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1 Randall McEntaffer named head of Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics | Penn State University
2 Scientists capture most-detailed radio image of Andromeda galaxy to date: Disk of galaxy identified as region where new stars are born
3 Sardinia Telescope Captures Most Detailed Radio Image Ever Seen of Andromeda Galaxy | Astronomy
4 The Most-detailed Radio Image Of Andromeda Galaxy To Date
5 Scientist Brian Nord receives DOE award to accelerate AI use in cosmology
6 Five MIT School of Science professors receive tenure for 2021
7 Astronomers make first clear detection of a moon-forming disc around an exoplanet
8 Making sense of the cosmos : UNM Newsroom
9 Indian Astronomers Part of Team to Spot Historic Gamma-Ray Burst Caused by Death of Massive Star | The Weather Channel
10 Got 'Em! An Eccentric, Long-Period Giant Sheds Light on Planet Migration
11 Red Giants and Neutron Stars and Gravitational Waves, Oh My!
12 UI Ph.D student is awarded a NASA research grant
13 Indian astronomers with other scientists spot unique Gamma-ray burst
14 Queer Astronomy, Part 2: Building a more inclusive community
15 Astronomical contributions earn SUNY Oswego physics professor Chancellor's Award
16 Astronomers show how planets form in binary systems without getting crushed
17 Mallory Molina awarded Ford Fellowship for astrophysics research, diversity efforts
18 International study offers new insights into star formation in the Milky Way
19 How Planets Form In Binary Systems Without Getting Crushed
20 Harvard-led team to search cosmos for extraterrestrial space tech and UFOs
21 NASA investigates renaming James Webb telescope after anti-LGBT+ claims
22 NCSA Supports Virtual Girls' Astronomy Summer Camp Run by UofI
23 Here's how artificial intelligence helping astronomers learn about the universe
24 Newly Discovered Merging Binary System Shines Light on Interstellar Explosions | Texas Tech Today | TTU
25 Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Jack Szostak to join University of Chicago faculty
26 Spotlight On Indian Institute Of Astrophysics In Film By Vigyan Prasar To Mark 50 Years Of DST, IIA
27 Meet the Hyderabad students who bagged top honours at this int'l astronomy challenge
28 As Vaccination Rates Lag, Delta Variant Presents New Challenges
29 NASA's Kepler Space Telecope Spots Planet Formation in Binary Systems [RESEARCH]
30 Astronomers victimized colleagues — and put historic Swedish department in turmoil
31 Four UChicago scientists awarded Early Career Awards from Department of Energy
32 Thanks to a gravitational trick, astronomers observed light from behind a black hole
33 Massive Stellar Explosion Illuminates Thousand-Year-Old Astronomical Mystery
34 New X-ray map reveals growing supermassive black holes in next-gen survey fields | Penn State University
35 Peter O. Vandervoort, astrophysicist and beloved UChicago mentor, 1935-2020
36 Tragic Teardrop Star Reveals Hidden Supernova Doom
37 Roger Hildebrand, Manhattan Project veteran and 'giant' of physics and astrophysics, 1922-2021
38 20 trailblazing women in astronomy and astrophysics
39 University Holds Physics Summer Camp | Royal News: July 26 2021
40 With nearly $2 million in support, U of T astronomer to upgrade telescope in hunt for dark matter
41 Homebound astrophysicists miss mountaintops | symmetry magazine
42 Two UCSC astronomers elected Fellows of the American Astronomical Society
43 Search for 'dark energy' could illuminate origin, evolution, fate of universe | Penn State University
44 Elusive mergers of black holes with neutron stars confirmed for first time | Penn State University
45 UW astronomer redefines the scientific hero as part of The Great Courses
46 A UChicago astronomer's decades-long quest to map millions of stars
47 New faculty rejuvenate Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics
48 University of Chicago obituaries
49 Do supermassive black holes merge to form binary systems? | Penn State University
50 The Search for Alien Artifacts Begins
51 A breakthrough astrophysics code rapidly models stellar collisions
52 Fermilab scientist Josh Frieman awarded American Astronomical Society Fellowship
53 Stars can experience midlife crisis: Study by Indian, Nepalese astrophysicists explain why
54 Artificial Intelligence learns better when distracted
55 UCSC's Osterbrock Leadership Program goes national
56 Fundamental relations for the velocity dispersion of stars in the Milky Way
57 UChicago undergrads discover bright lensed galaxy in the early universe
58 Scientists use artificial intelligence to detect gravitational waves
59 Exploring the universe: Texas Tech astrophysicist receives share of grant for gravitational wave research
60 A minute with Aleksandra Ćiprijanović, astrophysicist
61 Hayes, Lunine to chair Planetary Science 10-year survey panels | Cornell Chronicle
62 Professor Emeritus Gordon Pettengill, radio astronomy pioneer, dies at 95
63 UChicago now offers major in astrophysics
64 Scientists confirm third-nearest star with a planet—and it's rocky like Earth
65 Three Penn State faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences
66 Antarctic balloon mission chosen for NASA Pioneers program | Penn State University
67 Dark Energy Survey makes public catalog of nearly 700 million astronomical objects | Penn Today
68 Alumnus' gift benefits teaching and research in School of Engineering, Physics and Astronomy
69 AAS Names New NASA-Affiliated Fellows, Legacy Fellows
70 OHIO physicists are getting even closer to the Big Bang, thanks to a new way to examine light from the past
71 Claire Max to retire as director of UC Observatories
72 Rachael Roettenbacher named 51 Pegasi b Fellow
73 Barnstable High grad overcomes challenges to become top astronomer
74 Study warns of 'oxygen false positives' in search for signs of life on other planets
75 Giant comet found in outer solar system | Penn Today (
76 New Map of Local Dark Matter Reveals 'Bridges' between Galaxies | Astronomy
77 Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment survey begins full operations | Penn State University
78 Science News Releases
79 Space Tech Industry Day a convergence of research, business | Cornell Chronicle
80 Astronomers document the rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance
81 Astronomers Find Warm Jupiter Orbiting Cool Red Dwarf | Astronomy
82 CHEOPS finds unique planetary system
83 Astronomers Confirm Third-Nearest Star With a Planet – And It's Rocky Like Earth
84 SM Chitre, Mumbai astrophysicist and Stephen Hawking’s friend, dies at 84
85 Postdoc receives NASA Hubble Fellowship to study exoplanets | Cornell Chronicle
86 Why does Jeff Bezos’s rocket look like that? An inquiry
87 AstroFest set for four-night run July 10-13 | Penn State University
88 Astrophysics & Astronomy Majors
89 Canadian telescope detects 500 fast radio bursts in a year, quadrupling number of known FRBs
90 Verifying the Universe with Exascale Supercomputers
91 Making space commonplace: U of T startup works with NASA on low-cost exoplanet research
92 Report: Paul Hertz to Step Down as NASA's Astrophysics Lead, Transition to New Role
93 Stuart Bowyer, pioneer of EUV astronomy and SETI, dies at 86
94 From Yangtze to Mars: The Fiery History of China’s Space Program
95 GALAH+ survey: Third data release | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
96 Physicists win NASA funding to upgrade astronomical space telescopes
97 'Something went wrong.' Some astronomers feel left out of European road map
98 Ancient light illuminates matter that fuels galaxy formation | Cornell Chronicle
99 BRICS Astronomy Working Group moots networking of existing telescopes
100 Astronomers Estimate Spin of Supermassive Black Hole in the Milky Way | News