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1 Turkey may operate 5 airports in Afghanistan in right conditions | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 29 days ago
2 U.S. Military Focusing on ISIS Cell Behind Attack at Kabul Airport The New York Times 17 days ago
3 Before pullout, watchdog warned of Afghan air force collapse The Public's Radio 4 hours ago
4 'Tear gas and gunshots' Harrowing scenes grip Hamid Karzai International Airport Military Times 5 months ago
5 Afghanistan latest news as Taliban take charge: Live updates CNN 5 months ago
6 The Taliban now controls Kabul airport. How will it run it? Al Jazeera English 5 months ago
7 Triumphant Taliban parades at Kabul airport after US exit Al Jazeera English 5 months ago
8 Blast near Kabul airport Reuters UK 5 months ago
9 Turkey says Kabul airport issue to "take shape" in coming days Reuters 5 months ago
10 Repairs needed at Kabul airport before civilian flights can begin, Turkey says Reuters 5 months ago
11 Taliban Officials Say International Flights at Kabul Airport Will Resume The New York Times 4 months ago
12 Kabul airport reopens to receive aid, domestic flights restart Reuters 5 months ago
13 FAA says Kabul airport now uncontrolled, U.S. carriers barred from flights Reuters 5 months ago
14 Kaihan recounts daring final mission in Afghanistan WTLV-WJXX 3 days ago
15 As the U.S. Pulls Out of Afghanistan, Kabul’s Airport Is a Final Stand The New York Times 7 months ago
16 Inside the Final Hours at Kabul Airport Defense One 5 months ago
17 Turkey, Qatar continue to work on operation of Kabul airport: Akar | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 2 months ago
18 Fast-paced airport ground ops keeps evacuees moving United States Army 5 months ago
19 Afghan baby lost in Kabul airport chaos reunited with family La Prensa Latina 7 days ago
20 Rocket Attacks Hit Kabul Airport as Massive Evacuation Nears End 5 months ago
21 Satellite photos show final US evacuation efforts from Kabul airport in Afghanistan 5 months ago
22 Taliban deploys more than 2,500 troops to Sar-e-Pul to provide security ANI News 12 hours ago
23 Taliban warns of 'consequences' if U.S. extends evacuation past August Los Angeles Times 5 months ago
24 13 U.S. service members killed, 18 wounded in attack near Kabul airport, Pentagon says CNBC 5 months ago
25 Secure Management of Kabul Airport Remains Open Question Aviation International News 2 months ago
26 Terror threat: Americans at Kabul airport gates told to 'leave immediately' KVIA El Paso 5 months ago
27 Taliban solidify control around Kabul airport amid evacuations, US issues alert Hindustan Times 5 months ago
28 Turkey agrees to take control of Kabul international airport Airport Technology 8 months ago
29 The only way out: Scenes from the Kabul airport | Pictures 5 months ago
30 Video: An Inside Look: Kabul's Airport After the Taliban Takeover The New York Times 5 months ago
31 UAE competes with Qatar, Turkey in bid to operate in Kabul airport | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 2 months ago
32 Taliban Reject Foreign Military Role in Guarding Kabul Airport After Troop Exit Voice of America 7 months ago
33 An Afghan family's harrowing account of getting to Kabul's airport ABC News 5 months ago
34 US withdrawal caused millions of dollars damage to Kabul airport | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 4 months ago
35 US military's exit leaves Kabul airport uncontrolled, says FAA Airport Technology 5 months ago
36 Chaos at Kabul airport as Afghans try to flee — as it happened Deutsche Welle 5 months ago
37 As many as 5 rockets were fired on Kabul airport, says US official CNN 5 months ago
38 Kabul airport from above, where quiet follows day of chaos | Pictures Reuters 5 months ago
39 Chaos at Kabul airport from above | Pictures Reuters India 5 months ago
40 At Kabul Airport, 2000 Marines Provide Security and Process Evacuees Defense One 5 months ago
41 Qatar won't assume Kabul airport responsibility without clear deal | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 4 months ago
42 More Afghan pine nuts exported to China Global Times 7 days ago
43 A Taliban takeover, chaos at the airport: See how the collapse of Afghanistan unfolded USA TODAY 5 months ago
44 US to Keep Diplomatic Presence at Kabul Airport ‘as Long as It Is Safe’ Voice of America 5 months ago
45 Americans urged to 'shelter' as Taliban move in on Kabul airport New York Post 5 months ago
46 Satellite images show crowds at Kabul airport before two reported explosions 5 months ago
47 NATO says it is helping keep Kabul airport open for evacuations Reuters 5 months ago
48 US says drone strike foiled another Kabul airport attack Al Jazeera English 5 months ago
49 Maxar's WorldView-1 Captures General, Overhead Views Of Evacuation Chaos At Hamid Karzai Int'l Airport In Afghanistan – SatNews SatNews Publishers 5 months ago
50 US forces in control of Kabul airport allow India to operate two flights daily for evacuation India Today 5 months ago
51 Taliban 2.0? Changed visas, painted walls, new airport names hint at changed Afghanistan WION 4 months ago
52 Marines reportedly told to clean graffiti insulting Taliban at Kabul airport New York Post 4 months ago
53 The Taliban Have Kept Evacuees Stuck At Afghanistan Airport For Days NPR 5 months ago
54 See 'breathtaking' scale of evacuation effort at Kabul airport CNN 5 months ago
55 The U.S. failed in Afghanistan by trying to moralize with bullets and bombs The Conversation CA 9 days ago
56 Is Kabul airport the next Dien Bien Phu? Atlantic Council 5 months ago
57 First images emerge from scene of explosion near Kabul airport CNN 5 months ago
58 ‘We won’t get everyone out on time’ — What two veterans in Congress saw in Kabul Task & Purpose 5 months ago
59 UN to spend 5.1 billion dollars on 2022 aid for Afghanistan War Is Boring 7 days ago
60 In pictures: Aftermath of the Kabul airport attack | Pictures Reuters India 5 months ago
61 Qatar Says Efforts Underway to Reopen Airport in Kabul Voice of America 5 months ago
62 Qatar Cites Efforts to Reopen Airport in Kabul Voice of America 5 months ago
63 US Marine pictured holding a baby at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan 5 months ago
64 US airlifts 169 stranded Americans to Kabul airport as evacuations resume The Times of Israel 5 months ago
65 Air Force Reviewing Fatal Incident at Kabul Airport Where Crowd Rushed a C-17 5 months ago
66 A Secret CIA Gate at Kabul Airport Became an Escape Path for Afghans The Wall Street Journal 3 months ago
67 ‘Many died on the operating table’ — What Air Force search and rescue witnessed during the Kabul airport attack Task & Purpose 3 months ago
68 Flight Leaves Afghanistan With 28 US Citizens, 7 Permanent Residents NPR 4 months ago
69 Taliban violently block Australian citizens from Kabul airport evacuation flights The Guardian 5 months ago
70 7 Marines still hospitalized weeks after Kabul airport suicide bombing Marine Corps Times 4 months ago
71 Kabul Airport Attack Kills 13 U.S. Service Members, at Least 90 Afghans The Wall Street Journal 5 months ago
72 Firefight involving Western forces erupts amid Kabul airport evacuation chaos Reuters 5 months ago
73 Senior Afghan leaders to travel to Doha for talks with Taliban Reuters 6 months ago
74 ‘We kept on hearing gunshots’: my chaotic escape from Kabul’s airport The Guardian 5 months ago
75 These are the US service members killed in the Kabul airport attack Fox News 5 months ago
76 While U.S. Troops Searched Afghans in Kabul, a Bomber Moved In The New York Times 4 months ago
77 Taliban pledge all girls in schools soon Portland Press Herald 2 days ago
78 The latest on Afghanistan: Air Force to investigate Afghan deaths, human remains found in wheel well of C-17 that took off from Kabul airport Stars and Stripes 5 months ago
79 Near-empty charter flights depart Afghanistan as thousands of Americans remain trapped New York Post 5 months ago
80 An Afghan American scholar describes his fear-filled journey from the chaos at Kabul airport to a plane bound for home in the US The Conversation US 5 months ago
81 CENTCOM disputes Air Force account of attempted hijacking at Kabul airport during Afghanistan evacuation CNN 3 months ago
82 Firefight Kills Afghan Security Officer Outside Kabul Airport Voice of America 5 months ago
83 Minnesota National Guard Soldiers Leave Hamid Karzai International Airport KNSI 5 months ago
84 Soldier who helped secure Kabul airport with Toyota technical traded for dip gets promoted Task & Purpose 3 months ago
85 Kabul Airport Reopens to Receive Aid, Civilian Flights to Operate Soon, Says Qatari Envoy Voice of America 5 months ago
86 Baby saved by Marines at Kabul airport safely living with family in Arizona New York Post 4 months ago
87 Volunteers Scramble To Rescue Afghan Allies Abandoned By US Gov't The Federalist 5 days ago
88 Dogs at Kabul airport did not belong to US military, Pentagon says The Washington Post 5 months ago
89 Kabul airport videos raise troubling question: Why did US crew take off with men clinging to plane? 5 months ago
90 Fear Spreads in Kabul as Taliban Take Charge The New York Times 5 months ago
91 Everything We Know That The US Military Left Behind At Kabul Airport The Drive 5 months ago
92 At the chaotic Kabul airport, a Jewish group was this Afghan refugee’s lifeline The Times of Israel 5 months ago
93 Watch a US Marine take an Afghan baby to safety inside the walls of the Kabul airport Task & Purpose 5 months ago
94 Turkey most reliable country for Kabul airport mission: Hekmatyar | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 5 months ago
95 Congressman Cicilline Honors 13 US Servicemembers Who Lost Their Lives at Hamid Karzai International Airport | Congressman Clerk of the House 3 months ago
96 US concerned about 'very specific threat stream' from ISIS-K against crowds outside Kabul airport CNN 5 months ago
97 UK denies pushing to leave Kabul airport gate open before blast Al Jazeera English 5 months ago
98 Kabul international airport bombing leaves 60 dead, Afghan officials say; Australia suspends evacuation mission ABC News 5 months ago
99 IS kills Taliban's local intelligence chief of Bati Kot in Afghanistan Hindustan Times 7 days ago
100 Commercial flights suspended from Kabul airport Hindustan Times 5 months ago