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1 Final Fantasy & Other Video Game Music Took Over the Tokyo Olympics
2 Amazon's New World Reportedly Bricking 3090 Video Cards
3 Activision Blizzard Sued Over Sexual Harassment and More
4 New PS5 Digital Model, What's Different?
5 Are Playstation and Netflix Teaming Up?
6 Brown: Abolishing the Filibuster Won't Fix the Senate
7 The daily news roundup and open line
8 CeeDee Lamb fantasy football profile: 2021 projections for No. 42 in preseason rankings
9 Halloween Director Will Make a Direct Sequel to The Exorcist
10 Houlahan works to fix 'broken' passport system
11 Legislative fix for sex abuse claims back in forefront
12 New Richmond café serves people their daily nutritional fix
13 Robert Woods fantasy football profile: 2021 projections for No. 43 in preseason rankings
14 Battlegrounds Mobile India Receives Patch to Fix Issues Such as Shutting Down, Loading Screen Problems
15 The daily business briefing: July 23, 2021
16 VanEck Vectors ETF Trust
17 Direxion Shares ETF Trust
18 cURL developers take a second shot at fixing information disclosure flaw
19 Tennessee Mayor Calls Bitcoin the Only Fix for Inflation, Announces New Strategy To Embrace BTC
20 Opinion | A judge just put DACA on life support. Congress can save it.
21 GameStop Slowly Changing After Wild Stock Market Ride
22 Daily Insight: Can he fix it? | News | Health Service Journal
23 GTA Modder Shares Clever Fix For Annoying Problem
24 Square Enix Aims for Best Open World Visuals Ever
25 Quick fix needed for cancer patients
26 Xbox Officially Owns Bethesda, Here's What That Means For Exclusives
27 Call of Duty Reaches Its Most Ridiculous Filesizes Yet
28 GM issues 2nd Bolt recall; faulty batteries can cause fires
29 Free Britney Movement Produces Bipartisan Bill To Fix ‘Nightmare’ Conservatorships
30 Worst Yuan Selloff in Year Drives Traders Back to Daily Fix
31 Hundreds of New Washington Laws Go Into Effect on Sunday
32 New Call of Duty 2021 Report Contradicts Popular Theory
33 The GTA 5 Next-Gen Upgrade Has a Release Date
34 God of War Dev Has a Secret Game in the Works
35 Lawmakers Are Trying to Ban Grand Theft Auto...Again
36 ‘Fix roads or lose votes, tax’
37 Why You'll Want Sony to Cut PS4 Production
38 Why Sony Is Struggling To Sell You a PS5
39 Only Trump can fix vaccine hesitancy among his supporters | TheHill
40 Messed-up license plate could cost you
41 GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Have New Features
42 Microsoft Sticks It To Stadia
43 Herman Mashaba | Action need to fix the City of Joburg's challenges
44 The Last of Us Part 2 is Getting Way Harder
45 Rockstar's Next-Gen Plan for Backwards Compatibility
46 20,000 Fallout 76 Power Armor Helmets Recalled for Mold Exposure
47 How Is GameStop Still A Thing?
48 The Daily Fix: Modi rebrands the health scheme but doubts remain about its effectiveness
49 The Daily Fix: Why is the BJP so keen to keep the data protection bill away from scrutiny?
50 The Daily Fix: As Kashmir gets white list of permitted websites, rest of India should be wary too
51 The Daily Fix: Polluting coal power plants undermine India’s climate change mitigation commitments
52 The Daily Fix: The arrests of well-known activists are a red flag for Indian civil rights
53 The Daily Fix: If Kashmir is normal and people are happy, why aren't phone and net links working?
54 The Daily Fix: The Supreme Court’s Ayodhya judgment places majoritarian might over the law
55 The Daily Fix: Driver's Licenses for Immigrants, CIA Spied on Senators, and Uganda Antigay Law Unconstitutional
56 The Daily Fix: Meghalaya violence is another reminder of the costs of the Citizenship Act
57 The Daily Fix: Chinese Billionaire Serenades Homeless, Chaos Erupts in Iraq, and McDonald's Pays for Gas Leak
58 Daily Fix
59 Daily Fix
60 The Daily Fix: Gujarat must ensure safety of migrants to protect India’s cherished idea of diversity
61 The Daily Fix: Jharkhand scheme for journalists bares BJP’s warped idea of media’s role in India
62 The Daily Fix: To fix its economy, India must first improve citizens’ appalling living standards
63 The Daily Fix: By deporting seven Rohingya men, India commits a grave human rights violation
64 The Daily Fix: VA Investigation Reveals Wrongdoing, Trans in the Spotlight, and Guns, Guns, Guns
65 The Daily Fix: Obama to Hold Meetings on Ferguson Unrest
66 The Daily Fix: Walmart Is Giving Raises, Bay Area Braces for Storm, Detroit Escapes Bankruptcy
67 The Daily Fix: Civil War Vets Showed Signs of PTSD, Obama Struggles to Close Guantánamo, and Officials Monitored Occupy
68 Nintendo's Next-Gen Console May Come in 2023
69 The Daily Fix: Virat Kohli already dazzled in 2016, what could 2017 have in store?
70 The Daily Fix: In Shillong Times case, court is stifling free speech instead of protecting it
71 The Daily Fix: Nagin Gets 10 Years in Prison, People Like Health Care, Beyoncé Helps the Homeless
72 The Daily Fix: Fitness Chain Lives Up to 'No Critics' Slogan With LGBT Advocacy
73 The Daily Fix: The recognition of Hadiya’s marriage should not have been such a hard-won victory
74 The Daily Fix: Friday
75 The Daily Fix: The police needs to show greater transparency in dealing with the Sentinelese
76 The Daily Fix: Red Cross Employees Criticize Its Sandy Response, NASA Shuttle Explodes, and Pope Believes in Evolution
77 The Daily Fix: If the US doesn’t need a GST, why is India so keen on it?
78 The Daily Fix: West Bengal must ensure Gorkha rights even though the agitation has ended
79 The Daily Fix: After Massacre at a Paris Magazine, French Security Forces Kill Gunmen and Free Hostages [UPDATED]
80 The Daily Fix: Gunman Fired on Canadian Parliament, CDC Monitoring Travelers From Africa, and Man Jumped White House Fence
81 The Daily Fix: Robin Williams Dead, Protests in Ferguson, Mo., and Body Cameras for NYC Cops
82 The Daily Fix: Congress in Chhattisgarh must end police impunity in Bastar
83 Introducing Daily Fix: Direct-Injected Car Entertainment for Motor Trend OnDemand
84 The Daily Fix: With his speech, Modi has got everyone discussing the burning issues of our times
85 The Daily Fix: Fast-Food Workers Strike, Albino Cobra Is Loose in L.A., and Tesla Factory Is Coming to Nevada
86 The Daily Fix: Unemployment is India’s biggest crisis. Why isn’t it the focus of the Lok Sabha poll?
87 The Daily Fix: Ban on meat display in South Delhi is more ideological than a public health concern
88 The Daily Fix: The Election Commission must explain mass voter deletions in Telangana
89 The Daily Fix: India faces a serious job crisis. Pakodanomics is not the way to deal with it
90 The Daily Fix: Modi government bid to hide unemployment rate, other key data hurts Indian democracy
91 The Daily Fix: Saturday
92 The Daily Fix: Gay Marriage Tug-of-War Continues, Air Strikes Push Back Islamic State, and NYC Cop Pistol-Whipped Teen
93 The Daily Fix: Why is the government not allowing distressed farmers to even protest peacefully?
94 The Daily Fix: Michigan Floods Kill Two, Police Shoot Another Man in Ferguson, Mo., and Panda Triplets Survive
95 The Daily Fix: A reminder for Indian journalists – stand resolute (don’t ‘crawl when asked to bend’)
96 The Daily Fix: A Decade After Disaster, Tsunami-Hit Nations Remember Past
97 The Daily Fix: Modi's cynical app survey betrays the government's insensitivity on demonetisation
98 The Daily Fix: In disease-ridden Rio, Indians get ready to bring home the Olympic medals
99 The Daily Fix: With apology for ‘Quantico’, Priyanka Chopra is latest victim of flimsy nationalism
100 The Daily Fix: In absence of privacy law, heartening that Bombay HC upholds this fundamental right