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1 Allegra Chen-Carrel Explores How Groups Can Co-Exist Peacefully
2 Meet the Inaugural Cohort of the Earth Institute Summer Intern Program
3 Fall 2021 Internship Opportunities
4 Youth Learn Important Leadership Lessons in Earth Institute Pre-College Program
5 How Biden Could Restore Cooperation Between the U.S. and the World
6 Earth Networks Now Accepting Proposals
7 Fall 2021 Internship Opportunity with the Center for Climate Systems Research
8 Summer 2021 Earth Institute Internships
9 Staff Spotlight: David Phelan, Business Manager
10 Earth Institute Postdoctoral Research Program Now Accepting Applications for 2022
11 The Sources and Uses of Climate Finance
12 The Columbia Climate School's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Bias
13 Meet Julie Souza From Columbia Climate School's Inaugural Class
14 Student Spotlight: Christina Lampert
15 RSVP for the Spring 2021 Earth Institute Research Showcase
16 John Furlow Named Director of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society
17 Earth Month Activities at the Columbia Climate School
18 Climate School Math Tutor Opportunity
19 Columbia Climate School Goes to the Green Mountains
20 How Universities Can Support Interdisciplinary Careers for Climate and Sustainability Progress
21 Staff Spotlight: Chandler Precht, Program Manager
22 Can We Escape the Vortex of Polarization?
23 More Carbon Emissions Will Kill More People. Here's How Many.
24 COP26: Resources for Journalists
25 Climate Week at the Columbia Climate School
26 New Instructors for Sustainability Management
27 Columbia Climate School Welcomes First Class of Students
28 Internships with Interdisciplinary Networks
29 Meet Sophie Johnson From Columbia Climate School's Inaugural Class
30 Alumni Spotlight: Sharelle Pampo Copple
31 Staff Spotlight: Judy Jamal, Coordinator in the Earth Institute Director's Office
32 Exposure to Deadly Urban Heat Worldwide Has Tripled in Recent Decades, Says Study
33 New Remote Summer 2021 Internship at Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment
34 Warfare, Not Climate, Is Driving Resurgent Hunger in Africa, Says Study
35 Alumni Spotlight: Julia Koppman Norton, District Supervisor at California Coastal Commission
36 Staff Spotlight: Elisabeth Sydor, Communications Coordinator
37 Columbia Climate School Named University Partner for Climate Week NYC 2021
38 A Learner's Takeaways From the Earth Institute's Professional Learning Program
39 What Is the MS in Sustainability Science Program?
40 Announcing the Leadership of the Columbia Climate School
41 Meet Celena Wasserstrom From Columbia Climate School's Inaugural Class
42 Participatory Practices for Sustaining Everyday Peace
43 Pod of the Planet Episode 16: World Oceans Day 2021
44 Leaving No One Behind? How Development Finance Can Better Reduce Poverty
45 Columbia to Launch $25 Million AI-Based Climate Modeling Center
46 A Progress Report on the Sustaining Peace Project
47 What Does the Changing Climate Mean for Food Security?
48 Earth Networks Take Interdisciplinary Work to the Next Level
49 Whole-Earth Systems Initiative Is Needed, Says Report to National Science Foundation
50 What is Water: A Child's Perspective
51 8 Meaningful Actions You Can Take This Earth Day
52 Meet Pucheng Xuan From Columbia Climate School's Inaugural Class
53 Hidden Within African Diamonds, a Billion-Plus Years of Deep-Earth History
54 A New Center Will Study Ocean Chemical-Microbe Networks and Climate Change
55 Staff Spotlight: Marian Mellin, Development Associate at Lamont-Doherty
56 Does Climate Urgency Lead to Climate Action?
57 Tree Dance
58 Reburying the Dead in Mississippi
59 Arctic Sea Ice May Make a Last Stand in This Remote Region. It May Lose the Battle.
60 A New Dataset Could Aid Climate Justice Research
61 Recap of Climate Week NYC 2021 at Columbia
62 You Asked: What's the Best Way To Talk About Climate Change?
63 Spring 2021 Earth Institute Internships
64 Columbia Pledges That All Future Campus Construction Will Be Fossil Free
65 Event will Discuss Intersectional World-building in Climate Fiction
66 The Necessity of In-Person Education
67 Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Braverman, Energy Aficionado and Recent Graduate
68 No Longer Just 'Girl Talk'
69 Alumni Spotlight: Mahak Agrawal
70 What to Expect From the COP26 Meeting
71 Evan Lim, Author at State of the Planet
72 Exxon Beware
73 Alumni Spotlight: Professor Kimberly Oremus
74 Sustainable Development Seeks Teaching Assistants for Spring 2022
75 Sidney Hemming, Paleoclimate Detective, Wins Guggenheim Fellowship
76 New Climate Migration Modelling Puts a Human Face on Climate Impacts
77 The Growing Momentum Behind Going Back to the Office
78 Columbia World Projects Issues New Report on Carbon Capture and Storage
79 One in Three Americans Contracted COVID-19 in 2020, Says Study
80 All-ABOARD: Changing Minds and Hearts at Sea
81 Hurricane Ida: Resources for Journalists
82 Populations Exposed to Flooding Growing Much Faster Than Thought, Says Study
83 Staff Member Spotlight: Linette Sandoval-Rzepka
84 Tackling a 40 Million-Year-Old Conundrum
85 Food Systems Offer Huge Opportunities to Cut Emissions, Study Finds
86 Artist Maya Lin Presents Major New Works Addressing Climate Change
87 Scientists and Native People Jointly Study Sea-Ice Declines Threatening Seal Hunts
88 Climate Week at the Earth Institute
89 Introducing The Big Switch, A New Podcast From the Center on Global Energy Policy
90 Join Us for the NY-NJ Climate Education Youth Summit
91 Staff Member Spotlight: Hannah Adrienne Sweets, Data Manager
92 Call for Proposals for Earth Institute Sustainability Primers
93 Governing New York City
94 Alumni Spotlight: Aiyana Bodi, Intersectional Environmentalist and Innovative Thinker
95 A Brief History of Ocean Research at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Past and Present
96 Alumni Spotlight: Sustainability Management Alumnus, Mark Wolf
97 How to Defend Yourself and Others Against Online Attacks
98 News updates from November 8: Alphabet market cap tops $2tn, Fed governor Randal Quarles to step down, Germany reports highest ever rate of Covid cases
99 UK national report, pursuant to actions 5, 20 and 21 of the Treaty on the NPT review conference 2010 for the 10th NPT review conference
100 Q&A: What's math got to do with peace?