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1 A Black Hole Emitted a Flare Away From us, but its Intense Gravity Redirected the Blast Back in our Direction
2 Assistant Professor – Physics Department in Dartmouth, MA for University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
3 Bonkers black hole discovery proves Einstein theory right 106 years later
4 What if the black hole at the center of the Milky Way is actually a mass of dark matter?
5 Colossal Flare Could Be First Evidence Energy Can Be Extracted From Black Holes
6 Ask An Astronomer: Prof P Ajith Explains His Work on Gravitational Waves, Digital Exhibition Cosmic Zoom and More | The Weather Channel
7 Fluffy ball of darkinos could be lurking at the center of the Milky Way
8 Maunakea observatories aid in detailing black hole
9 What is the centre of our galaxy, a supermassive black hole or a massive amount of dark matter?
10 Milky Way's central black hole could be a ball of dark matter – New Atlas
11 What if The Heart of The Milky Way Isn't Actually a Black Hole Like We Thought?
12 Scientists debate the existence of the Milky Way's supermassive black hole
13 Sagittarius A* Might Not Be a Black Hole After All, Hints Toward Dark Matter Mass
14 What's at the Center of the Milky Way?
15 Best of Last Week: Close-up of Ganymede, manipulated Twitter trends, protection for COVID-19 patients
16 A huge gamma-ray burst would be evidence that energy can be extracted from black holes
17 Testing Whether Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Is Right With a Record-Breaking Laser Link
18 Pictures from space! Our image of the day MSN
19 New dark matter map reveals cosmic mystery
20 Could Gamma-Ray Bursts Give Us Unlimited Energy
21 Big galaxies steal star-forming gas from their smaller neighbors
22 Bernard F. Schutz Elected as Fellow of Royal Society
23 What Do You Call a Bunch of Black Holes: A Crush? A Scream?
24 This is a wonderful time to work on black holes: astrophysicist Parameswaran Ajith
25 Astronomers See a “Space Jellyfish” – Stunning Cosmic Phenomenon
26 20 trailblazing women in astronomy and astrophysics
27 AAS Names New NASA-Affiliated Fellows, Legacy Fellows
28 Meteorites remember conditions of stellar explosions: Radioactivity in meteorites sheds light on origin of heaviest elements in our solar system
29 Research Snapshot: Vanderbilt astronomers lead preparation for supermassive black hole analysis
30 Emission from the blazar 1ES 1218+304 explored with NASA space telescopes
31 Stars That Race through Space at Nearly the Speed of Light
32 The Most Intimate Portrait Yet of a Black Hole
33 Supercomputers Assist Galactic Archaeology Efforts
34 Was Einstein wrong? Why some astrophysicists are questioning the theory of space-time
35 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to 3 Scientists for Work on Black Holes
36 LIGO and Virgo detect rare mergers of black holes with neutron stars for the first time
37 'The World Needs More Cowboys' Celebration June 22 in Jackson | News
38 Oregon State leading $17M effort to understand universe via low-frequency gravitational waves
39 New research adds a wrinkle to our understanding of the origins of matter in the Milky Way
40 Astronomers’ Polarized Image Shows Magnetic Fields at the Edge of M87’s Black Hole
41 Massive stars in the early universe may have been progenitors of super-massive black holes
42 Dark matter map reveals hidden bridges between galaxies
43 Finding "Missing" Matter: New Light on Baryonic Matter and Gravity on Cosmic Scales
44 Wormhole Tunnels in Spacetime May Be Possible, New Research Suggests
45 Astronomer reveals never-before-seen detail of the center of our galaxy: New image made using NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory hints at previously unknown interstellar energy source at the Milky Way center
46 Hunting for a Giant Black Hole, Astronomers Found a Nest of Darkness
47 Squishy Neutron Star Setback Dampens Hopes of Exotic Matter
48 Three Penn State faculty elected to National Academy of Sciences
49 Black Hole or No Black Hole: Astrophysics of Neutron Star Collisions
50 The Holy and the Broken
51 Hidden Dark Forces: A New Dimension in the Quest to Understand Dark Matter
52 Supermassive Black Holes Like to Eat, but Have a Variety of Table Manners
53 Scientists Use New Technology to Detect Signatures of Life Remotely
54 Not all theories can explain the black hole M87*
55 Black holes: The darkest objects in the universe
56 Establishing the origin of solar-mass black holes and the connection to dark matter
57 Galileo Galilei Medal for Alessandra Buonanno
58 New Model Raises Doubt About the Composition of 70% of Our Universe – Dark Energy May Simply Not Exist!
59 Black hole Nobel Prize winner Andrea Ghez is RIT's 2021 commencement speaker
60 Best View Yet of Exceptional Cosmic Explosion – Challenges Established Theory of Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Universe
61 Clearest images emerge of galaxies headed for collision on intergalactic 'highway'
62 What if Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist? Unique Prediction of “Modified Gravity” Challenges Dark Matter Hypothesis
63 Astronomers spot a 'blinking giant' near the center of the Galaxy
64 First images of the cosmic web reveal a myriad of unsuspected dwarf galaxies
65 “Hoinga” Surprise – Debris of Stellar Explosion Found at Unusual Location
66 Black physicist rethinks the 'dark' in dark matter
67 A New Type of Cataclysmic Event in the Cosmos: Astrophysicists Detect First Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers
68 NCSA Gravity Group Research Team Prepares Students for their Futures
69 Incredible Cosmic Conditions: Bringing Neutron Stars Down to Earth
70 Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole
71 Winner Takes All: Galaxies Headed for Collision on Intergalactic “Road of Matter”
72 Not All Theories Can Explain the Gargantuan Black Hole M87*
73 Einstein's theory of relativity just got 500X harder to beat
74 What happens at the center of a black hole?
75 Experimental Cosmologist Brian Keating
76 Mystery solved: Dust cloud led to Betelgeuse's 'Great Dimming'
77 What is a quasar? | Astronomy Essentials
78 “Heaviest Black Hole Collision” Detected by Gravitational Waves Might Actually Be a Boson Star Merger
79 Giant hidden black hole discovered only 1.4 billion years after the Big Bang | OUPblog
80 Using the International Space Station to Study Earth's Climate & Keep Our Planet Safe
81 Ask an Astronomer: Professor Prajval Shastri on First-Ever Image of Black Hole, Recent Breakthroughs, and More | The Weather Channel
82 RIT Outstanding Graduate Woman Achievement Award highlights Graduate Student Advisory Council leaders | RIT
83 Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Vital For GPS, Seen In Distant Stars
84 Vanderbilt astrophysicist part of international team that discovered a gargantuan ‘alien’ black hole th...
85 Catalog of Cosmic Cataclysms Helps Establish Gravitational Wave Astronomy | Research Horizons | Georgia Tech's Research News
86 Key Research Centers and Institutes | RIT
87 Astronomers agree: Universe is nearly 14 billion years old
88 NASA Astrophysics Advisory Committee (APAC) meeting cancellation
89 Unknown Physics on the Cosmic Scale? 1000 Supernova Explosions Chart the Expansion History of the Universe
90 Not Science Fiction: German Physicists Say Traversable Wormholes Possible
91 Origin of Solar-Mass Black Holes and the Connection to Dark Matter
92 Gravitational lenses could hold the key to better estimates of the expansion of the universe
93 Two NASA Scientists Honored as APS Fellows
94 Neil deGrasse Tyson Thinks Science Can Reign Supreme Again
95 Do Supermassive Black Holes Come From Supermassive Stars?
96 Long deserved: Pinoy physicists cheer Nobel Prize for black hole scientists
97 Largest supernova remnant ever discovered with X-rays
98 Ask an Astronomer: Professor Prajval Shastri on Basics of Enigmatic Black Holes, Unknown Mysteries and More | The Weather Channel
99 Warp drives: Physicists investigate faster-than-light space travel
100 Surprise! The ring around M87 galaxy's monster black hole wobbles over time.