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1 New web platform for planning flood prevention in cities
2 Continental pirouettes
3 Like a molten pancake
4 Berenberg sees $2-3 bln reinsurance losses from European floods, overall losses higher
5 Fuerte terremoto magnitud 6.6
6 Quake info: Moderate mag. 5.0 earthquake
7 Quake info: Moderate mag. 5.1 earthquake
8 Quake info: Moderate mag. 5.0 earthquake
9 Quake info: Moderate mag. 4.3 earthquake
10 Strong mag. 6.6 earthquake
11 Quake info: Minor mag. 3.9 earthquake
12 Quake info: Moderate mag. 4.8 earthquake
13 Major magnitude 6.7 earthquake
14 Moderate earthquake of magnitude 4.2 just reported 25 km northwest of Ioannina, Greece
15 Quake info: Light mag. 4.4 earthquake
16 Moderate magnitude 4.2 quake hits 20 km southeast of Iraklion, Greece in the evening
17 Умеренное землетрясение маг. 5.7
18 Informe sismo: Terremoto moderado mag. 5.7
19 Significant earthquake of magnitude 6.0 just reported 131 km south of Canegua, Panama
20 Top German geoscientist fired after police raid, faces allegations of financial crimes
21 German science center fires director, citing trust concerns
22 Earthquake scenario for large German city
23 Quake info: Strong mag. 5.0 earthquake
24 Terremoto mayor magnitud 6.7
25 Moderate magnitude 4.4 quake hits 29 km southwest of Jijel, Algeria in the evening
26 Quake info: Strong mag. 5.8 earthquake
27 Quake info: Strong mag. 5.8 earthquake
28 Informe sismo: Fuerte terremoto magnitud 5.3
29 Quake info: Moderate mag. 4.5 earthquake
30 Quake info: Moderate mag. 5.2 earthquake
31 Terremoto muy fuerte magnitud 6.1
32 Quake info: Light mag. 4.7 earthquake
33 Earthquake of magnitude 6 strikes Mindanao, Philippines
34 Groundwater monitoring with seismic instruments
35 Informe sismo: Terremoto moderado mag. 4.4
36 Magnitude 6.6 quake strikes off coast of Indonesia's Sumatra -GFZ
37 Earthquake of magnitude 6.1 strikes central Alaska
38 Rebirth of a volcano
39 Streetlights contribute less to nighttime light emissions in cities than expected
40 Large amounts of mercury released under southwest Greenland ice sheet
41 Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 strikes near coast of Peru
42 Earthquake of magnitude 5.8 strikes Nepal -GFZ
43 Melody of an Alpine summit falling apart
44 How do electrons close to Earth reach almost the speed of light?
45 Failures of Germany's largest cliff coast sensed by seismometers
46 Iran earthquake: Huge 5.7 magnitude quake hits state
47 New exploration method for geothermal energy
48 How a greenhouse catastrophe killed nearly all life
49 Preconditions for life present 3.5 billion years ago
50 PhD opportunity
51 Quake of magnitude 6.2 strikes Tajikistan-Xinjiang border region
52 Monitoring open-cast mines better than before
53 UPDATE 1-Magnitude 7.4 quake strikes Qinghai, China -GFZ
54 Mountain growth influences greenhouse effect
55 Quake of Magnitude 6.2 Strikes Tajikistan-Xinjiang Border Region: GFZ | World News | US News
56 Quake of magnitude 6 strikes Salta Province, Argentina
57 Deep oceans dissolve the rocky shell of water-ice planets
58 Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 strikes off Japanese coast: GFZ
59 Carbon emissions spike when continents rift
60 Strong earthquake hits central Greece
61 Second earthquake in two days strikes central Croatia, killing seven and damaging buildings
62 Chile regrets panic triggered by mistaken tsunami warning after quake
63 Magnitude 6.7 earthquake hits Russia-Mongolia Border Region: GFZ
64 Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 strikes near Zagreb, Croatia: GFZ
65 Why Tehran is sinking dangerously
66 Earthquake of magnitude 6.3 strikes off Vanuatu: GFZ
67 Earthquake of Magnitude 6.1 Strikes Alaska
68 Magnitude 6.8 quake strikes San Juan Province, Argentina
69 Earthquake of magnitude 6.5 strikes northern Chile: GFZ
70 International Cooperation Award for NASA JPL's Michael Watkins, Michael Gross
71 GFZ research shows little impact by LED street lights on sky glow
72 Making a Place for the Next Generation of Geoscientists
73 Why tectonic plates lurch forward when they break
74 Experimenting with Tucson Night Lights
75 42000-year-old trees allow more accurate analysis of last Earth's magnetic field reversal
76 Past river activity in northern Africa reveals multiple Sahara greenings
77 Magnitude 5.7 earthquake hits Irian Jaya, Indonesia –GFZ
78 Melting Glaciers Have Shifted the Earth's Axis
79 Jelly volcano reveals eruption trigger
80 Quake info: Strong mag. 5.5 earthquake
81 Survey
82 Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits Iran-Iraq border region – GFZ
83 Understanding Climate Change
84 How to recognize where a volcano will erupt
85 Coping with Planetary Wars
86 The path to gypsum is four steps long
87 Measuring Earth's Last Magnetic Field Reversal with Ancient Trees
88 Major magnitude 6.6 earthquake
89 Earthquake of Magnitude 6.8 Strikes Near Coast of Northern Chile | World News | US News
90 Magnitude 6 earthquake hits Aleutian Islands near Alaska – ...
91 Electrons Can Get Accelerated to Nearly the Speed of Light As They Interact With the Earth’s Magnetos...
92 DAS: A Seismic Shift in Sensing
93 New mineral discovered in moon meteorite
94 From rocks to icebergs, the natural world tends to break into cubes
95 Advancing FAIR Data in Earth, Space, and Environmental Science
96 Quake info: Moderate mag. 5.3 earthquake
97 Melting Glaciers Are Filling Unstable Lakes. And They’re Growing.
98 6.7-magnitude quake hits Greece's Samos island, injures 4
99 NASA Watches Sea Level Rise from Space, and Its Centers' Windows
100 42,000-Year-Old Trees Enable Accurate Analysis of Earth’s Last Magnetic Field Reversal