestock antibiotics and rising temperatures disrupt soil microbial communities: Combined stressors could impair soils' ability to cycle nutrients and trap carbon Science Daily 26 days ago
7 Dosing the coast: Baltimore County's leaky pipes are medicating the Chesapeake Bay 4 months ago
8 Antidepressant pollution alters crayfish behavior, with impacts to stream ecosystems EurekAlert 6 months ago
9 Cary Institute's Steward Pickett elected to the National Academy of Sciences EurekAlert 7 months ago
10 Physically impaired wild mice survive and thrive Mirage News 4 days ago
11 Warming climate draws new tick threat into Chesapeake region The Chesapeake Bay Journal 29 days ago
12 Cary Institute Is Redoing Its Headquarters WAMC 1 year ago
13 SARS-CoV-2 could be lurking in animal hidey-holes The Economist 16 days ago
14 Cary Institute Talk Focuses On The Interplay Of Biodiversity And Pandemics WAMC 1 year ago
15 A diversity of wildlife is good for our health EurekAlert 8 months ago
16 The Week Ahead Highlands Current 29 days ago
17 Gardeners, Take Heed: It’s a ‘Tick-y Year’ The New York Times 6 months ago
18 Cary Institute gets $800K grant to research lakes, water quality Poughkeepsie Journal 4 years ago
19 Calls Continue To Better Fund Tick-Borne Disease Research WAMC 5 months ago
20 New Paper Led by Bard Biology Professor Felicia Keesing Calls for More Rigorous Study of Dilution Effects in Natural Ecosystems to Better Understand the Ecology of Infectious Diseases Bard News 3 months ago
21 Bambi has COVID and it's all our fault Mic 29 days ago
22 Forest ecology shapes Lyme disease risk in the eastern US EurekAlert 3 years ago
23 Wood for the Trees: rush to green hydrogen masks mammoth plans to wood-chip the forests Michael West News 22 days ago
24 New Study Identifies Bird Species That Could Spread Lyme Disease WAMC 10 months ago
25 New study identifies bird species that could spread ticks and Lyme disease EurekAlert 10 months ago
26 Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies – YubaNet YubaNet 5 years ago
27 Cases of Lyme disease in the Hudson Valley likely underreported Times Union 7 months ago
28 A sun reflector for earth? EurekAlert 8 months ago
29 Climate change threatens hydropower energy security in the Amazon basin: Changing precipitation will diminish the Amazon's hydropower capacity Science Daily 2 months ago
30 SERINO EVENT HIGHLIGHTS 'GREEN JOB' OPPORTUNITIES | NY State Senate The New York State Senate 8 months ago
31 In Panama, nitrogen-fixing trees unlock phosphorus and other scarce nutrients EurekAlert 9 months ago
32 Science fair film documents NC students' research EducationNC 2 months ago
33 Millbrook's Cannoo Hills has 300-year history that includes railroad heiress, revolution Poughkeepsie Journal 7 months ago
34 In Baltimore, lower income neighborhoods have bigger mosquitoes EurekAlert 2 years ago
35 A Call to Action for Science UConn Today 12 months ago
36 A Shocking Tale About Raccoons The Wall Street Journal 2 months ago
37 US rivers and streams are compromised by increasing salt loads: Better management needed to protect infrastructure, drinking water supplies Science Daily 4 years ago
38 $3M NSF Research Training Grant to Build Resilience in East Coast's Megalopolis UConn Today 1 year ago
39 New report highlights best practices for sustainable rural infrastructure EurekAlert 6 months ago
40 Hudson Data Jam Competition deadline nears Poughkeepsie Journal 6 years ago
41 West Nile virus infection risk is higher in less affluent neighborhoods in Baltimore, MD EurekAlert 12 months ago
42 North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier: Proximity to roads -- and road salt -- predicts escalating salinization Science Daily 5 years ago
43 A Diversity of Wildlife Is Good for Our Health: To Prevent Future Pandemics, We Must Restore and Protect Nature SciTechDaily 7 months ago
44 Dr. Emma J. Rosi to Deliver 2019 Barry Commoner Lecture on the Environment Marymount Manhattan College News 3 years ago
45 Invest in America's nature-based infrastructure | TheHill The Hill 7 months ago
46 To intervene or not to intervene? That is the future climate question Science Daily 8 months ago
47 Leaky Pipes Are Dosing Baltimore’s Waterways with Drugs Eos 1 month ago
48 Can AI help predict the next pandemic? Medical News Today 2 months ago
49 Body size, digestive systems shape ungulate foraging Science Daily 4 months ago
50 Researchers take to tech to study toxic cyanobacteria with $1.47 million NASA grant EurekAlert 4 years ago
51 Opinion | Seeking Action on Climate, Pay and the E.R.A. The New York Times 6 months ago
52 UW-Led Research Finds Body Size, Digestive Systems Shape Ungulate Foraging | News University of Wyoming News 4 months ago
53 Trout Appear to Get Hooked on Meth The Scientist 5 months ago
54 American Ticks and Disease Are Being Pushed North by Global Warming Bloomberg 1 year ago
55 Risk-taking crayfish may result from antidepressants we dump into our waters 5 months ago
56 Uncovering the secrets of the ecology of a rare tick-borne pathogen, Borellia miyamotoi, in New York State BugBitten 10 months ago
57 Food webs determine the fate of mercury pollution in the Colorado River, Grand Canyon EurekAlert 2 years ago
58 The Wild Life of American Cities New York Times 9 years ago
59 Kathleen Weathers receives ESA's 2017 Eugene P. Odum Award for Excellence in Ecology Education – Ecotone | News and Views on Ecological Science Ecotone 5 years ago
60 Rats, cats, and people trade-off as main course for mosquitoes in Baltimore, Md. EurekAlert 4 years ago
61 Low dose, constant drip: Pharmaceutical and personal care pollution impacts aquatic life EurekAlert 4 years ago
62 Climate Change Water Variability Hurts Salamander Populations UConn Today 2 years ago
63 Breakbulk volume recovery triggers CBP invasive pest violations 5 months ago
64 With Global Challenges in Mind, Keeping a Decades-long Success Story at the Forefront UConn Today 12 months ago
65 Lyme disease study looks at factors that may increase threat Poughkeepsie Journal 3 years ago
66 How Biodiversity Can Prevent Pandemics Sierra Magazine 8 months ago
67 Possum Problems | The Wave Wave of Long Island 6 months ago
68 Lyme disease 2021: Experts warn Americans to remain vigilant 10 months ago
69 Opinion | Invasive Insects and Diseases Are Killing Our Forests The New York Times 10 months ago
70 With a Warming Climate, Coastal Fog Around the World Is Declining InsideClimate News 2 months ago
71 Ice Out: How N.H.’s rite of spring has become a symbol of climate change Christian Science Monitor 8 months ago
72 Future Scientists 1 year ago
73 Synthetic chemicals: Ignored agents of global change EurekAlert 5 years ago
74 Mice give ticks a free lunch EurekAlert 8 years ago
75 Nature Conservancy investigating its own sales of potentially meaningless carbon credits WorldOil 8 months ago
76 Lyme disease-carrying ticks found near California beaches Los Angeles Times 6 months ago
77 Lake Champlain Research Institute welcomes new water resources educator Plattsburgh Press Republican 7 months ago
78 The Search for Animals That Could Carry the Next Deadly Virus The Wall Street Journal 8 months ago
79 In urban streams, pharmaceutical pollution is driving microbial resistance EurekAlert 4 years ago
80 Hippo waste causes fish kills in Africa's Mara River EurekAlert 4 years ago
81 Ice storms: Study looks at how they affect forests Poughkeepsie Journal 5 years ago
82 Dams destabilize river food webs: Lessons from the Grand Canyon EurekAlert 8 years ago
83 Study Shows Road Salt Contamination In Drinking Water Wells WAMC 4 years ago
84 Long-term monitoring is essential to effective environmental policy: Experts highlight air pollution clean up; benefits to economy, human health, and environment Science Daily 4 years ago
85 Microbes hitch a ride inland on coastal fog EurekAlert 3 years ago
86 lyme-disease-opossum-ticks Poughkeepsie Journal 7 years ago
87 Address risky human activities now or face new pandemics, experts warn Eco-Business 4 months ago
88 Microbes hitch a ride inland on coastal fog: Microorganisms, including potential pathogens, travel from sea to land via fog Science Daily 3 years ago
89 In a warmer world, ticks that spread disease are arriving earlier, expanding their ranges EurekAlert 7 years ago
90 Dartmouth-led team receives NASA grant to study lake water quality in the Northeast EurekAlert 4 years ago
91 Did the Climate Crisis Enable the Coronavirus Pandemic? EcoWatch 10 months ago
92 Humanity is making everything saltier around us, and it’s hurting the environment (and our infrastructure) ZME Science 8 months ago
93 Tick study eyes 5,000 properties in Dutchess Poughkeepsie Journal 6 years ago
94 Deer are not the only mammals to blame for Lyme disease Olean Times Herald 7 months ago
95 City lights, urban sprawl, and uncovering the future of ecology with Dr. Peter Groffman Phys.Org 6 years ago
96 A diversity of wildlife is good for human health Mirage News 8 months ago
97 Lower income neighborhoods have bigger mosquitoes that may be more efficient at transmitting diseases, a study finds CNN 2 years ago
98 Ford and Wilson to Lead Transportation Research Board Executive Committee in 2022 The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 2 months ago
99 Inaccurate IUCN range maps leave birds endemi EurekAlert 5 years ago
100 North America's freshwater lakes are getting saltier EurekAlert 5 years ago