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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 New, almost non-destructive archaeogenetic sampling method developed EurekAlert 7 months ago
2 Ten millennia of hepatitis B virus evolution described: A new study traces the evolution of the hepatitis B virus from prehistory to the present, revealing dissemination routes and changes in viral diversity Science Daily 2 months ago
3 Reply to Ben-Dor et al.: Oral bacteria of Neanderthals and modern humans exhibit evidence of starch adaptation 3 months ago
4 A High-Profile Demotion | Genomeweb GenomeWeb 1 month ago
5 International Study into Ancient Poop Yields Insight into the Human Microbiome, May Produce Useful Insights for Microbiologists 6 months ago
6 Human Teeth Hold the Secrets of Ancient Plagues The Atlantic 7 months ago
7 Ancient DNA analysis reveals Asian migration and plague Science Daily 11 months ago
8 Gene sequencing of human remains reveals ancient migration in Europe unknown till now WION 8 months ago
9 Ancient genomes trace the origin and decline of the Scythians Science Daily 8 months ago
10 Genome of a middle Holocene hunter-gatherer from Wallacea 3 months ago
11 Reconstructing genetic histories and social organisation in Neolithic and Bronze Age Croatia | Scientific Reports 4 months ago
12 Dairying enabled Early Bronze Age Yamnaya steppe expansions 3 months ago
13 Turmeric and Other Exotic Foods Reveal Contacts between Near East and South Asia 3000 Years Ago 11 months ago
14 Genetic research offers insight into rise of first cities Harvard Gazette 2 years ago
15 Study highlights the epigenetics of life at high altitudes 10 months ago
16 Human mobility and Western Asia's early state-level societies EurekAlert 2 years ago
17 The evolution and changing ecology of the African hominid oral microbiome 7 months ago
18 Altai Pastoralism Project funded by National Geographic Society and Wenner-Gren Foundation EurekAlert 1 year ago
19 Analysis of Ancient DNA Reveals Brutal Politics of Medieval Spain Technology Networks 2 months ago