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1 Passwordless authentication providers unveil digital ID partnerships and progress
2 Feitian biometric security key approved by NIST for sensitive data protection
3 Why the Password Isn't Dead Quite Yet
4 PUFsecurity's PUFiot Helps IoT Devices Meet FIDO Device Onboard Specification
5 Nok Nok Labs Delivers the 'Power of 5' with 1H2021 Major Momentum & Milestones
6 Panini Joins the FIDO Alliance
7 FIDO Alliance Announces the FIDO Developer Challenge
8 Major FIDO Updates Launched to Accelerate Global Charge Past Passwords
9 Google, Microsoft Execs Among Authenticate 2021 Keynote Speakers
10 Fime confirms Sybrin passive biometric liveness detection meets PAD standards
11 FIDO Alliance Creates New Onboarding Standard To Secure Internet of Things (IoT)
12 Why It’s Not Up To Consumers To Fix The Recycled Password Problem
13 How WebAuth Secures Your Users’ Login
14 FIDO Alliance's Authenticate Conference Announces 2021 Keynote Speakers and Open Registration
15 Would-be password-killer FIDO Alliance aims to boost uptake with new UX guidelines
16 Congress explores digital identity schemes, WEF-backed public-private collaboration agenda
17 New Device Onboarding Standard to Secure Internet of Things (IoT) Created by FIDO Alliance
18 Transmit Security Joins FIDO Alliance Board to Help Rid the World of Passwords
19 Netcetera, Entersekt Enables Secure Payments With FIDO Authentication for PLUSCARD | Fintech Schweiz Digital Finance News – FintechNewsCH
20 FIDO Alliance unveils digital identity leaders giving keynotes at Authenticate 2021
21 FIDO Alliance Announces First 2021 Authenticate Virtual Summit, focusing on Modern Authentication for Financial Services
22 Nok Nok Celebrates Growing Popularity of Passwordless Authentication Tech
23 Biometric Update Touch ID and Face ID: Real biometrics or not?
24 Crayonic Partners with the FIDO Alliance as an Affiliate Member
25 HYPR Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association
26 Ipsidy Joins the FIDO Alliance
27 FIDO Alliance Praises Biden's New MFA Requirements
28 Keyless integrates multi-modal biometric authentication with OneLogin platform, joins FIDO Alliance
29 Inside FIDO Alliance's vision of a future free of passwords
30 Apple joins FIDO Alliance, commits to getting rid of passwords
31 FIDO Alliance Builds On Korea Hackathon With Global Developer Challenge
32 Biometrics expert speakers announced for FIDO Alliance's “Focus on Europe” summit
33 Five worthy reads: Password hygiene – The first step towards improved security
34 Keyless achieves FIDO Biometric Certification for proprietary biometric software
35 ID4Africa and FIDO Alliance call on biometrics community for expert event speakers
36 FIDO case studies showcase biometric logins to eBay and NHS App, first 2021 virtual event announced
37 IDnow joins IDunion network to build an open ecosystem for decentralised identity management
38 Beyond Identity Joins FIDO Alliance
39 Apple Officially Joins FIDO Alliance, Here’s Why That’s a Big Deal
40 GlobalPlatform ISO 17065-accredited to issue cybersecurity certifications
41 IDnow Joins Digital ID Standards Alliance
42 Zighra granted behavioral biometrics patent to extend mobile passwordless access
43 Fall digital identity events announced by Goode Intelligence, Future Identity, EAB, Smart Engines
44 Nymi Band 3.0 certified for FIDO2 biometric passwordless authentication
45 Keyless biometrics certified for FIDO compliance by Fime
46 Nymi Achieves FIDO2 Certification for the Nymi Band 3.0
47 Biometrics and strong authentication for financial services explored in FIDO event
48 The FIDO Alliance, backed by Apple and Google, debuts loginwithFIDO․com
49 GlobalPlatform achieves ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation to support cybersecurity initiatives
50 Previous New FIDO Protocol Simplifies IoT Device Onboarding
51 IDnow supports European digital identity ecosystem USA
52 HYPR Joins FIDO Alliance Board of Directors to Help Chart the Course Towards a True Passwordless Future
53 ARIADNEXT secures Fido certification
54 New behavioral biometrics FIDO certification, developer tool, customer win revealed
55 StrongKey Expands FIDO Strong Authentication Support for Android and Apple Devices
56 LoginID CEO: Time To Put Passwords Out To Pasture
57 Trusona Announces Industry's First App-less MFA Solution
58 IDnow Focuses on Digital Wallets as Newest Member of the IDunion
59 New Digital ID Tech Authenticates People And Payments Without Passwords
60 FIDO Alliance Extends Certification Program to Further Strengthen Trust in Standards-based Authentication Devices
61 FIDO Alliance Launches Biometrics Certification Program
62 New IoT standard automates and secures device onboarding
63 FIDO Alliance gains momentum, certifies 688 authentication products in 2019
64 Visa Pushes FIDO Standard With LoginID Investment
65 FIDO Alliance says IoT security is imperative, focuses on device to cloud authentication
66 FIDO Introduces IoT Device Onboarding Standard
67 LoginID SDK empowers developers to integrate FIDO strong authentication into their websites or apps
68 FIDO Requests Differentiation of Strong Authentication Factors in NIST Digital Identity Guidelines
69 How FIDO Standards Make Authentication Simple and Secure
70 What $10M in daily thefts tells us about crypto security
71 FIDO Alliance Announces Authenticate, a New Event Providing Real-world Strategies, Solutions to Modernize Authentication
72 W3C and FIDO Alliance Finalize Web Standard for Secure,
73 Shenzhen BCTC branch laboratory's biometrics testing gets FIDO certification
74 EMVCo explains how merchants and card issuers can use Fido authentication to streamline online payments
75 Facebook adds support for physical security keys for 2FA in its mobile apps
76 Nok Nok wins innovation award
77 Giesecke+Devrient releases new StarSign Key Fob with biometrics and FIDO authentication
78 Feitian biometric tokens for multi-factor and passwordless authentication hit Digi-Key Marketplace
79 Microsoft Achieves FIDO2 Certification for Windows Hello
80 AU10TIX Joins the FIDO Alliance, Enabling Global Businesses to Provide Safer Services at Scale
81 Lenovo, PayPal, and others launch the FIDO Alliance to replace passwords with more secure alternatives
82 Microsoft promises to ease the pains of going passwordless
83 SK Telecom partners with Octatco on biometric security key with quantum number generation
84 Onfido Appointed to FIDO Alliance Board of Directors
85 Sybrin’s Passive Liveness Detection SDK is built to conform to FIDO Alliance’s biometrics standards, ISO 30107-1, ISO 30107-3
86 1Kosmos BlockID Becomes the First Contact-Free Identity Based Authentication System Powered by Biometrics & Blockchain to Be FIDO2 Certified
87 Biden goes broad and deep with order requiring MFA, zero-trust architecture
88 Bank of America introduces USB security key registration for online transfers
89 Apple launches web authentication using FIDO standard with Touch ID or Face ID biometrics in Safari
90 Beyond MFA: Rethinking the Authentication Key
91 Daon Among First to Receive FIDO2 Certification
92 New standard to simplify IoT device onboarding
93 Decentralized ID Adds New Firepower To Fight Against Digital-First Fraud
94 Biometric PAD standards in competition against spoof attacks, not each other: Stephanie Schuckers
95 The latest Android devices now let you log into apps without requiring a password
96 Why combining FIDO2 and PKI provides broader enterprise-wide security
97 The Path to Passwordless Is Built on What You ...
98 Fido Alliance specifications now adopted as ITU international standards
99 Identiv Delivers New Government-Grade FIDO2 Security Keys
100 Newest Nymi Band Receives FIDO2 Certification