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1 Chart Detail 1 day ago
2 Economics is USDA's Helping Science 1 day ago
3 International Food Acquisition Research and Methods (iFARM) Workshop 14 days ago
4 Webinar: Rural America at a Glance, 2021 Edition 14 days ago
5 Most U.S. counties exempt groceries from sales taxes 22 days ago
6 USDA predicts record $175.5 billion in ag exports for 2022 Michigan Farm News 1 day ago
7 What can economic research tell us about the effect of abortion access on women’s lives? Brookings Institution 2 days ago
8 The Biden administration must restore funding to the Cooperative Extension Services Massive Science 23 days ago
9 Economic Research: Asia-Pacific: Ghosts Of COVID Past Hover Over 2022 S&P Global 2 days ago
10 India-US Agree to Expand Trade and USDA Cuts Farm Export Forecast AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST 10 hours ago
11 Thomas Worth 5 months ago
12 Maria Bukowski 1 month ago
13 USDA: Family Farm Households Received an Estimated $2167 From Economic Impact Payments in 2020 Hoosier Ag Today 21 days ago
14 Dylan Turner 5 months ago
15 Wilma V. Davis 13 days ago
16 D. Adeline Yeh 15 days ago
17 Danielle Ufer 6 months ago
18 Vidalina Abadam 1 month ago
19 LaPorchia Collins 4 months ago
20 Anne Byrne 5 months ago
21 Despite holding little US land, China remains focus of foreign ownership discussion Agri-Pulse 1 day ago
22 Reem Hashad 1 month ago
23 2022 Economy: Overview and Forecast News 1 day ago
24 Aaron Ates 5 months ago
25 Hutchins joins ISA, ICMC research team – AgriNews Agri-News 3 days ago
26 The Science Behind Your Traditional Holiday Meal | National Institute of Food and Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture 9 days ago
27 Impact of USDA's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) on Rural and Urban Economies in the Aftermath of the Great Recession 2 months ago
28 Rural Economy 3 months ago
29 Agricultural Economy 3 months ago
30 Guijing Wang 8 months ago
31 Angelica Williams 4 months ago
32 Ethan Sabala 4 months ago
33 Policy pennings: Food assistance programs feed the hungry but also boost rural and urban economies Farm Forum 21 days ago
34 Food, Nutrition, and Food Safety 3 months ago
35 Krishna P. Paudel 8 months ago
36 A Look at USDA, Economic Research Service's Commodity Costs and Returns Data Product 12 months ago
37 Michael Johnson 8 months ago
38 Examining the Growth in Seasonal Agricultural H-2A Labor 4 months ago
39 Recent USDA Executive Dr. Scott Hutchins Joins Indiana Corn and Soybean Research Team Hoosier Ag Today 1 month ago
40 Angel Teran 10 months ago
41 Francis Tsiboe 24 days ago
42 COVID-19 Working Paper: Financial Assistance for Farm Operations and Farm Households in the Face of COVID-19 4 months ago
43 Fengxia Dong 4 months ago
44 Clark Lundberg 7 months ago
45 Saleem Shaik 10 months ago
46 Fighting for food security: CLK Council of Churches Food Pantry accepts Pat's donation Daily Mining Gazette 9 days ago
47 SNAP’s Role in Improving Health and Lowering Medicaid Costs JD Supra 3 days ago
48 Twenty Five Years of Food Security Measurement: Extramural Research Grants 5 months ago
49 Snacks of the Season: Apples, Spice & 'NatureSeal' Nice 22 days ago
50 The Food and Nutrition Assistance Landscape: Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report 3 months ago
51 Paneer is surging in popularity, thanks to interest in vegetarian and keto diets 2 days ago
52 Saving the planet by saving the soil: Can cover crops fulfill their promise? Agri-Pulse 3 days ago
53 Xiao Dong 2 months ago
54 Agricultural Outlook Forum 10 months ago
55 Brent Hueth 12 months ago
56 Engagement, Research And Policy: Integrating Indigenous Voices Into Economic Inclusion At The Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Governor Michelle W. Bowman, At Virtual Symposium On Indigenous Economies: Bank Of Canada, Tulo Centre Of Indigenou Exchange News Direct 3 days ago
57 Stephen Morgan 10 months ago
58 New research takes aim at devastating citrus greening AgriLife Today 2 days ago
59 Food and Consumers 1 month ago
60 Weekly Retail Food Sales 2 months ago
61 Economic and Food Security Impacts of Agricultural Input Reduction Under the European Union Green Deal's Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategies 1 year ago
62 Editors' Pick: Charts of Note 2020 12 months ago
63 Clayton Michaud 11 months ago
64 2021 Farm Sector Income Forecast, September • Farm Policy News Farmdoc Daily 3 months ago
65 Reforming Market Access in Agricultural Trade: Tariff Removal and the Trade Facilitation Agreement 8 months ago
66 ORED Conversation with Julie Jordan, MSU Vice President for Research and Economic Development Mississippi State Newsroom 24 hours ago
67 The Treaties Explorer: New Data for Better Negotiation World Bank Group 17 hours ago
68 Why Central Bank Digital Currencies? Liberty Street Economics 1 day ago
69 COVID-19 Working Paper: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer Redemptions during the Coronavirus Pandemic 8 months ago
70 The US crackdown on Chinese economic espionage is a mess. We have the data to show it. MIT Technology Review 5 hours ago
71 Nutrition Security Research Resources 1 month ago
72 Shida Rastegari Henneberry 12 months ago
73 Mexico GDP Drops Below Preliminary Reading on Covid Resurgence Bloomberg 7 days ago
74 Stock Markets, Oil and OPEC Meeting: Live Business News The New York Times 8 hours ago
75 Why isn’t California’s economy adding jobs faster? CALmatters 4 hours ago
76 Southeastern Grocers Spreads the Spirit of Giving with Feeding America® Partnership Galveston County Daily News 1 day ago
77 Quinton Baker 11 months ago
78 Publications 1 year ago
79 Agricultural Economist 1 year ago
80 COVID-19 Working Paper: Filling the Pandemic Meal Gap: Disruptions to Child Nutrition Programs and Expansion of Free Meal Sites in the Early Months of the Pandemic 2 months ago
81 Webinar: Honey Bees on the Move: From Pollination to Honey Production and Back 5 months ago
82 Ronald Lord 1 year ago
83 Jeremy Jelliffe 9 months ago
84 Spiro Stefanou 1 year ago
85 Yacob Abrehe Zereyesus 9 months ago
86 Idaho Net Farm Income AG INFORMATION NETWORK OF THE WEST 10 hours ago
87 COVID-19 Working Paper: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Food Security in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Review of the Emerging Microeconomic Literature 1 month ago
88 SenseTime Expands Presence in Macau to Support City's Economic Diversification Yahoo Finance 6 hours ago
89 Drought in the Western United States 28 days ago
90 Data Products 5 years ago
91 Hainan’s Sanya creates economic research institute TASS 24 days ago
92 Transportation Leader Slot Up For Grabs as DeFazio Retires (1) | Bloomberg Government Bloomberg Government 18 hours ago
93 Almost 50% of US states lost rural population from 2010 to 2020 Drgnews 13 days ago
94 Michele Esch 1 year ago
95 Andrew Sowell 1 year ago
96 Brian D. Adam 9 months ago
97 Farm Real Estate Values Jump Sharply Higher AgNet West 2 days ago
98 After the relocation gutted their workforces, USDA research agencies struggle to rebuild Federal News Network 10 months ago
99 Jim Staiert 1 year ago
100 Brian Williams 8 months ago