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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Russia's hack on the Institute for Statecraft exposes tactics in West INSIDER 2 years ago
2 The Week That Will Be Lawfare 21 hours ago
3 Psaki: 'Russia could at any point launch an attack in Ukraine' Politico 7 days ago
4 Can Russia back down in Ukraine? 3 days ago
5 What is the Institute for Statecraft thought to have been hacked by Russia? Sky News 3 years ago
6 In East European conflicts, Rome plays diplomatic role with aerial view Angelus News 20 hours ago
7 Shady Network of Fake Mossad Job Sites Targets Iranian Spies The Daily Beast 1 day ago
8 How US sanctions are fueling Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis 3 days ago
9 South Korea forges ahead with end-of-war declaration despite US reservations Financial Times 21 days ago
10 Biden faces criticism over Yemen after Saudi-led airstrikes kills dozens Business Insider 4 days ago
11 America's Asia Strategy Has Reached a Dead End Foreign Policy 16 days ago
12 President Biden signs defense spending authorization bill into law Marketplace 25 days ago
13 Russia-linked hack 'bid to discredit' UK anti-disinformation campaign Foreign Office 3 years ago
14 Prospects for quick resolution to Ukraine crisis dim as US and Russian diplomats meet in Geneva Washington Examiner 15 days ago
15 History As It Happens: The end of NATO Washington Times 8 days ago
16 Groups Warn US Lawmakers Against Fueling 'New Cold War' With China Common Dreams 4 days ago
17 Kim Jong Un’s January Missile-Test Barrage Is Fast but Not Furious The Wall Street Journal 7 days ago
18 Censured intelligence group Institute for Statecraft to offer degree The Times 2 years ago
19 'Fox News Sunday' on January 23, 2022 Fox News 2 days ago
20 Afghanistan’s Most Dangerous Threat: Why America Can’t Take on the Haqqani Network Alone Foreign Affairs Magazine 1 day ago
21 Biden’s cybersecurity policies praised despite persistence of ransomware Yahoo News 4 days ago
22 Kelly Grieco joins Atlantic Council as senior fellow Atlantic Council 21 days ago
23 Houthis Strike Abu Dhabi as Yemen War Drags On Foreign Policy 7 days ago
24 Biden pledged to make the Saudi crown prince a “pariah.” He hasn’t. 2 days ago
25 Scottish charity watchdog damns group that attacked integrity of politicians The Ferret 2 years ago
26 Yemen massacre sparks global outrage Tehran Times 3 days ago
27 Biden’s first year adds progressive shakeups to centrist foreign policy agenda The National 5 days ago
28 A 'Bright Path' Forward or a Grim Dead End? The Political Impact of the Belt and Road Initiative in Kazakhstan Foreign Policy Research Institute 19 days ago
29 Is China Putting 'Wolf Warriors' on a Leash? The Diplomat 3 days ago
30 Understanding Pakistan's National Security Policy Document | Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses 4 days ago
31 John Lough Presented His Recent Book on Germany's Russia Problem at ICDS ICDS 5 months ago
32 Amidst the escalating great power contest for cyberspace, President Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy gears up f The Times of India Blog 11 days ago
33 'Highly likely' GRU hacked UK institute countering Russian fake news Sky News 3 years ago
34 Combatting America’s crisis of despair by investing in brains Brookings Institution 22 days ago
35 Opinion | The Russia Sanctions That Could Actually Stop Putin POLITICO 4 days ago
36 Unsurprisingly, leaked files confirm the Foreign Office coordinates multi-agency propaganda programmes The Canary 11 months ago
37 U.S. has no real leverage in Kazakhstan Politico 19 days ago
38 UK Integrity Initiative heavily involved in Skripal affair World Socialist Web Site 3 years ago
39 Britain's secret propaganda “Integrity Initiative” targets Russia World Socialist Web Site 3 years ago
40 Secret Scottish-based office led infowars attack on Labour and Jeremy Corbyn Daily Record 3 years ago
41 Hacker-hit think tank spent quarter of public grant on salaries The Times 2 years ago
42 Nuclear Weapons, China, and a Strategic Defense Initiative for this Century The National Interest 7 days ago
43 Institute for Statecraft slams door in Labour MP's face The Canary 3 years ago
44 Modern Russian Statecraft: Neither New nor Hybrid, Part One smallwarsjournal 1 month ago
45 Foreign Office investigates reports that state-funded body targeted Corbyn The Guardian 3 years ago
46 'Your World' on US involvement as Russia-Ukrainian tensions grow Fox News 11 days ago
47 Can a New Think Tank Put a Stop to Endless War? The Nation 2 years ago
48 Statecraft and Strategy Under the Eroding Monopoly of Cyber Intelligence Council on Foreign Relations 5 months ago
49 Hack on British charity countering Russian disinformation probed by NCA Jersey Evening Post 3 years ago
50 'Vajpayee's statecraft is creative, imaginative': Executive Director of Lowy Institute Republic World 1 month ago
51 The Philippines: Economic Statecraft and Security Interests Can Save a Critical Alliance 10 months ago
52 The Overstretched Superpower: Does America Have More Rivals Than It Can Handle? Foreign Affairs Magazine 7 days ago
53 Want to Start a National Security Think Tank? Inkstick 3 months ago
54 Anti-propaganda website forced offline by hacking | Scotland The Times 3 years ago
55 US economic statecraft adrift as China seeks to join mega Asian trade deal Brookings Institution 4 months ago
56 UK government probes report it funded charity attacking opposition leader South China Morning Post 3 years ago
57 Judy Asks: Should the West Talk to the Taliban? Carnegie Europe 5 months ago
58 How Language Can Become a Bridge for Afghan Refugees Middlebury College News and Events 3 months ago
59 The Return of the Taliban: Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies Hosts Panel Discussion on Afghanistan Middlebury College News and Events 4 months ago
60 Infowars unit that attacked Jeremy Corbyn faces calls to close after damning watchdog report Daily Record 2 years ago
61 Treasury's promising start on reforming economic statecraft The Washington Post 3 months ago
62 New scholarship on Russia presented at the 2021 Virtual ASEEES Convention Institute of Modern Russia 1 month ago
63 If you thought the Cambridge Analytica scandal was big, wait till you see this The Canary 3 years ago
64 Trita Parsi: Biden efforts to APPEASE Israel FAIL, must choose between America's interests or Israel Yahoo News 1 month ago
65 Quincy Institute's Responsible Statecraft | The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies BU Today 2 years ago
66 Tory minister’s U-turn on infowars attack on Jeremy Corbyn smacks of Cold War dirty tricks Daily Record 3 years ago
67 Russia Is Right on the Middle East Foreign Policy 2 months ago
68 Opinion | The age of American privilege is over The Washington Post 5 months ago
69 Iran's hardliners working hard to revive the JCPOA Asia Times 28 days ago
70 Take a Tour of Current Democracy Scholarship at UVA, United by New Institute UVA Today 8 months ago
71 Hacker‑hit research group the Integrity Initiative is sorry for Jeremy Corbyn tweets The Times 3 years ago
72 Confronting the Challenge of Weaponized Corruption in the Black Sea Region and Beyond Foreign Policy Research Institute 3 months ago
73 As NATO Weighs Expansion in Eastern Europe, Russia Amasses Military on Ukraine Border Democracy Now! 2 months ago
74 Judy Asks: Is NATO Ready for China? Carnegie Europe 7 months ago
75 Labour's Chris Williamson warns of 'British interference' in Spain's national security affairs The Canary 3 years ago
76 Investigation into charity 'hacked by Russian state' Civil Society Media 3 years ago
77 Into The Grey Zone podcast: Episode Three Hack & Leak 8 months ago
78 Rep. Moulton's plan to defend Ukraine from Russia Politico 1 month ago
79 Johns Hopkins to launch degree program in cybersecurity and policy | TheHill The Hill 3 months ago
80 Ukraine: The Most Dangerous Problem in the World The Nation 2 months ago
81 Perspective | What do neoconservatives and the Quincy coalition have in common? The Washington Post 6 months ago
82 Less Than a Full Deck: Russia's Economic Influence in the Mediterranean Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 6 months ago
83 How Not to Win Allies and Influence Geopolitics: China’s Self-Defeating Economic Statecraft Foreign Affairs Magazine 9 months ago