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1 UAE competes with Qatar, Turkey in bid to operate in Kabul airport | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 10 days ago
2 Afghan Refugee Resettlement 6 days ago
3 High-altitude ISR proves vital in final hours of Operation Allies Refuge DVIDS 18 hours ago
4 About 500 Afghan refugees have arrived in Nebraska; resettlement agencies swamped Grand Island Independent 12 hours ago
5 Young Marines in Kabul Were Left to Run Final Days of Evacuation The New York Times 27 days ago
6 'Tear gas and gunshots' Harrowing scenes grip Hamid Karzai International Airport Military Times 4 months ago
7 Professor's son in viral photo from Afghanistan withdrawal Hillsdale Collegian 2 days ago
8 Blast near Kabul airport Reuters UK 3 months ago
9 Afghan woman's trek to escape Kabul with her daughter -- and her plea to help family stuck behind ABC News 27 days ago
10 Baby handed to US soldiers in chaos of Afghan airlift missing 29 days ago
11 Repairs needed at Kabul airport before civilian flights can begin, Turkey says Reuters 3 months ago
12 The Taliban now controls Kabul airport. How will it run it? 3 months ago
13 Triumphant Taliban parades at Kabul airport after US exit 3 months ago
14 As the U.S. Pulls Out of Afghanistan, Kabul’s Airport Is a Final Stand The New York Times 5 months ago
15 Turkey says Kabul airport issue to "take shape" in coming days Reuters 4 months ago
16 DU Eases Afghan Student's Escape with Family University of Denver Newsroom 2 days ago
17 Taliban soldier on tarmac of Hamid Karzai International Airport WDRB 3 months ago
18 Taliban Officials Say International Flights at Kabul Airport Will Resume The New York Times 3 months ago
19 Kabul airport reopens to receive aid, domestic flights restart Reuters 3 months ago
20 Inside the Final Hours at Kabul Airport Defense One 3 months ago
21 Rocket Attacks Hit Kabul Airport as Massive Evacuation Nears End 3 months ago
22 August 17, 2021, Afghanistan-Taliban news CNN 4 months ago
23 Taliban warns of 'consequences' if U.S. extends evacuation past August Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
24 Taliban bans forced marriage of women in Afghanistan Tulsa World 19 hours ago
25 Satellite photos show final US evacuation efforts from Kabul airport in Afghanistan 3 months ago
26 Fast-paced airport ground ops keeps evacuees moving United States Army 3 months ago
27 German president says Kabul airport chaos ‘shameful for the West’ 4 months ago
28 US urges Americans to avoid Kabul airport amid security concerns including Isis threats The Guardian 4 months ago
29 FAA says Kabul airport now uncontrolled, U.S. carriers barred from flights Reuters 3 months ago
30 'What is happening there is literally a holocaust:' Afghan couple escapes to Columbus The Columbus Dispatch 2 days ago
31 The only way out: Scenes from the Kabul airport | Pictures 4 months ago
32 Turkey agrees to take control of Kabul international airport Airport Technology 6 months ago
33 Taliban solidify control around Kabul airport amid evacuations, US issues alert Hindustan Times 3 months ago
34 Video: An Inside Look: Kabul's Airport After the Taliban Takeover The New York Times 3 months ago
35 Vermont National Guard soldiers return from missions in Afghanistan, Europe 3 days ago
36 13 U.S. service members killed, 18 wounded in attack near Kabul airport, Pentagon says CNBC 3 months ago
37 At Kabul Airport, 2000 Marines Provide Security and Process Evacuees Defense One 4 months ago
38 An Afghan family's harrowing account of getting to Kabul's airport ABC News 4 months ago
39 As many as 5 rockets were fired on Kabul airport, says US official CNN 3 months ago
40 US withdrawal caused millions of dollars damage to Kabul airport | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 3 months ago
41 Qatar won't assume Kabul airport responsibility without clear deal | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 3 months ago
42 Taliban Reject Foreign Military Role in Guarding Kabul Airport After Troop Exit Voice of America 6 months ago
43 After Authority Transition in Afghanistan, Airport Security Remains Top Priority Department of Defense 5 months ago
44 US military's exit leaves Kabul airport uncontrolled, says FAA Airport Technology 3 months ago
45 How Afghanistan's fall reshaped World Air Forces inventory Flightglobal 9 days ago
46 UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Omar Abdi's remarks at the UN Security Council Arria formula meeting on Addressing challenges of children without parental care in conflict settings UNICEF 18 hours ago
47 US to Keep Diplomatic Presence at Kabul Airport ‘as Long as It Is Safe’ Voice of America 4 months ago
48 A Taliban takeover, chaos at the airport: See how the collapse of Afghanistan unfolded USA TODAY 4 months ago
49 Taliban renames 'Hamid Karzai International Airport' as 'Kabul Airport': Afghan media Republic World 3 months ago
50 Taliban stop planes of evacuees from leaving but unclear why KCRG 3 months ago
51 Kabul Airport Attack Kills 13 U.S. Service Members, at Least 90 Afghans The Wall Street Journal 3 months ago
52 US airlifts 169 stranded Americans to Kabul airport as evacuations resume The Times of Israel 4 months ago
53 Americans urged to 'shelter' as Taliban move in on Kabul airport New York Post 4 months ago
54 Qatar Says Efforts Underway to Reopen Airport in Kabul Voice of America 3 months ago
55 Air Force Reviewing Fatal Incident at Kabul Airport Where Crowd Rushed a C-17 4 months ago
56 Qatar Cites Efforts to Reopen Airport in Kabul Voice of America 3 months ago
57 See 'breathtaking' scale of evacuation effort at Kabul airport CNN 4 months ago
58 NATO says it is helping keep Kabul airport open for evacuations Reuters 4 months ago
59 Kabul International Airport 'ready' to resume international flight services Airport Technology 2 months ago
60 Chaos at Kabul airport from above | Pictures Reuters India 3 months ago
61 Kabul Airport Reopens to Receive Aid, Civilian Flights to Operate Soon, Says Qatari Envoy Voice of America 3 months ago
62 What 2 veterans in Congress saw in Kabul amid the evacuation Task & Purpose 3 months ago
63 US forces in control of Kabul airport allow India to operate two flights daily for evacuation India Today 4 months ago
64 Maxar's WorldView-1 Captures General, Overhead Views Of Evacuation Chaos At Hamid Karzai Int'l Airport In Afghanistan – SatNews SatNews Publishers 4 months ago
65 Taliban 2.0? Changed visas, painted walls, new airport names hint at changed Afghanistan WION 3 months ago
66 Refugees from Afghanistan adjust to Tri-State after long journey Eyewitness News (WEHT/WTVW) 4 days ago
67 Clarissa Ward at Kabul airport: It's very hard being an American here CNN 4 months ago
68 Video shows infant handed over to Camp Pendleton Marine after they secure Kabul airport East Bay Times 4 months ago
69 Chaos at Kabul airport after city’s fall to the Taliban — in pictures 4 months ago
70 American thwarted on trip to 'very dangerous' Kabul airport said his family may wait for commercial flight ABC News 4 months ago
71 Secret Gate Used By Special Operators To Sneak Evacuees Into Kabul's Airport The Drive 3 months ago
72 Is Kabul airport the next Dien Bien Phu? Atlantic Council 4 months ago
73 ‘We kept on hearing gunshots’: my chaotic escape from Kabul’s airport The Guardian 4 months ago
74 The Taliban's unconvincing war on ISIS-K Asia Times 6 hours ago
75 First images emerge from scene of explosion near Kabul airport CNN 3 months ago
76 Refugee family that fled Afghanistan with Canada's approval is now stuck abroad in web of bureaucracy 6 days ago
77 Flight Leaves Afghanistan With 28 US Citizens, 7 Permanent Residents NPR 3 months ago
78 Senior Afghan leaders to travel to Doha for talks with Taliban Reuters 5 months ago
79 Dear spy 5 days ago
80 Near-empty charter flights depart Afghanistan as thousands of Americans remain trapped New York Post 3 months ago
81 Taliban violently block Australian citizens from Kabul airport evacuation flights The Guardian 4 months ago
82 Variants, boosters turn rich-poor vaccine gap into chasm 2 days ago
83 Turkey most reliable country for Kabul airport mission: Hekmatyar | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 3 months ago
84 Minnesota National Guard Soldiers Leave Hamid Karzai International Airport KNSI 3 months ago
85 Firefight Kills Afghan Security Officer Outside Kabul Airport Voice of America 3 months ago
86 Marines reportedly told to clean graffiti insulting Taliban at Kabul airport New York Post 2 months ago
87 The latest on Afghanistan: Air Force to investigate Afghan deaths, human remains found in wheel well of C-17 that took off from Kabul airport Stars and Stripes 4 months ago
88 Firefight involving Western forces erupts amid Kabul airport evacuation chaos Reuters 3 months ago
89 Fear Spreads in Kabul as Taliban Take Charge The New York Times 4 months ago
90 While U.S. Troops Searched Afghans in Kabul, a Bomber Moved In The New York Times 2 months ago
91 Evacuation at Hamid Karzai International Airport Air Force Link 4 months ago
92 Who Is Nicole Weiss, All About Staff Sgt. Taylor Hoover Girlfriend Get India News 2 days ago
93 US says drone kills suicide bombers targeting Kabul airport 3 months ago
94 Shocking 'Kabul Airport' video is actually from 2019 Dallas Cowboys game New York Post 4 months ago
95 A Secret CIA Gate at Kabul Airport Became an Escape Path for Afghans The Wall Street Journal 2 months ago
96 'Many died on the operating table' — What Air Force search and rescue witnessed during the Kabul airport attack Task & Purpose 2 months ago
97 August 28 Afghanistan-Taliban news CNN 3 months ago
98 The true story of how Army paratroopers traded dip for a Toyota gun truck used to secure the Kabul airport Task & Purpose 2 months ago
99 CENTCOM disputes Air Force account of attempted hijacking at Kabul airport during Afghanistan evacuation CNN 2 months ago
100 Kabul Airport's Abandoned Dogs Are Now On The Loose And The Taliban Want To Round Them Up The Drive 3 months ago