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1 China: Fossils provide new insights into origin of flowering plants
2 Interdisciplinary Study Shows How Species Interactions Affect Evolution
3 Dinosaur-age fossils provide new insights into origin of flowering plants
4 How ecological restoration helped transform a degraded land parcel in Maharashtra
5 Ecosystem Restoration Can Ensure Water, Food, Health, Livelihood Benefits—Lessons from the Western Ghats | The Weather Channel
6 Africa's Great Green Wall
7 All you need to know about the Decade of Ocean Science | World Economic Forum
8 Fossil find introduces a new ancestor to the jackal family tree
9 Large historical carbon emissions from cultivated northern peatlands
10 World Environment Day : We can tackle climate change through ecosystem restoration
11 As 17-Year Cicadas Return to US, A Look at Insect Proliferation
12 Scientists warn that flooding cave will ruin unique 5-million-year-old ecosystem
13 World News | Fossil Find Introduces a New Ancestor to the Jackal Family Tree
14 Stop exploitation of critical...
15 World Sea Turtle Day 2021: Seven reasons why marine turtles deserve their own day
16 World Oceans Day: We cannot meet sustainable development goals with a sick ocean
17 Echolocation in soft-furred tree mice
18 We Cannot Meet Sustainable Development Goals with a Sick Ocean
19 Kalaam Telecom releases new network map following Zajil deal
20 From fins to limbs and water to land
21 A man-made conflict with wild animals
22 Deserts, swamps and volcanoes: Fossil review sheds light on Tayside and Fife’s ancient geological past
23 ‘Like comparing apples with dried oranges’: Will Australia ruin British farms?
24 Modern computational tools may open a new era for fossil pollen research
25 Seabird establishment during regional cooling drove a terrestrial ecosystem shift 5000 years ago
26 Ozone affects plant, insect, and soil microbial communities: A threat to terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity
27 Salamanders have a secret to survive drought, heat waves, and climate change
28 Warming May Push Ecosystems to Release Carbon instead of Absorbing It
29 Award-winning paleontologist and National Academy of Sciences member Kay Behrensmeyer to discuss our understanding of ancient life on Feb. 24
30 These eels can swallow prey on land, thanks to extendable jaws in their throats
31 Harvard Scientists Reconstruct the Game-Changing Evolution From Fin-to-Limb in Early Tetrapods
32 New insights into changes in ecosystem structure and function
33 Origin of Modern Rainforests Traced to Cataclysmic Asteroid Impact That Destroyed Nearly 75% of All Terrestrial Life on Earth
34 Land ecosystems are becoming less efficient at absorbing CO2
35 Status and trends of Mercury pollution of the atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems in Poland
36 World's 'Smallest Dinosaur' Revealed to Be a Mystery Reptile
37 Changes in plant-herbivore network structure and robustness along land-use intensity gradients in grasslands and forests
38 Ecosystems across the globe 'breathe' differently in response to rising temperatures
39 Origin of modern rainforests traced to end-Cretaceous asteroid impact
40 Flooding Underground Cave in Israel Can Be Disastrous for 5-Million-Year-Old Ecosystem
41 New insights to past ecosystems are now available based on pollen and plant traits
42 DNA Jumps Between Animal Species. No One Knows How Often.
43 An Urgent Call for a New Relationship with Nature
44 Global change alters microbial life in soils—and thereby its ecological functions
45 How Convergence and Consolidation Underpin Military Space Transformation
46 Early human impacts and ecosystem reorganization in southern-central Africa
47 Asteroid Strike That Led to Extinction of Dinosaurs, Gave Rise to Amazon Rainforest | The Weather Channel
48 Tiny plant fossils offer big view of ancient ecosystems
49 An interview with Anthony Fiorillo, our new Paleontology Section Editor
50 The evolution of mammalian brain size
51 Stark warning: Combating ecosystem collapse from the tropics to the Antarctic
52 Species or Ecosystems: How Best to Restore the Natural World?
53 Warming homogenizes apparent temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration
54 The Lithium Mine Versus the Wildflower
55 Less precipitation means less plant diversity: Climate change might lead to changes in plant diversity, especially in the world's drylands
56 Declaring War on the Coronavirus Was a Mistake
57 Just 3 per cent of the land on Earth is still ecologically intact
58 Increased ecological resource variability during a critical transition in hominin evolution
59 A giant rhino, four times as heavy as an elephant, roamed China 26.5 million years ago.
60 Reconstructing vertebrates rise from the water to land
61 World Biodiversity Day: Ever more imporant amid COVID-19 pandemic
62 Africa: how the continent has integrated the notion of environmental protection
63 Tropical rainforests may begin pumping out carbon dioxide by 2050
64 New study unravels Darwin's 'abominable mystery' surrounding origin of flowering plants
65 Despite protection, dramatic losses of cloud forest ecosystems and species
66 An enigmatic event extinguished 90% of sharks – Explica .co
67 The evolution of modern rainforests began with the dinosaur-killing asteroid
68 Aquaculture mediates global transmission of a viral pathogen to wild salmon
69 Extraordinary Species Diversity Within a 14.7 Million-Year-Old Tropical Rainforest and Sheds Light on Evolution
70 Non-native plants are hurting the birds and bees | Greenbiz
71 UCSC ecologist Erika Zavaleta appointed to California Fish and Game Commission
72 People have shaped Earth's ecology for at least 12000 years, mostly sustainably
73 Cost-effective priorities for the expansion of global terrestrial protected areas: Setting post-2020 global and national targets
74 Newly discovered miocene biome sheds light on rainforest evolution
75 The Promises and Pitfalls of SPACs for the Space Economy
76 Fossil dinosaur illuminates evolution of tyrannosauroid body sizes
77 A tiny fossil amoeba is helping us to understand how plants first bloomed
78 Alaska's salmon are getting smaller, affecting people and ecosystems
79 Climate change effects on plant-soil feedbacks and consequences for biodiversity and functioning of terrestrial ecosystems
80 Clock is running on our reliance on vegetation as a steady ‘carbon sink’
81 Invasive species alters marine community, interferes in post-disaster recovery
82 New insight into the Great Dying
83 Our impact on Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity – in graphics
84 Improvements in reports of species redistribution under climate change are required
85 The Rise of the Tetrapods: How Our Early Ancestors Left Water to Walk on Land
86 Discovery Unravels Darwin’s “Abominable Mystery” Surrounding Origin of Flowering Plants
87 Fungi Are Responsible For Life On Land As We Know It
88 Giant lungfish genome elucidates the conquest of land by vertebrates
89 'Falling insect' season length impacts river ecosystems
90 Vanderbilt scientists use fossil records to understand the present, predict future ecosystems
91 A “Global Safety Net” to reverse biodiversity loss and stabilize Earth's climate
92 Forests may flip from CO2 'sink' to 'source' by 2050
93 Large volcanic eruption caused the largest mass extinction
94 Decoding India's PLI scheme for mobile phones
95 Can Rewilding Large Predators Regenerate Ecosystems?
96 When did flowering plants take over the world?
97 Opinion: Biodiversity conservation during a global crisis: Consequences and the way forward
98 Islands give rise to evolutionary giants and dwarfs
99 Spatial variation in biodiversity loss across China under multiple environmental stressors
100 Can soil microbiome restoration accelerate forests' carbon sequestration?