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1 The Federal Government Gave Billions to America's Schools for COVID-19 Relief. Where Did the Money Go?
2 Federal Government Moves to Revoke South Carolina's Enforcement Authority for Occupational Safety and Health
3 No, the federal government isn't using the Patriot Act to treat parents like domestic terrorists
4 Communities urging federal government to take action on the Kinneytown Dam in Seymour
5 Ransomware Gang Says the Real Ransomware Gang Is the Federal Government
6 Economics in Brief: Federal Government Making it Easier for Feds to Unionize
7 GOP lawmakers want federal government out of DC
8 Why won't the government just pay to build veterans housing?
9 Audit finds Tennessee's Medicaid system could owe federal government millions
10 Observers Call on the Federal Government to Stop Doing Business With the Trump Organization
11 Vice President, Federal Government Affairs | TheHill
12 CHEAT SHEET: What to know about debt ceiling and its impacts on U.S. federal government
13 McMaster says state will fight if federal government takes over enforcing South Carolina workplace safety
14 Federal Contractor Vaccination Mandate: Important Dates for Covered Contractors
15 What The Government Shutdown Means For You
16 Government shutdown talk is back, again. Have we learned anything from the last ones?
17 Methodist attorneys fire back at the federal government, argue DOJ hasn't found new evidence of fraud
18 With a Democratic administration in place, could the federal government's study of mining in northern Minnesota finally be released?
19 Federal employees are as satisfied with their work as private-sector employees, new research finds
20 Latham and Clifford Chance Advise on First UAE Federal Government Bond Sale
21 Federal government: Open RAN technology can spur 5G expansion
22 Perspective | Biden pushes for racial equity in federal health programs. But fragmented plans, poor data hinder efforts.
23 North Dakota damage suit survives federal government's bid to gut $38 million claim
24 The federal government might shut down on Friday. Here’s what that could mean for Oregon and Southwest Washington
25 In Thrall to DC
26 States Getting the Most COVID-19 Vaccines From the Federal Government
27 Federal Agencies to Inform New Hires of Union Eligibility, Rights
28 What's Next for the Federal Government and Zero Trust?
29 Speaking out: North Dakota already beholden to federal government
30 Survey: Americans Have Low Trust in the Federal Government, But Believe It Has Potential To Help With Health Care and Technology
31 Shutdown ahead? Groundhog Day, government style!
32 Fact Sheet: Reporting Reforms for Federal Spending
33 Biden signs bill to avert partial government shutdown
34 Spending the federal cybersecurity budget: what's next?
35 Attorney General Bonta Co-Leads Multistate Coalition Applauding New Federal Effort to Revise 'Public Charge' Regulations
36 A New Change to Hiring Rules Makes It Easier for Military Spouses to Land Federal Jobs
37 Federal government to ask for taxes on app transactions over $600
38 Federal Order Requires COVID-19 Vaccination for University Employees at UA, UAB, UAH and Auburn University
39 Americans' Trust in Government Remains Low
40 Do You Work For the Federal Government? ProPublica Wants To Hear From You. — ProPublica
41 Federal Government Looks Into Rental Assistance Progress, Reallocation of Funds
42 Does Homeland Security have too much discretion in hiring cybersecurity people?
43 Communicating with the Federal Government: A Refresher | Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
44 Rep. Nancy Mace: Let's talk about US government debt – and how to fix this mess
45 House Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Overhaul Federal Firefighter Pay, Benefits
46 How Prepared Was the Federal Government to Use Telework During the Pandemic?
47 What Really Happens If the Federal Government Hits the Debt Limit?
48 Large Majorities Across Parties Favor Allowing the Federal Government to Negotiate Drug Prices, Even After Hearing Common Arguments About It
49 Explainer: What happens when the U.S. federal government shuts down?
50 Federal audit says Tennessee should repay $767M in TennCare money
51 Potential Federal Government Shutdown: Crowell & Moring Identifies and Answers Common Questions
52 Long lasting complications from the 2013, 2018 government shutdowns
53 US budget deficit hits $2.77 trillion in 2021, 2nd highest
54 Supreme Court doesn’t block Texas abortion law, sets hearing
55 For Once, the Federal Government Really Was Here to Help
56 The federal government is (finally) taking the connection between legacy IT and cybersecurity seriously
57 If You Do Business With the Federal Government, it May Be Time for Your Unvaccinated Employees to Roll Up Their Sleeves
58 North Dakota continues to seek $38 million from federal government for DAPL protests
59 State and Local Government Beats out Federal in Survey of Citizen Trust
60 VERIFY: No, the federal government can't mandate vaccines to the general public. Here's why
61 Government shutdown: What to know
62 Nebraska attorney general prepared to challenge federal vaccine mandates
63 Ben Domenech: Doing nothing is what the federal government does these days
64 Holding the federal government accountable for the harmful impacts of climate change | TheHill
65 Provinces and the Federal government agree on vaccine passport for travelling
66 A smart new law would close a big loophole in federal government’s right to snoop on you | Editorial
67 Federal Government Should Enforce Senior Citizens Act Now- Awomolo
68 Arizona could lose $60 million in federal rental aid after missing spending deadline
69 US government will run out of money by October 18, Treasury secretary says
70 Federal Government failure sees every Hobart public student miss out $1289 school funding
71 A Debt Default Could Mean Furloughs or IOUs for Federal Employees
72 A member of Alaska's state government is also a member of an anti-government militia
73 The federal government hopes $100 million can keep the food supply from breaking down
74 The Federal Government could run out of cash at any moment
75 Texas Urges Supreme Court to Preserve Abortion Restrictions | National News | US News
76 India's over 11 mln govt employees get $1.3 bln inflation relief ahead of festivals
77 Senate dodges US debt disaster, voting to extend borrowing
78 Federal government not saying if it would consider paying ransom for Canadian kidnapped in Haiti
79 Nervous businesses await federal government’s finalized vax-or-test rule
80 OMB tells agencies to start planning for possible government shutdown
81 East TN mayors pen letter to governor calling out federal ‘government overreach’
82 America’s Two-Tiered Justice System
83 Explainer: What happens when the federal government shuts down?
84 It is time for federal legalization of cannabis
85 OPM, Connolly eyeing improvements to federal internship program
86 Government shutdown shouldn't hurt higher ed in short term
87 Federal Government Once Again Is Cracking Down on For-Profit Schools
88 Lesbian sues federal government after being rejected by foster agency
89 A federal government shutdown looms. Why Biden is struggling to get his house in order.
90 Norton Provision Will Keep D.C. Government Open if Federal Government Shuts Down
91 Could a $1 trillion coin save the federal government from 'financial Armageddon'?
92 Rule change eases requirements for military spouses to land federal jobs
93 The federal Covid-19 response will continue if there's a shutdown, mostly
94 Federal government names Igboho’s sponsors
95 Federal Contractors, Private Employers Confused About COVID-19 Vaccine Rules
96 Federal government pumps $330m into Murray-Darling water projects to benefit agriculture, environment
97 Democrats near deal on pared-back spending bill. Here is what's likely in — and out.
98 What a federal government shutdown could mean for workers in D.C.
99 Federal Government Prepares for a Shutdown
100 VIDEO RELEASE Democrats Block Sen. Rick Scott's Legislation to Prevent Vaccine Mandates for Government Assistance