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1 CSOs urge FG to meet obligations on torture status, 20 years after ratification
2 New Ruling Sheds Light on State-Paramilitary Cooperation in Colombia – and on the TVPA
3 Thailand: Outlaw Torture, Enforced Disappearances
4 Morocco Elected in UN Committee against Torture
5 Election of Todd Buchwald to UN Committee Against Torture
6 On torture and enforced disappearances
7 Torture bill tied in knots
8 Striking the Right Balance for a Draft Convention on Crimes against Humanity
9 'It Was Torture': African Asylum-Seekers Describe Restraint Agony on ICE 'Death Flights'
10 Few migrants processed under Title 42 border policy are screened for U.S. protection
11 How an Internal State Department Memo Exposes “Title 42” Expulsions of Refugees as Violations of Law
12 First-Ever Federal Suit Using New Law Filed by ICE Detainee, Claiming ICE-Hired Private Jail Tortured Him
13 Statement by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. on International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
14 UN experts urge Afghanistan's new rulers to prohibit torture 'in any circumstances'
15 Civil Society Organisation Urges Buhari to Submit Review on Torture
16 Morocco: Detained Uyghur must not be transferred to China
17 How the Biden Administration Should Take Torture-Derived Evidence Off the Table
18 Torture law needs broad footing
19 'Historic step' as Sudan ratifies conventions on torture, disappearance
20 Detained Chinese Rights Lawyer Tortured Again After Complaining About Torture
21 Compilation on the Sudan
22 US Violates UN Convention Against Torture Signed 20 Years Ago
23 Governments must protect those who help torture victims, say human rights experts
24 It's time for Biden to eliminate one of Trump's worst immigration policies | TheHill
25 Surveillance footage reveals shocking treatment of migrant in South Korean detention
26 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture | United Nations
27 Civil rights complaint: African migrants were cruelly restrained
28 Proposed Amendment to Criminal Code is a Grave Setback for Human Rights
29 Advocacy for Limited English Proficient Individuals | The Legal Intelligencer
30 Every Custodial Death a Reminder of Why India Must Ratify the Convention Against Torture
31 We must end torture in all its forms
32 How India Can Help Ease the Afghan Refugee Crisis
33 Opinion analysis: Federal courts can review factual findings of a Convention Against Torture claim raised as a defense to crime-based removal
34 Sudan: It's High Time to Ratify the UN Convention Against Torture
35 Course Correction Still Needed on Anti-Torture Obligations
36 Ninth Circuit Invokes 'Convention against Torture' to Halt Deportation of Woman Horribly Abused in Mexico
37 Condemnation of HTS' detention of three children and filming them in a way humiliates their human dignity
38 Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, September 24, 2021
39 China tortures, and we can say nothing | Comment | The Sunday Times
40 Did the Vatican Violate U.N. Convention Against Torture?
41 Human rights body hosts forum on fishermen's rights, protocol against torture
42 Black migrants tortured by ICE officers using ‘human restraint,’ DHS complaint says
43 Why Religious Persecution Justifies US Legislation on Crimes Against Humanity
44 Joint call for the exoneration and release of human rights defender, journalist, and former lawyer Zhang Zhan
45 Anti-torture law
46 Last African states evading convention against torture
47 UN Committee against Torture: Review of Saudi Arabia
48 Argument analysis: Is judicial review of a claim under the Convention Against Torture completely barred in cases involving removal orders on certain criminal grounds?
49 Highlighting Sri Lanka's Abuses to the UN in Reviews and Strategic Litigation
50 Committee sheds light on torture
51 Committee Against Torture Holds Brief Sixty-Ninth Session Online
52 Member States end prescription for torture
53 Watch | 'India's 23-Year-Old Failure to Ratify UN Convention Against Torture is Shameful'
54 Bangladesh: Heed UN Recommendations on Torture
55 Lebanon: Authorities' failure to implement anti-torture law is a disgrace
56 United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Theme, History and significance
57 18 Halloween Thrillers That Are Scary but Not Gory
58 The United States and the Torture Convention, Part I: Extraterritoriality
59 India behind 161 nations in ratifying treaty on torture
60 The Convention Against Torture: Extraterritorial Application and Application to Military Operations
61 China: UN Review Slams Lack of Progress on Torture
62 Human Rights Watch Submission to the United Nations Committee against Torture on Greece
63 Submission to the UN Committee Against Torture: France
64 Ratify U.N. Convention Against Torture, law panel tells Centre
65 Submission to the Committee Against Torture: Rwanda
66 Confronting crimes against humanity is route to justice, Saudi official asserts at UN committee meeting
67 Committee against Torture examines the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
68 Sudan Sovereign Council 'must ratify' UN Convention against enforced disappearances
69 Saint Kitts and Nevis accedes to UN Convention against Torture
70 Torture victims
71 Vanessa Drummond, Author at Just Security
72 Will latest push for accountability for Syria torture succeed?
73 Thoothukudi deaths: Demand for police reforms, ratification of anti-torture convention
74 Can't we agree to end torture?
75 Australia may miss treaty deadline to establish torture protections for prisons, advocates warn
76 The Méndez Principles: A Focus on the Exclusionary Rule
77 Armenia vs Azerbaijan: Hearings at the UN International Court of Justice
78 Armenia tells World Court Azerbaijan promotes ethnic hatred
79 Gambia: 'Prevention Against Torture Bill Set for Approval'
80 India Among 9 Nations That Haven’t Ratified UN Convention Against Torture
81 States, UTs yet to reply on ratifying UN convention against torture
82 Submission to the UN Committee against Torture Review of US, 59th session, US National Security
83 Thailand: Fulfill Pledge to End Torture
84 US: Torture Treaty Shift Significant but Inadequate
85 NFPs Welcome Ratification of Convention Against Torture Protocol
86 Governments must show greater commitment to tackle torture at home, special rapporteur tells human rights council
87 Zimbabwe: Torture Still a Weapon of Choice Against Dissent in Zimbabwe, eSwatini, Tanzania and Uganda
88 Pakistan: Pass Anti-Torture Bill
89 PPP calls for early legislation to criminalize torture
90 Expanding their horizons
91 Pres signs declaration on the UN Convention Against Torture
92 Sudan approves ratification of treaties banning torture, enforced disappearances
93 UN Human-Rights Experts Raise Alarm Over the Fate of a Russian Ex-Guantánamo Detainee
94 Torture Culture
95 Zimbabwe's rights defenders seek to end torture
96 Iran Universal Periodic Review Outcome Statement
97 Why did India eliminate Father Stan?
98 What Is the Next Line of Defense Against Torture?
99 US Treatment of Migrant Children Falls Under UN Definition of 'Torture,' Doctors Say
100 Torture and officers of the law