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1 Science News Releases
2 New Ways in Which Cancer Cells Escape Damage Revealed
3 National news Round-Up: Capital region postpones over 100,000 cancer screenings
4 Research points towards macropinocytosis as a target for future cancer treatment
5 Culture Round-up: Danish videogame sells 365 million kr worth of digital real estate
6 Killing life at its very source, the horror of testicular cancer
7 The Validity of Danish Prescription Data to Measure Use of Aspirin and | CLEP
8 Cancer Cells Restructure Injured Cell Membranes to Survive; Damaged Parts Are Eaten Afterwards
9 Could Working Outside Help Prevent Breast Cancer? | Health News | US News
10 The Danish Cancer Society Launches Campaign to Fight Sunburn
11 More Research on Potency, Efficacy of TILs Is Needed in Melanoma
12 Protein found to control drivers of normal growth and cancer
13 Study Supports Routine PET-CT Surveillance for Asymptomatic, High-Risk Melanoma
14 Danish Myelodysplastic Syndromes Database
15 DECIDER to improve diagnostics and treatment of ovarian cancer with the help of AI
16 Scientists Simulated a Roller Coaster Ride to Understand What Causes Migraine
17 Postdoc in Nanomedicine and Targeted Vaccine Delivery
18 Why This Anti-Smoking Campaign Is Actually Thanking Smokers
19 Daily fruit consumption may lower type 2 diabetes risk
20 Danish study shows outdoor work reduces risk of breast cancer
21 Look: UAE projects among shortlist for World Architecture Festival 2021
22 What are Signs of Lung Cancer in Women? | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
23 Critiques of Gates Foundation agricultural interventions in Africa
24 Correcting vaccine misinformation is a difficult process, study shows
25 Liquid Biopsy Predicts Colon Cancer Relapse Months Before CT
26 Vatican Hospital makes important breakthrough in cancer research
27 Researchers identify long-sought enzyme that prevents cancer
28 One cup a day of this nutritious food reduces the risk of heart disease, according to a study of 50,000 people
29 Clinical Performance of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Testing versus Cyto | CLEP
30 Cancer risk in individuals with major birth defects: large Nordic population based case-control study among children, adolescents, and adults
31 Noise from wind turbines linked to increased use of sleeping pills, Danish study finds
32 Healthy lifestyle, endoscopic screening, and colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in the United States: A nationwide cohort study
33 Progress in cancer survival, mortality, and incidence in seven high-income countries 1995–2014 (ICBP SURVMARK-2): a population-based study
34 Discover these 7 ancient artefacts at Expo 2020 Dubai
35 Researchers solve 'protein paradox' and suggest way to exploit cancer weakness
36 American Red Cross and American Cancer Society partner to help patients and encourage donors to 'Give Blood to Give Time'
37 Photos: Liwa Oasis and Date Festival
38 Waikato's worrying nitrate levels
39 Circulating tumor DNA predicts relapse risk among patients with colorectal cancer
40 Insulin was discovered 100 years ago – but it took a lot more than one scientific breakthrough to get a diabetes treatment to patients
41 Danish cancer survival among worst in Europe
42 Look: Greece's first underwater museum opens ancient world to dive tourists
43 Urine DNA Test Shows Potential for Early Bladder Cancer Detection, Danish Team Reports at AMP Global
44 Denmark appeals to kindness of foreigners to save its citizens from skin cancer
45 Livsrum
46 Targeted therapies for melanoma | JEP
47 Photos: Iceland, home to world's most expensive feather treasure
48 Denmark still worst country in the Nordics for cancer
49 Colorectal Cancer Patient Spreads the Word to Black Community: Get Screened | Dana-Farber
50 Relay for Life fundraiser set for Friday
51 Low-dose aspirin does not seem to improve survival after prostate cancer diagnosis
52 Morbidity as a Predictor for Participation in the Danish National Mamm | CLEP
53 Association between quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccination and selected syndromes with autonomic dysfunction in Danish females: population based, self-controlled, case series analysis
54 Photos: UAE re-affirms long-standing commitment to end polio in Pakistan
55 Children conceived from frozen embryos at increased risk for certain cancers
56 Calorie labels encourage us to order healthier meals
57 Cancer patients receiving immunotherapy drugs have a higher risk of heart problems
58 Cancer charity seeks help for sunburn-prone Danes abroad
59 How exercise can slow the spread of cancer
60 Population-based targeted sequencing of 54 candidate genes identifies PALB2 as a susceptibility gene for high-grade serous ovarian cancer
61 Air pollution accounts for premature deaths from cardiovascular disease
62 Metastatic breast cancer in bones: Treatments and life expectancy
63 Trends in Hysterectomy Incidence Rates During 2000–2015 in Denma | CLEP
64 Association between low density lipoprotein and all cause and cause specific mortality in Denmark: prospective cohort study
65 Extensive public smoking ban introduced in Aarhus
66 Rheumatoid Arthritis Causes: 9 Risk Factors to Know
67 Machine Learning Predicts Chemo-induced Side Effects in Patients With Testicular Cancer
68 New mechanism controlling brain size discovered
69 Colorectal Cancer in the Black Community: Information to Know | Dana-Farber
70 Vaccine Fake-News Increased Cancer Risks For Women
71 Primary Focal Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer: A Review of the Literature
72 Danish health literacy campaign restores confidence in HPV vaccination
73 Here's How to Think About the Danish Mask Study
74 An old drug for alcoholism finds new life as cancer treatment
75 Why the FDA Recalled Metformin Over a Cancer-Causing Agent
76 Awareness of risk factors for cancer: a comparative study of Sweden and Denmark
77 The Latest Treatment Advances in Ovarian Cancer | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
78 TNF inhibitors do not increase solid cancer risk in PsA
79 Familial Risk and Heritability of Cancer Among Twins
80 Fighting in Ethiopia's Afar forces 54000 people to flee
81 Childhood cancer discovery may stop tumour spread before it starts
82 Use of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) contaminated valsartan products and risk of cancer: Danish nationwide cohort study
83 In Memoriam: Dr. V. Shanta
84 Crowning glory: Why people in their 20s are shaving their heads
85 Cancer incidence in Thyboron-Harboore, Denmark: a cohort study from an industrially contaminated site
86 Artificial Intelligence Detects Lung Cancer Risk
87 New blood test uses DNA 'packaging' patterns to detect multiple cancer types
88 Wholegrains slash risk of death by up to 24%, says UN food branch
89 Studying the Effects of Low-Dose Aspirin on Prostate Cancer Outcomes
90 The Copenhagen Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma database: protocol | CLEP
91 Haj 2021 in pictures: Pilgrims follow COVID protocols at Mount Arafat
92 Skin Cancer Risk With Common Diuretics Confirmed Anew
93 40 Best Horror Movies On Hulu [August 2021]
94 Surgical treatment and survival from colorectal cancer in Denmark, England, Norway, and Sweden: a population-based study
95 Hormonal treatment may trigger depression in men with prostate cancer
96 Validity of data in the Danish Colorectal Cancer Screening Database | CLEP
97 National Round-Up: Tobacco giant hopes to smoke competition in price war
98 How cancer could be treated with an old alcoholism drug
99 Health care use before a diagnosis of primary intracranial tumor: a Da | CLEP
100 Popular blood pressure medicine linked with increased risk of skin cancer