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1 Smarter electronics a step closer with nanotech advance
2 Wearable Brain-Machine Interface Turns Intentions into Actions | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
3 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Honors Dr. Cato T. Laurencin
4 Science News Releases
5 Germs That Build Circuits Germs That Build Circuits
6 Gordon Moore: The Man Whose Name Means Progress
7 Ultrathin semiconductors electrically connected to superconductors for the first time
8 NSF Names Georgia Tech Lead Institute of New Cross Disciplinary Center Focused on Integrated Photonics & Electronics: “Electronic-Photonic Integrated Circuits for Aerospace” (EPICA)
9 Georgia Tech Names Eric Vogel Executive Director of Institute for Materials | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
10 Adobe Cofounder Charles Geschke Dies at 81
11 Photonics News: Week in Brief: 07/30/21 | Business | Jul 2021
12 Novel method of imaging silicon anode degradation may lead to better batteries (w/video)
13 Oliver Brand assumes top post at Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
14 Leveraging the 5G Network to Wirelessly Power IoT Devices | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
15 Raychowdhury Appointed as Motorola Solutions Foundation Professor | School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology
16 Georgia Tech to lead new integrated photonics & electronics center
17 For The First Time, Electronics Printed On Paper Can Be Fully Recycled
18 MIT turns “magic” material into versatile electronic devices
19 Interdisciplinary Research Institutes | Research
20 Stretching changes the electronic properties of graphene
21 Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor
22 Covid-19 Mask Study Finds Layering, Material Choice Matter | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
23 MADISON HAHAMY Mark Reed, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Electrical Engineering, dies at 66
24 Diversity of application has been central to nanotechnology — is accessibility next?
25 Spintronics: Improving electronics with finer spin control
26 Two Northwestern Faculty Receive Inaugural Stoddart Award
27 Backscatter Breakthrough Runs Near-Zero-Power IoT Communicators at 5G Speeds Everywhere | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
28 Nanotech scientists create world's smallest origami bird
29 Understanding interfaces of hybrid materials with machine learning
30 Transistor-like device controls graphene's electronic properties – Physics World
31 Novel nanotech improves cystic fibrosis antibiotic by 100000-fold, research shows
32 Large-area Flexible Organic Photodiodes Can Compete With Silicon Devices | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
33 Taking graphene out of the laboratory and into the real world
34 Soft Wearable Health Monitor Uses Stretchable Electronics | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
35 Changing a 2D material's symmetry can unlock its promise
36 Engineers create a programmable fiber
37 IBM Introduces the World’s First 2-nm Node Chip
38 Scientists use nanotechnology to detect bone-healing stem cells
39 The LIGHT-CAP project will focus on new solutions for solar energy conversion and storage
40 ACS Nano special edition highlights innovations at KAIST
41 Emory shares in $18.2 million NIH award to continue work on COVID-19 tests
42 In Memoriam: Mark A. Reed, Professor of Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics
43 Nanotechnology Market Size 2021 Global Industry Statistics, Share, Analysis, Trends, Growth, Key Players and Research Development Report to 2027
44 Nanostructured device stops light in its tracks
45 Dave McDowell to Step Down as Director of the Institute for Materials (IMat) | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
46 Advance may enable “2D” transistors for tinier microchip components
47 Nanotechnology Advance Enables Tinier Transistors With Extraordinary Performance
48 Hidden Georgia Tech: The Cleanroom
49 Nanoscale Revelations Could Lower the Cost of Desalination
50 Use of perovskite nanomaterials will be a key feature of the next generation of electronic appliances
51 Georgia Tech chosen as Coordinating Office for National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
52 Adaptive microelectronics reshape independently and detect environment for first time
53 Extending Origami Into Untethered Robots and Morphing Devices | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
54 $25 Million Project Will Advance DNA-Based Archival Data Storage
55 Researchers improve efficiency of next-generation solar cell material
56 Tennessee Scientist Is First to Go on Trial on Charges He Hid Work in China
57 Research team demonstrates control mechanism for graphene
58 The latest nanotechnology advances for agriculture
59 Engineers mix and match materials to make new stretchy electronics
60 Editorial Working Groups
61 Researchers Create a Single-Molecule Switch – a Step Toward Ever-Smaller Electronics
62 Researchers develop quantum dot smartphone device to diagnose and track COVID-19
63 Can triboelectric nanogenerators find their niche?
64 MemComputing co-founder Dr. Massimiliano Di Ventra wins 2020 Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology
65 Ex-NASA Scientist Gets 30-Day Prison Term For Lying About China-Funded Program
66 Researchers Create Shiny Rainbows of Nanotech Chocolate
67 DNA origami enables fabricating superconducting nanowires: Fabricating nanoelectronic circuits of the future just got a lot more interesting, thanks to DNA origami
68 Bionic Muscles That Are Stronger, Faster, and More Efficient
69 Integrated lightwave electronics
70 Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials | Office for Research
71 Thermal waves observed in semiconductor materials
72 Academic partners
73 How to Stop Battery Explosions
74 How China Is The Future of Nanoscience
75 Robotic Flexing: Biologically Inspired Artificial Muscles
76 New Projects Create a Foundation for Next-Gen Flexible Electronics | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
77 Fireside chat with Don Eigler wraps up MIT.nano “Perspectives in Nanotechnology” seminars
78 In a nano-optics breakthrough, researchers observe sound-light pulses in 2D materials (w/video)
79 Scientists stabilize atomically thin boron for practical use
80 Report on Potential Risks of Nanotechnology in Electronics Needs a Second Draft
81 Georgia Tech Uses Nanotechnology to Create World's Smallest Ad
82 Graphene and Beyond: The Wonder Materials That Could Replace Silicon in Future Tech
83 Semiconductors News & Articles
84 Electromagnetic fields of nanostructures visualized in 3D for the first time
85 New advancement in nanophotonics explains how collections of hot nanoparticles cool down
86 Three Illinois faculty members elected to National Academy of Sciences | Illinois
87 New piezoelectric material remains effective to high temperatures
88 A big new home for the ultrasmall
89 Powerful Partnership Supercharges The Future | | SBU News
90 'Zebra stripe' patterns form on solidifying metal alloys – Physics World
91 A nanomaterial path forward for COVID-19 vaccine development
92 Graphene beam splitter gives electron quantum optics a boost – Physics World
93 World's first fibre-optic ultrasonic imaging probe for future nanoscale disease diagnostics
94 Asian Nanotechnology Breakthrough
95 NIFA Invests $15.5M in Food and Agriculture Cyberinformatics Tools to Boost Agricultural Production | National Institute of Food and Agriculture
96 Revealing nano big bang -- Scientists observe the first milliseconds of crystal formation
97 Stretchable Wireless Sensor Could Monitor Healing of Cerebral Aneurysms | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
98 Flexible electronics made with wood-based nanotechnology
99 Tiny Vibration-Powered Robots Are the Size of the World's Smallest Ant
100 Researchers Address Ways to Produce Tiny Batteries for Microelectronics