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1 FIRE launches new database for tracking attacks on speech
2 FSU ranks among top colleges for free expression
3 University of Texas receives low ranking from free speech non-profit for campus climate
4 Bonnie Snyder (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) Guest-Blogging About "Undoctrinate" …
5 College Students Support Shouting and Violence to Block Free Speech
6 US campus free speech complaints often resulting in sanctions
7 The Limitations of FIRE's Database | Just Visiting
8 Claremont, UChicago Best Colleges for Free Speech: Survey
9 UT Austin's Liberty Institute? What's that, professors ask
10 FSU to help Florida legislature discern 'intellectual diversity,' campus free speech
11 As Colleges Moved Online to Combat the Pandemic, a Plague of Self-Censorship Raged On
12 Does woke culture at universities silence conservative ideas? | Opinion
13 Syracuse University defends professor's controversial 9/11 tweets, right to free speech
14 Professor told to change 'China virus' language in syllabus
15 Report: 74% of professors targeted for unpopular speech or research end up punished by administrators
16 Former Professor Sues Collin College for Allegedly Violating Constitutional Rights to Speech and Assembly
17 The Exploitation of Young Minds –
18 Taking the Battle for Free Speech to K-12
19 Opinion | What the College Tenure Fight Is Really About
20 GOP lawmakers question UW professors on Critical Race Theory
21 President Ryan discusses health, safety, equity ahead of BOV meeting
22 OPINION: UGA, your promise to protect First Amendment rights is not enough
23 How did American “wokeness” jump from elite schools to everyday life?
24 Nursing Student Expelled After 'Insensitive' Writing Assignment
25 U.Va. removes Lawn resident signs posted in protest of new HRL signage policy
26 Takeaways from Tallahassee — On second thought ...
27 More Colleges Adopting Chicago Principles for Free Speech
28 Title IX Updates: From Court Decisions to Q&As From the Office for Civil Rights
29 Your Career: How to Juggle Multiple Project Deadlines
30 The Barbz: Tucker Carlson Is Wooing Nicki Minaj Fans
31 Opinion | The Cancel Culture Panic and Middle-Aged Sadness
32 Reports of Free Speech Violations Spiked During Pandemic
33 OU AAUP rejects portrayal of anti-racist faculty workshop by Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
34 Universities, we have a problem we are afraid to speak of
35 AAUP at University of Oklahoma challenges FIRE statements on free speech
36 Bacon Bits: The Fraying Social Fabric Edition
37 A New Dallas-Area Homelessness Initiative Launches Oct. 1. Skeptics Say It Leaves Root Causes Unaddressed
38 Free speech advocacy group critiques ISU guidance on divisive concepts law as too broad — and it's not alone
39 Administrators who violate the 1st Amendment rights do not deserve protection of qualified immunity
40 POLITICO Playbook: What the Pentagon knew about that drone attack
41 Freedom of speech is endangered on college campuses — and I’m fighting back
42 Freedom of speech according to the gospel of Koch
43 VIEWPOINT: OU gets warning on free speech | Opinion |
44 Opinion: More Defenders of Campus Speech
45 Free speech group: Ongoing UNC leak investigation violates First Amendment, creates "chilling effect" | The Pulse
46 Two officials of FIRE respond to recent criticism of the group (opinion)
47 The ACLU Is No Longer Free Speech's Champion, but Other Groups Are Filling the Gap
48 Video Shows Moment Dallas Fire-Rescue Employee Kicks Man in the Face
49 'Sigh of relief': Student activists celebrate ruling in school free speech case
50 Fighting for Free Speech on America’s Campuses
51 Due Process On Campus: Is It Improving Or Declining?
52 University of Oklahoma's Anti-Racist Workshop Training Violates Free Speech, Nonprofit Says
53 Steven Pinker Thinks Your Sense of Imminent Doom Is Wrong
54 Holcomb signs bill to survey college students on free speech
55 Opinion: Due process on campus dwindles; a Biden nominee could end it
56 Supreme Court rules 8-1 in favor of students who sued Georgia Gwinnett College over restrictive speech policies
57 Not all universities have given into cancel culture | Opinion
58 Op-Ed: Guilt by association at Syracuse University
59 88 Percent of Colleges in U.S. Have Restrictions on Free Speech, New Report Shows
60 Christian Group Sues University of Alabama Over Permit to Speak Rule
61 UVA Earns High Marks for Free Speech, Ranking No. 6 Nationally
62 Academic Freedom Is on the Ropes
63 Inaugural College Free Speech Rankings Compare Culture of Free Expression on Campuses Nationwide
64 North Carolina Public Universities Aren’t Preparing Students Well on Free Speech
65 The Conservatives Behind the Campus 'Free Speech' Crusade
66 Classroom Censorship Comes to the University of Oklahoma
67 Univ. of Iowa reverses policy on faculty discussing masks and vaccines
68 FIRE List for Free Speech Ranks Fordham in the Bottom 10
69 Education Department Finalizes Religious Freedom Rule
70 Like Free Speech? Don't Send Your Kid To DePauw, Texas Or LSU
71 Colleges should teach students how to have conversations across racial, cultural and ideological differences (opinion)
72 Why Middlebury was deemed one of the worst colleges for free speech according to FIRE
73 At America's best universities, accused students aren't presumed innocent: Report
74 Think tank releases annual campus free speech ratings. See how North Carolina schools stacked up
75 The termination of a scholar threatens free speech and faculty governance (opinion)
76 Free Speech in Crisis at Stanford Law School
77 A cheerleader's cursing may reshape American free-speech laws
78 SCOTUS has a chance to protect free speech on campus
79 Opinion: Free speech and Senate Bill 414
80 FIRE Recognizes UA for Commitment to Free Speech
81 North Carolina Finds That Banning Indoctrination Is Hard
82 Free Speech Suffers at Harvard, Fares a Little Better at Yale
83 OPINION: Self-Censorship Hurts Free Expression on College Campuses
84 Georgetown Promotes Free Speech, but Students Don't Feel It
85 Speech codes and safe spaces: How do universities navigate new rules of debate? | Penn State University
86 Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack creates US House caucus to fight suppression of free speech on college campuses
87 Lawmaker looks to ban 'free-speech zones' at public universities
88 Intervention in Title IX proceedings and unlawful disclosures under the Privacy Act
89 Taking Critical Race Theory Bans to Court
90 Texas A&M First And Only In Texas To Earn Highest Rating For Free Speech On Campus
91 Med Student Sues EVMS on Free Speech Grounds
92 Despite high ranking in free speech survey, UCLA displays a sensitivity to race
93 Lela In Response To: "To Promote Dialogue, Student Organizations Should Not Invite Prejudiced Speakers" — The Heights
94 Former Trump official working on Wisconsin election probe
95 Guilt by Association at Syracuse
96 At Princeton, a Racial Reckoning and a Free Speech Battle
97 If U-Chicago Is No. 1 For Free Speech, Campus Speech Barely Exists
98 COMMENTARY: Due process and campus sexual assault
99 North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum signs campus free speech bill into law
100 Diverse Array of Groups Back Student in Supreme Court Case on Off-Campus Speech