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1 The Event Horizon Telescope Zooms in on Another Supermassive Black Hole
2 Event Horizon Telescope Pinpoints Heart of the Nearest Radio Galaxy
3 Event Horizon Telescope captures birth of black hole jet in Centaurus A
4 Event Horizon Telescope Spots Swirling Jets of Blackhole in Nearby Galaxy
5 Event Horizon Telescope Pinpoints Nearest Radio Galaxy
6 A telescope watches as a black hole spews stuff into space
7 The Inside Story of the First Picture of a Black Hole
8 EHT Pinpoints Dark Heart of the Nearest Radio Galaxy
9 How an Earth-Sized Telescope Images Supermassive Black Holes
10 Historic Image Of Black Hole In Polarized Light From Event Horizon Telescope
11 How to Safely Jump Into a Black Hole
12 JPL News: Black Hole Image Makes History
13 Astronomers Have Captured the Most Detailed Photo of a Black Hole Ever—See the Magnetic Fields That Power It Here
14 Science News Releases
15 New black hole images contain clues to cosmic mysteries
16 Scientists Say They've Captured Image Of Massive Black Hole 'Jet'
17 Black hole visionaries push the boundaries of knowledge in a new film
18 New analysis of black hole reveals a wobbling shadow
19 A colorful image of a black hole
20 Event Horizon Telescope: Black hole produces twisting jet
21 How Do You Photograph a Black Hole? | Magazine
22 Event Horizon Telescope Reveals Turbulent Black Hole Evolution: Wobbling Shadow of the M87 Black Hole
23 This is the most detailed picture of a black hole to date
24 Harvard Astrophysicists Help Make Historic Discovery in Understanding Black Hole's Magnetic Fields | News
25 World's Most Powerful Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole
26 Event Horizon Telescope observes a black hole-powered jet
27 A supermassive black hole's magnetically perturbed event horizon
28 WATCH — New image brings black hole into focus
29 Event Horizon Telescope releases most detailed black hole image yet
30 After decades of effort, scientists are finally seeing black holes—or are they?
31 1 year after epic black hole photo, Event Horizon Telescope team is dreaming very big
32 'Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know' documentary dives into a historic photo 1st (exclusive video)
33 Scientist sees deep meaning in black holes after Event Horizon Telescope’s triumph
34 Nowak, collaborators share new observations of famous black hole
35 Black hole pictures supports Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, gravity, Event Horizon Telescope collaboration researchers say
36 Polarized light shows hot gas swirling around a galactic core
37 Here's How Scientists Turned the World Into a Telescope (to See a Black Hole)
38 Event Horizon Telescope Team Wins $3 Million Breakthrough Prize for Epic Black Hole Imagery
39 A year after the first black hole image, the EHT has been stymied by the coronavirus
40 Event Horizon Telescope, which hunts black holes, cancels 2020 observations due to coronavirus
41 Not All Theories Can Explain the Gargantuan Black Hole M87*
42 Event Horizon Telescope Snags New Funding to Capture 1st Movie of a Black Hole
43 New Video Puts Iconic Image of Black Hole in a Cosmic Context
44 Meet the Global Team That Captured the First Image of a Black Hole
45 The first black hole ever photographed now appears to be "wobbling"
46 Event Horizon Telescope peers down a black hole's jet
47 Understanding Mind-Bending Black Holes | National Air and Space Museum
48 Scientists reveal pioneering new image of first ever black hole to be pictured
49 Yale researcher among astronomers peering into the surroundings of M87's black hole
50 Black Hole Photos Could Get Even Clearer with Space-Based Telescopes
51 How Scientists Captured the First Image of a Black Hole
52 Photographing a Black Hole
53 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics awarded to Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration for black hole observation
54 Meet the AAS Keynote Speakers: Dr. Sheperd Doeleman
55 2019 brought us the first image of a black hole. A movie may be next
56 'Pac-Man' in space: Black holes gobble up neutron stars in first evidence of a rare celestial event
57 Physicists keep trying to break the rules of gravity but this supermassive black hole just said 'no'
58 Ontario researcher helps capture important image of monstrous black hole
59 Black hole picture: Image possibly to be announced by Event Horizon Telescope team on April 10
60 Space Telescopes Could Provide Next-Level Images of Black Hole Event Horizons
61 4 things we’ll learn from the first closeup image of a black hole
62 What the First Image of a Black Hole's Magnetic Field Has Revealed
63 How a team of scientists risked everything to capture the most cosmic snapshot of the decade
64 15,000-yr-old viruses found in China & the unique shark intestines that work like a Tesla valve
65 Ask an Astronomer: Professor Prajval Shastri on First-Ever Image of Black Hole, Recent Breakthroughs, and More | The Weather Channel
66 String theory solves mystery about how particles behave outside a black hole photon sphere
67 Astronomers May Finally Have the First Picture of a Black Hole
68 What Do You Call a Bunch of Black Holes: A Crush? A Scream?
69 Huib van Langefelde New Director of Event Horizon Telescope
70 TACC Supercomputers Play Pivotal Role in Event Horizon Telescope's First-Ever Black Hole Image
71 Event Horizon Telescope Awarded Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
72 'Seeing the Invisible:' Event Horizon Telescope Team Among Breakthrough Prize Honorees
73 Astronomers at Harvard, Smithsonian Center release images of black hole’s magnetic field
74 Scientists debate the existence of the Milky Way's supermassive black hole
75 Infinite Visions Were Hiding in the First Black Hole Image’s Rings
76 Ask Ethan: How Does The Event Horizon Telescope Act Like One Giant Mirror?
77 How crazy, cross-continental coordination brought us the first black hole photo
78 Seeing the invisible: How Nobel laureate Andrea Ghez found the supermassive black hole in the Milky Way's center
79 6 Supermassive Questions On The Eve Of The Event Horizon Telescope's Big Announcement
80 A crush? A scream? What do you call a group of black holes
81 10 huge black hole findings from 2020
82 How to hunt for a black hole with a telescope the size of Earth
83 Maunakea telescopes help create the first image of a black hole
84 ‘Stranger than anything dreamed up by sci-fi’: will we ever understand black holes?
85 Could we harness energy from black holes? A new study indicates energy can be extracted from black holes through reconnection of magnetic field lines
86 Kabbalah and informational black holes in Creation
87 Should the Nobel Prizes in Physics Be Awarded to More People?
88 The Event Horizon Telescope's possible next target? Blazars
89 Physicists Identify the Engine Powering Black Hole Energy Beams
90 The Shadow Of The First Black Hole We've Ever Imaged Has A Wobble
91 Are primordial black holes really giant gravitinos?
92 Daily briefing: Stunning black-hole image reveals details of magnetic field
93 Three Scientists Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for Breakthrough Black Hole Discoveries
94 How the world came to understand black holes
95 Black Hole Hunters
96 A mega-telescope is trying to take the first image ever of a black hole, hell yeah
97 Podcast, Episode 1: How black holes morphed from theory to reality
98 Behind the Black-Hole Image: One Giant Leap for Teamwork
99 Historic 1st Photo of a Black Hole Named Science Breakthrough of 2019
100 What are Black Holes: The Journey From Theory to Reality