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1 Denmark records drop in foodborne outbreaks
2 The nuts and bolts of factoring CO₂ emissions into Danish diets: 'We saw a unique opportunity for human and planetary health'
3 Danish mink mutation 'could have affected vaccine effectiveness': study
4 Denmark to toughen Salmonella Dublin rules
5 Deaths reported as Danish Salmonella outbreak grows
6 Coronavirus: Denmark shaken by cull of millions of mink
7 Denmark announces cull of 15 million mink over Covid mutation fears
8 Herbal medicine linked to Danish Salmonella outbreak
9 Denmark culls 25,000 chickens after finding bird flu on farm
10 Fresh mint linked to Danish Shigella outbreak
11 COVID-19: Culled mink resurface after burial in Denmark
12 Denmark traces suspected source of botulism cases
13 Germany and Denmark record low pesticide residue findings on food
14 Salmonella sickens 14 in Sweden; 40 sick in Danish outbreak
15 Denmark Introduces Year-Long Ban on Mink Farming After Cull
16 Denmark culling minks in attempt to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 variant
17 Animal Health and Welfare: What role for Animal Nutrition?
18 Danish hatchery reports outbreak of infectious fish disease
19 Denmark Recommends Carbon-Friendly Foods In New Dietary Guidelines
20 Denmark drops plans for mass mink cull after Covid mutation fears
21 Danish official dietary guidelines include C02 emissions for first time
22 Danish government gets majority to back plan to cull minks
23 Virus forces culling of 2.5 million minks
24 Campylobacter increase continues in Denmark
25 Escaped mink could spread the coronavirus to wild animals
26 WGS project on Campylobacter gives insights in Denmark
27 Denmark investigates botulism outbreak
28 Clampdown on online COVID-19 food claims continues in Europe
29 Denmark links deadly salmonella outbreak to herbal products
30 Danish officials search for source of Campylobacter outbreak
31 Denmark Races to Dig Up the Millions of Dead Mink It Just Killed
32 Mink at Danish farm to be culled after catching coronavirus
33 Today in Denmark: A round-up of the latest news on Thursday
34 Monitoring of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection in mustelids
35 Today in Denmark: A round-up of the latest news on Monday
36 Denmark's salmonella outbreak linked to herbal products
37 Mink buried in mass graves may have contaminated groundwater in Denmark
38 Long-term Listeria outbreak solved in Denmark
39 Denmark’s mink farmers count cost of botched cull
40 Caviar alternative linked to botulism outbreak in Denmark
41 Decomposing mink in Denmark 'may have contaminated groundwater'
42 Campylobacter outbreak from chicken continues in Denmark
43 Weekly poultry outlook: bird flu continues to rage through Europe and US rethinks its China strategy
44 New York Police Need Help Finding Missing Hudson Valley Child
45 More than 1 million mink will be killed to help contain a series of Covid-19 outbreaks on Danish farms
46 Denmark to ban fluoride in food packaging
47 New Hartford Hockey Pro Slashes NHL Dreams for Hometown Career
48 Weekly poultry digest: bird flu outbreaks continue in Europe
49 2020 Global Cannabis Guide Chapters
50 No food safety deficiencies found in Denmark's pork exports to the United States
51 'Need for greater focus on fish and legumes in food at day-care institutions': Danish study
52 Denmark Strives to Ban Harmful Chemicals in Food Packaging
53 Danish officials halt production at store linked to Listeria infections
54 Missing Maine Woman's Body Found Miles Offshore
55 Some mink culled over COVID-19 fears in Denmark are resurfacing from graves due to gas build-up
56 'Denmark can take the lead in global food challenges': MFVM details investment programme
57 Morning Briefing for Wednesday, July 7, 2021
58 Red kidney beans linked to poisoning cases in Denmark
59 Denmark investigates rise in Salmonella positive chicken flocks
60 Denmark to kill over 1 million mink to check Covid-19 spread
61 Denmark and Sweden hit by norovirus in oysters
62 Danish Food Authority moves fast after export irregularities to China
63 Campylobacter infections at record high in Denmark
64 Denmark just became the first country to ban PFAS 'forever chemicals' from food packaging
65 Homemade food responsible for botulism outbreak in Denmark
66 Denmark probes pork link in Salmonella outbreak; strain is antibiotic resistant
67 Murder hornets, infected mink, curious penguins: Times this year when nature was truly 2020
68 Denmark E. coli outbreak declared over; Salmonella investigation continues
69 Retailers recall cold-smoked fish described as 'exact' cause of outbreak
70 Detected Salmonella outbreaks double in Denmark
71 It's a Strange Day as I Do The Moose Morning Show Alone
72 Danish botulism outbreak traced to homemade savory jelly
73 No end to avian flu in sight for north, central European poultry
74 Denmark hit by E. coli O157 outbreak with 10 ill
75 List of Strategic Sector Cooperation projects
76 Baseball HOF Hits Grand Slam With Book Of Historic Photos
77 In Denmark, Fortified Food Is Viewed With Suspicion
78 Denmark lowers indicative levels for acrylamide
79 Coronavirus in Illinois updates: Here’s what happened Nov. 26-29 with COVID-19 in the Chicago area
80 Denmark and Sweden investigating Yersinia outbreak
81 Bird flu discovered in Denmark
82 Raucous farewell to Maradona | News, Sports, Jobs
83 Campylobacter is top cause of foodborne illness in Denmark
84 Egg scandal: 20 tonnes sold in Denmark, food agency says
85 WIBX 950 Open Letter to Rep. Tenney: Are You Sure About This Vote?
86 What the mink COVID-19 outbreaks taught us about pandemics
87 'Help to avoid food waste in the sharing economy': Denmark relaxes rules on individuals selling food
88 Bech-Bruun examines Danish food labelling requirements
89 US and EU Veterinary Medical Device Regulation
90 Dreaded fish disease stamped out in Denmark
91 National Round-Up: Four infected with a rare tick-borne virus, SSI warns
92 An experimental gene therapy was little Alissa's only hope. Now, instead of certain death, she faces an uncertain future.
93 Adulterated olive oil turns up in Denmark after Greek operation
94 Campylobacter cause of most foodborne infections in Denmark
95 Denmark's Tænk slams producers for misleading labels
96 Coronavirus could drive the last nail into the mink fur trade
97 Bulgaria, Italy, Ukraine report first avian flu virus detection
98 Denmark orders mink cull over COVID-19 mutation
99 Danish Food Agency increases iodine in salt to combat rising deficiency
100 France confirms first avian flu outbreak in poultry