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1 Frank Manzo: Report finds wage law repeal failed to save money
2 The pandemic could be leading to a golden age for unions
3 Workers are fed up. But is this really #Striketober?
4 Manchin Plan to Gut Biden Agenda Would Support 2 Million Fewer Jobs Per Year
5 The Job Slowdown: Get Vaccinated, And Support Economic Stimulus
6 Striketober: American workers take to the picket lines
7 Ohio's Job Market Continues to Slowly Strengthen
8 How the gender wage gap has changed over the last 40 years
9 Reimagining Revenue: How Georgia's Tax Code Contributes to Racial and Economic Inequality
10 The climate policies tucked into Congress’ budget package are signals to investors
11 Fed should keep labor markets tight for a more inclusive economy
12 OPINION: It's time Latina women get equal pay
13 Wages and Benefits for Union Construction Apprenticeships Rival Bachelor's Degrees, Study Shows
14 This Is the Most In-Demand Job in America
15 Study: Union apprenticeships in Wisconsin rival bachelor's degrees on key economic and diversity metrics
16 “Great Resignation” Continues with Record Numbers
17 Economic Policy Institute Names Economist Heidi Shierholz Its Next President
18 Wealth tax on table as Democrats fight to salvage Biden spending plan
19 U.S. Labor Unions Are Having a Moment
20 A record 4.3 million workers quit their jobs in August, led by food and retail industries
21 What Will It Take for Electric Vehicles to Create Jobs, Not Cut Them?
22 Striketober: Workers' anger snows US, demonstrating its irreversible decline
23 Amendment 1 would give Illinois government union bosses nation's most extreme powers
24 Joe Manchin Is the One with an "Entitlement Mentality"
25 Opinion: Should the US Adopt a 4-Day Workweek? | US News Opinion
26 Why low income workers in the South can't afford to get sick
27 Ponnuru: Tariffs on China are destructive, but policy won't change | Opinion
28 Federal Unemployment Benefits Are Gone. Businesses Still Say They Can't Find Workers.
29 Opinion: Investing in Iowa’s workers fuels infrastructure opportunities for businesses
30 Opinion | Biden wants you to believe shortages and inflation are another 'extraordinary success'
31 Opinion | Abolish the Debt Ceiling. Do It Now
32 Equilibrium/Sustainability — Presented by Southern Company — Ivory poaching changes evolution of elephants | TheHill
33 How the Government Can End Poverty for Native American Women
34 Latina Equal Pay Day spotlights the steepest wage gap — and how the pandemic has made things worse
35 Four-day work week gaining traction in the workplace
36 Long-term unemployment a challenge for women over 40
37 For the $10 Billion It Gave Shareholders, John Deere Could Have Given Each Worker $142000
38 Data reveal a big error in how NC has pursued economic recovery from the COVID-19 recession | The Pulse
39 Female employees benefit from a rising minimum wage, research shows
40 Facebook paying fine to settle U.S. suit on discrimination
41 Shierholz takes over at Economic Policy Institute
42 34% of restaurant workers experienced more wage theft in 2021, OFW reports
43 Sri Lanka's rising food prices belies deeper economic issues
44 Child care can cost as much as college. How do Tarrant County families deal with this?
45 Child care costs more than college in Washington. Democrats in Congress want to change that.
46 More than half of Utahs households unable to afford median home price report shows
47 George Washington Forum to host lecture on 'COVID-19: Vaccines, Focused Protection and Public Policy'
48 Are Your Healthcare Benefits Contributing to the Labor Shortage?
49 Proposal for new institute on study of race, ethnicity and society
50 Democrats' Plan Takes Gender-Neutral Approach to Family Policies
51 Dual Enrollment in California
52 Progressives are pushing for passage of a massive budget plan in Congress. Massachusetts' astronomical child care costs help explain why
53 GOP governors tout lower unemployment rates under Biden
54 Democratic lawmakers introduce bill to reform private equity industry
55 Fact-checking Joe Biden at CNN’s town hall
56 Fed’s optimism about economy is balanced by delta variant and slow job growth
57 Guest view: In favor of tax fairness, and the American Families Plan budget
58 The Bunk of Generational Talk
59 Child Care Costs More Than College in Washington; Democrats in Congress Want to Change That
60 Newsom Signs Bill by Lorena Gonzalez That May Jail Employers for Wage Theft
61 What’s “in the Damn Bill” for Families? Bernie Sanders Wants You to Know.
62 Policy Brief: Dual Enrollment in California
63 Why lawmakers are fighting over the debt ceiling — again
64 149 House Republicans vote against protections for breastfeeding at work
65 Three reasons why childcare costs may be so high
66 On child care and early ed, go bold
67 'A consistent, predictable and productive place to be': Business expert declares Utah a 'safe harbor'
68 Why fossil fuel subsidies are so hard to kill
69 Groundbreaking Economic Policy Institute Study Finds That Section 232 Aluminum Tariffs Created Thousands of New American Jobs
70 These Massachusetts communities named among the best small cities in America, according to WalletHub
71 Survey finds Nebraskans concerned about child care costs, paid leave policies
72 Federal Trade Commission Will Likely Not Be Able to Implement Competition Rules, Panelists Say
73 Remember, Democrats: Business isn't the enemy | TheHill
74 How Workers at Beverage Giant Refresco Defeated a “Notorious” Union Buster
75 Opinion: Tax fairness
76 Rescheduled: Economic Policy Institute White Paper Launch on Section 232 Aluminum Tariffs: A Virtual Discussion
77 America needs a climate plan compromise | TheHill
78 Middle-Class Pay Lost Pace. Is Washington to Blame?
79 Targeted K–12 Funding and Student Outcomes
80 Zions Bank president elected to lead American Bankers Association
81 The political peril that Biden didn't see coming
82 Earn While You Learn
83 Fed tightens stock trading, investment rules
84 Deere Walkout Leaves 10000 Off Job as U.S. Labor Tumult Spreads
85 Page A4 | Lincoln Journal Star e-Edition, a digital replica of the newspaper
86 Ken Griffin knocks Pritzker — and Trump
87 Child care is costly everywhere. But in Massachusetts, it's 'particularly bad.' Here's why
88 California oil spill exemplifies the demand for a drilling ban
89 Biden Scales Back His Agenda in Hopes of Bringing Moderates Onboard
90 Rewriting the fiscal rules
91 The essential remedy for decades of tea party and Trumpist neglect
92 Raising the Minimum Wage Would Boost an Economic Recovery—and Reduce Taxpayer Subsidization of Low-Wage Work
93 Climate Disclosure Standards
94 Debut Episode of Economic Policy Institute's Podcast Tackles Racial Wealth Gap
95 What a parent-friendly workplace looks like | Lifestyles |
96 Expectations data indicate the US is entering recession about now | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
97 The Stock Market Drop Seems Over. How It Could Still Tumble 10%.
98 How Weak Safety Net Policies Exacerbate Regional and Racial Inequality
99 Opinion | Republicans, Don’t Ignore the Evidence on ‘Labor Shortages’
100 Business Capital Spending In The 2022 Economic Forecast