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1 "Be A Bit Fluffier": Human Rights Tribunal Finds Gender Bias Tainted Decisions Involving Female Leader
2 Ontario home care nurse alleges systemic discrimination in human rights complaint
3 New chief commissioner nominated for Ontario Human Rights Commission
4 Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Canada Provides Employers with Roadmap for Responding to Requests for Exemptions from Mask-Wearing Policies
5 Justice delayed: The decline of the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal under the Ford government
6 One mother’s human-rights victory over hardline COVID restrictions
7 Former Vancouver-based litigator Emily Ohler to chair B.C. Human Rights Tribunal
8 The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Introduces New Rules Of Procedure
9 First merits decision on role of human rights in COVID pandemic: Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
10 Human rights tribunal awards one of highest ever total remedies for family status case: lawyer
11 Ford government's changes undermine Ontario human rights tribunal's independence: experts
12 Starting a family cost me my job. No other Canadian should have to go through what I did
13 Human Rights Tribunal extended protected ground of citizenship to include permanent residency: Court
14 Ontario Human Rights Commission supporting Pride Hamilton in tribunal against city and police
15 Ontario, Canada: Human Rights Tribunal Finds Midwives Underpaid Due to Gender Discrimination
16 Ontario, Canada: Human Rights Tribunal Awards $120,000 Award for Discrimination in Hiring Process
17 Ontario Human Rights Tribunal upholds legal release, dismisses complaint
18 Political opinion about masks does not attract protection on the basis of creed
19 Appeal Court overturns Human Rights Tribunal decision in Ontario university admissions case
20 Upcoming Border Changes
21 Human Rights Tribunal Awards $35K in Damages to Six-Year-Old Black Girl Handcuffed by Peel Police at School
22 Human Rights Tribunal passes on public interest remedies in case of handcuffed child
23 This Windsor man took a rental discrimination case to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and won
24 Fairness vs. inclusion: Can Olympic leaders find balance in new rules for transgender athletes?
25 Singh hopes to build momentum on tour of Indigenous communities
26 Human Rights Tribunal Awards Significant Damages To Employee Who Acquiesced To Sexual Relationship With Supervisor
27 Black Metrolinx workers fired for failing background checks make their case before human rights tribunal
28 Ontario, Canada: Human Rights Tribunal Provides Guidelines on Conducting Sexual Assault Investigations
29 Is a mandatory mask a breach of human rights?
30 Broken Processes: Human Rights Tribunal Reminds Employers Of The Importance Of The Procedural Duty To Accommodate
31 Ontario human rights tribunal orders employer to pay $120,000 in damages to worker it didn’t even hire
32 What to look for in Ottawa's human rights tribunal appeals: an FAQ
33 'UNWILLINGLY RESIGN': Ex-reporter with twins wins human rights case against Napanee paper
34 Why Human Rights Code one-year limitation should not apply to sexual harassment
35 Mandatory Mask or Face Covering By-Law Not a Clear Violation of Human Rights
36 Ontario lawyers warn delays at provincial human rights tribunal could undermine cases
37 Mandatory Masking Not Discriminatory Where Refusal To Mask Based On Personal Preference
38 COVID-19 long-hauler files human rights complaint against former employer
39 Accommodation is Not Required for Personal Objections to Mask-Wearing Rules
40 Human rights tribunal puts anti-maskers on notice, saying complaints require proof of disability
41 Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario Seals Sexual Harassment Testimony Against Powerful Doctor
42 Rights tribunal orders Toronto bar to pay woman $10K after blocking her from bathroom in 2016
43 Legislative Assembly appoints human rights adjudicators
44 Lawyers frustrated by vacancies at Human Rights Tribunal
45 Healthcare Workers File Human Rights Complaint Against Nursing Home Chain and Provincial Government
46 Coronavirus: Ontario family files human rights application to visit son, 14, in group home
47 Summary Hearings
48 Toronto police officer says she faced years of sexist, racist retribution for reporting colleague
49 Naseem Mithoowani appointed an adjudicator on the Human Rights Tribunal of Canada
50 Only fully vaccinated members allowed in Timmins gym when it reopens Friday
51 Toronto student files Ontario human rights complaint against staffing cuts to alternative schools
52 Human rights commission urges province's justice sector to keep prison population low amid COVID-19
53 British Columbia, Canada: Recent Human Rights Tribunal Decisions Apply Stringent Test for Family Status Discrimination
54 Pride Hamilton files Human Rights Tribunal complaint against Hamilton police, city
55 White Paper On Modernizing Privacy Protection In Ontario
56 Reality of residential schools was always there for us to see: Cindy Blackstock
57 Human rights tribunal finds Toronto police officer endured 'significant' sexual harassment on the job
58 Police racially discriminated against six-year-old Black girl restrained and handcuffed at school
59 Pride Hamilton is facing police at human rights tribunal. The result will set a strong precedent
60 Politicization of senior appointments alarms Tribunal Watch Ontario | Gary Yee and Raj Anand
61 University of Waterloo discriminated against man with brain injury, poor grades, court rules
62 SEIU Local 2 has Submitted a Human Rights Complaint against
63 Discrimination Flowing From an Unreasonable & Inadequate Workplace Investigation
64 Faculty union execs at Algonquin College accused of sexism, racism
65 Ontario ticket holder wins Saturday’s $6 million Lotto 649 jackpot
66 Guidelines on conducting sexual assault investigations confirmed in Ontario
67 Ontario human rights tribunal awards $75K to teen sexual assault victim
68 INQUINTE.CA | Reporter wins “precedent-setting” human rights case
69 Court of Appeal finds University of Waterloo discriminated against disabled applicant
70 Record-Setting Damages Awarded By BC Human Rights Tribunal Following Racial Discrimination
71 ​​​​​​​Anatomy of a campus mental health crisis | Canada's National Observer: News & Analysis
72 Howard Levitt: Canada's first female head of cardiac surgery department was removed in clear case of discrimination
73 Human rights lawyer Ena Chadha named interim chief commissioner of OHRC
74 Mayor Keffer responds to community regarding Human Rights Tribunal case
75 Court Of Appeal Finds University Discriminated Against Disabled Student
76 Human Rights Commission asks for community buy-in as advocates voice scepticism over initiative with troubled Peel Police force
77 BC Human Rights Tribunal Makes Record-Shattering Award For Injury To Dignity
78 Cutting the ties of employment and liability
79 Is Simply Preferring Not To Wear A Mask Enough? The BC Human Rights Tribunal's Response
80 COVID-19 masks: BC worker's human rights complaint over face-covering rules dismissed
81 Human rights tribunal cancels hearings in police officer's sex harassment case
82 Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario orders government to end gender pay gap for midwives
83 New online system aims to combat delays and case backlogs in Ontario tribunals
84 Ontario has failed to keep mentally ill people out of segregation in jail: human rights commission
85 Ontario Human Rights Tribunal gains steam as alternative route for sexual assault cases
86 B.C. Human Rights Tribunal to hear complaint against UBC Okanagan
87 Valid settlement, release quashes discrimination claim
88 Ford government appoints new human rights commissioners, a surprise to the agency's leader
89 Gender discrimination in leadership positions at work
90 Ottawa slammed for seeking judicial review on Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision
91 Privacy, rights of workers with disabilities at issue in commercial dispute over alleged negligence
92 Consultation: Strengthening accountability for municipal council members
93 Midwives call on Ontario to close gender pay gap after human rights tribunal ruling
94 Timmins police, hospital named in Human Rights Tribunal application
95 Court of Appeal summaries (may 17-21, 2021)
96 Human Rights Violation Found To Arise From An Employee's Forced Complicity In A Sexual Relationship
97 Stealing “Indian” human rights in 2021 – Policy Options
98 Miscarriage is a disability, Ontario Human Rights Tribunal says
99 B.C. ordered to pay $964K to former correctional officer targeted for being Black
100 Ontario driving test wait-time policy 'discriminatory' to refugees, human rights tribunal finds