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1 Ph.D. Program at Centre for Brain Research Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
2 3 Incredible Breakthroughs in Brain Health Research 2021
3 Priddy family's $1 million gift will treat veterans at Tulane Center for Brain Health
4 Grad’s foundation gives $1M to university in New Orleans
5 $10 Million Gift to Name the Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute
6 University receives monetary gift for neuroscience research
7 Newly detailed nerve links between brain and other organs shape thoughts, memories, and feelings
8 $10 Million Gift to Name the Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute at FAU's John D. MacArthur Campus: SF STAT
9 Professor seeks answers in brain and behavior science research
10 Mind Reading Technology 2021: $110 Million Helmet Aims to Unlock Brain's Secrets
11 Active Early Learning Shapes Adult Brain Structure, New Research Shows | Biology, Education, Neuroscience
12 What happens in the brain when people make music together?
13 New research shows that early fetal brain development is key to neurodevelopment
14 Brain Imaging Breakthrough May Offer MRI Alternative
15 Columbia University announces the appointment of new leaders of its Kavli Institute for Brain Science | Kavli Institute for Brain Science
16 South Florida health tech firm adds three renowned medical leaders to its scientific advisory board, moving the needle for neuroscience technology: SF STAT!
17 An Abnormal Meningeal Lymphatic System Can Complicate... : Neurology Today
18 UT Southwestern Center for Depression Research and Clinical Care partnering on Lone Star Depression Challenge
19 Omega-3s may hold key to unlocking blood-brain barrier
20 Is big pharma backtracking from neurosciences?
21 Prescribing New Alzheimer's Drug; Treating Guillain-Barre; Menopause and the Brain
22 UAMS Among First in Nation to Use Newly Approved Deep Brain Stimulation Technology
23 Queen of hearts
24 BrainGate consortium develops new approach of brain-to-text communication through handwriting
25 Scientists say active early learning shapes the adult brain
26 Yale Cancer Center Study Reveals New Pathway for Brain Tumor Therapy
27 How Dreams Might Prepare You for What's Next
28 When small epigenomic signals matter: Regulatory elements that are directly involved in human neuronal brain functions
29 That song is stuck in your head, but it's helping you to remember
30 COVID-19 may reduce gray matter volume in brain, small study suggests
31 KAIST scientist wins 2021 IBM Academic Award
32 Cloud computing expands brain sciences
33 P-glycoprotein removes Alzheimer's-associated toxin from the brain
34 WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute offers patients added comfort, high quality care with virtual reality surgical suite
35 How do we know where things are?
36 Progress in brain cancer research kicks off UH cancer lecture series | University of Hawaiʻi System News
37 WSU rolls out its new cannabis research center
38 UC Davis research links phenomena of 'earworms' and music-evoked memory
39 Inscopix Unveils First Demonstration of Optical-based 'Wearable' for Real-Time Measurement of Brain Activity in Non-Human Primates
40 Bristol Myers, Eisai and Lundbeck ally to bring down blood-brain barrier
41 Prominent Scientist Julio Aguirre-Ghiso, Ph.D., To Lead New Cancer Dormancy and Tumor Microenvironment Institute at Albert Einstein Cancer Center
42 Landmark Alzheimer's drug approval confounds research community
43 Earworm Songs Help Boost Our Long Term Memory
44 Researchers identify a common mechanism underlying diverse brain disorders
45 New Treatment Stops Progression of Alzheimer's Disease in Monkey Brains
46 Differentiation of Brain Tumor Microvasculature From Normal Vessels Using Optical Coherence Angiography.
47 Global Brain Computer Interface Market to Surpass US$
48 Norton Healthcare to open comprehensive neuroscience facility
49 4. Could a quantum leap someday aid ethical AI?
50 A New Path Towards Brain Tumor Therapy
51 Link found between gut microbes and stroke: Findings lay the groundwork for new stroke treatments, prevention strategies
52 COVID-19 can cause severe inflammation in the brain
53 Concurrence of craniopharyngioma and meningioma: a case report and systematic review of the literature.
54 Wyss Institute initiates industry partnership to facilitate brain-targeted drug delivery
55 Department of Veterans Affairs honors VCU researcher for pioneering traumatic brain injury research
56 NIU faculty explore how aerobics and strength training improve brain function
57 SNMMI Image of the Year: PET imaging measures cognitive impairment in COVID-19 patients
58 Brain Tumor Treatment Thru Unique Cell-Penetrating Autoantibody Discovered in Yale Research
59 P-glycoprotein shows ability to remove a toxin associated with Alzheimer's from the brain
60 $25 million gift to Brown will fuel innovation in brain science
61 Study shows how taking short breaks may help our brains learn new skills
62 Marijuana use in teen years may hinder brain development, study finds
63 Stanford-founded non-profit launches Institute for Brain Research and Innovation
64 Tourette Disorder Program
65 Novel calibration procedure for super-resolution brain imaging
66 Efficient Gene Therapy: A New Technique for Correcting Disease-Causing Mutations
67 Abstract Published in Neuro-Oncology Demonstrates Curtana Pharmaceuticals' CT-179 Prolonged Event-free Survival in an Animal Model of Medulloblastoma
68 Kazia Enters Clinical Collaboration With Cornell University for Phase II Clinical Study Using Paxalisib in Combination With Ketogenic Diet for Glioblastoma
69 At Yale, new neuroscience institute to unravel the mysteries of cognition
70 $44M USF Partnership With Lakeland Center For Brain Research
71 Brain inflammation due to COVID-19: Here's what study says
72 White Matter Lesions Don't Predict Clinical Symptoms After... : Neurology Today
73 With $30 million in support, Brown launches Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research
74 Neurologists in India Face Off Against a New Devastating... : Neurology Today
75 Weizmann Institute Optogeneticists Use Mosquito Rhodopsins to Boost Brain Research
76 New molecular therapeutics center established at MIT's McGovern Institute
77 Michale Fee appointed head of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
78 Seventeen Stanford students and alumni awarded Fulbright Grants
79 Research Roundup: Lead Exposure Causes Crime
80 Rapid Genetic Testing May Have Spared This Baby From Death
81 Boosting Brain Health After COVID-19: A Convergence Solution May 14th 2021 How can we face
82 Understanding gut inflammation may hold clues to mitigating Parkinson's onset
83 Obesity and hypertension: Researchers discover novel mechanisms
84 Inside A Push To Include More African Americans In Brain Research : Shots
85 Brain-computer interface creates text on screen by decoding brain signals associated with handwriting
86 A new theory for what's happening in the brain when something looks familiar | Penn Today
87 Milken Institute, Baszucki Brain Research Fund launch fund for bipolar disorder research
88 Neuroscience seminar highlights technologies for brain injuries, vaccine developments
89 Science of the Mind: Neuroscience at the University of Oregon
90 Gadolinium-Based Contrast Retention Rates Higher Than Thought
91 New initiative engages communities in neuroscience | Cornell Chronicle
92 New NIH BRAIN Initiative awards move toward solving brain disorders
93 Folliard Alumni Center Creates Standard For Sustainability, Collaboration and Alumni Events
94 Cellular Transplant Therapy Pioneered by UCSF Reverses Sea Lion's Epilepsy
95 Allen Institute will host $40.5M brain research center to map the effects of Alzheimer’s disease
96 Turning Heads: The Vanderbilt Brain Institute has emerged as a hub of discovery as neuroscience’s influence expands
97 [68Ga] IPCAT-NOTA for Imaging the Dopamine Transporter | DDDT
98 Research from the Center for Healthy Aging yields guidance on brain health | Penn State University
99 New blueprint of brain connections reveals extensive reach of central regulator
100 Researchers wirelessly record human brain activity during normal life activities