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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Sick and tired: Research reveals toll of poor sleep among health care workers Science Daily 4 days ago
2 Masks not perfect, but do help, says local Colorado health chief: Tri-County's Douglas, data shed light on misconceptions Centennial Citizen 1 day ago
3 People with anxiety, depression may use 'sextech' to ease distress Futurity: Research News 9 hours ago
4 COVID-19 study celebrates public health measures Medical Xpress 10 days ago
5 Vaccine may give long-lasting immunity from COVID-19 Cosmos 6 days ago
6 The human impact of climate-intensified health risks Science X 2 days ago
7 Ghost towns and toxic fumes: How an idyllic California lake became a disaster CNBC 27 days ago
8 Concussion Market Size 2021 Growth Statistics, Industry Demand, Top Players Data, Consumption Status, Global Share, Upcoming Trends, Business Boosting Strategies, Revenue and Forecast 2027 – UK Parents Lounge UK Parents Lounge 17 hours ago
9 Database shows Missouri residents what contaminants are in their drinking water • Missouri Independent Missouri Independent 30 days ago
10 5 Fast, Energizing Breakfasts to Make on Thanksgiving Morning Everyday Health 9 days ago
11 Sitting more linked to increased feelings of depression, anxiety • News Service • Iowa State University Iowa State University News Service 25 days ago
12 Keeping food factories clean in tough times 1 day ago
13 What Does ESG Mean For Developers? D Magazine 30 days ago
14 How Does a Tragedy Like the Astroworld Festival Mass Casualty Happen? SELF 25 days ago
15 First study of its kind to investigate a high priority but little known pathogen found in Irish hospitals Science Daily 4 days ago
16 Nitrate in drinking water could cause up to 100 cases of bowel cancer per year in NZ Medical Xpress 25 days ago
17 'Exposure worry' study reveals nature of psychological impact on British nuclear test veterans Brunel University News 9 days ago
18 Equilibrium/Sustainability — Solar wind seeds 'airless worlds' with water | TheHill The Hill 1 day ago
19 Study highlights lifestyle medicine as potential solution to soaring health care costs for patients and payers Medical Xpress 25 days ago
20 Research roundup: Recent grants and publications for Emory faculty and staff Emory News Center 24 days ago
21 Faculty and Staff Notables The Den 1 day ago
22 Finding new ways of fostering public health in times of pandemic Free Press Journal 22 hours ago
23 The new normal is more normalized censorship Boulder Weekly 16 hours ago
24 Better office ventilation may boost worker brain power Safety+Health magazine 16 days ago
25 Toxins found in disposable plastic face masks may harm humans and the environment KLBK | KAMC | 6 hours ago
26 Health co-benefits of climate change mitigation depend on strategic power plant retirements and pollution controls 3 days ago
27 One's connection to nature examined in public health research | University of Hawaiʻi System News UH System Current News 3 months ago
28 Develop 10 Habits to Lead You Toward Happiness Samaritan Health Services 23 days ago
29 New way of identifying early risk of cardiovascular disease EurekAlert 17 hours ago
30 EWG scientists create new framework for using demographic data to evaluate cumulative cancer risk from tap water contamination EurekAlert 2 months ago
31 For teens, outdoor recreation during the pandemic linked to improved well-being EurekAlert 9 months ago
32 Increased use of household fireworks creates a public health hazard: Impacts are most pronounced in Southern California's low-income communities Science Daily 5 months ago
33 Muge Akpinar-Elci | School of Public Health Nevada Today 3 months ago
34 Study: Preservative Used in Pop-Tarts and Hundreds of Popular Foods May Harm the Immune System Environmental Working Group 8 months ago
35 Dearth of mental health support during pandemic for those with chronic health problems EurekAlert 5 months ago
36 October 2021: Harmonizing research vocabulary could spur discovery, collaboration Environmental Factor Newsletter 2 months ago
37 The 'idea': Uncovering the peatlands of the Congo Basin 13 hours ago
38 Medical Journals Call Climate Change the ‘Greatest Threat to Global Public Health’ The New York Times 29 days ago
39 Systems approach helps assess public health impacts of changing climate, environmental policies Science Daily 2 months ago
40 UNC Pre-Med Student Authors National Skin Cancer Study with Adam Goldstein, Kristen Jarman as Co-authors | Newsroom UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine 1 month ago
41 Cell phone use while driving may be tied to other risky road behaviors in young adults: Pattern of risky driving practices associated with impulsivity, including speeding and running red lights Science Daily 6 months ago
42 Housing environment influenced mental health during COVID-19 pandemic 2 months ago
43 Rehospitalization Increased With Delayed Home Health Care in Diabetes HealthDay 3 months ago
44 Georgia State Environmental Health Expert Selected for Prestigious EPA Committee Georgia State University News 6 months ago
45 Climate Change to Be Treated as Public-Health Issue The Wall Street Journal 3 months ago
46 Journey from smoking to vaping variable Otago academics 4 months ago
47 UC Berkeley Research Finds Cellphone Radiation is Linked to Increased Risk of Brain Cancer Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute 5 months ago
48 LGBTQ+ people in Kenya urgently need mental health support University of Michigan News 8 months ago
49 Lockdown led to positive lifestyle changes in older people EurekAlert 7 months ago
50 Setting the teeth on edge: Identifying the risk factors for tooth loss: Researchers identify oral bacteria as the major cause for periodontitis, a gum infection causing tooth loss Science Daily 3 months ago
51 Workaholism leads to mental and physical health problems EurekAlert 11 months ago
52 November 2021: The journal Environmental Health Perspectives aims to expand influence Environmental Factor Newsletter 1 month ago
53 Microplastics: What You Don't See That May Be Harmful Psychology Today 2 months ago
54 Researcher examines extreme heat, multiple sclerosis link University of Miami 4 months ago
55 What might increase COVID-19 vaccine willingness? NMSU professor's study may yield answers. Las Cruces Sun-News 3 months ago
56 Meth testing and decontamination industry urges clean-up companies to set best practice standards News-Medical.Net 3 months ago
57 Distinguished New Faculty Join YSPH's Department of Environmental Health Sciences Yale School of Medicine 2 months ago
58 How Bad Is Our Pandemic Drinking Problem? The New York Times 8 months ago
59 Beware! Academics are getting reeled in by scam journals — University Affairs University Affairs 5 years ago
60 California wildfires disproportionately affect elderly and poor residents, UCI study finds UCI News 6 months ago
61 Volunteer firefighters have higher levels of 'forever chemicals': Levels of potentially health-threatening chemicals rise with years of service Science Daily 7 months ago
62 You're more likely to fight misinformation if you think others are being duped EurekAlert 6 months ago
63 Researchers reveal new suicide prevention tools from survivors | Cornell Chronicle Cornell Chronicle 4 months ago
64 Inequities in asthma health for Native Hawaiian keiki | University of Hawaiʻi System News UH System Current News 3 months ago
65 Poorer mental health smolders after deadly, devastating wildfire: 2018 Camp Fire case study finds increased chronic psychological issues in the aftermath, such as PTSD and depression Science Daily 10 months ago
66 Long-term exposure to poor air quality increases COVID-19 risk, research finds 6 months ago
67 Pandemic Drinking: Drinking Habits, Isolation, and Stress SELF 2 months ago
68 Iowa’s public health workforce is burned out. Can it recover? The Gazette 2 months ago
69 How Grocery Stores Can Help Consumers Make Healthy Choices – Food Tank Food Tank 1 month ago
70 Thirdhand smoke exposure linked to fabric type, heat, and humidity EurekAlert 8 months ago
71 PLOS Global Public Health, charting a new path towards equity, diversity and inclusion in global health Speaking of Medicine and Health 6 months ago
72 Pandemic stress, boredom caused some PA residents to increase cigarette use Penn State News 8 months ago
73 Why have COVID-19 caseloads been comparatively low in Africa? 4 months ago
74 Air pollution spikes linked to lower test scores for Salt Lake County third graders EurekAlert 1 year ago
75 Study assesses Salmonella impact on consumers in Hungary Food Safety News 2 months ago
76 New research shows that brighter days make for better nights Newswise 2 months ago
77 Coca-Cola Funded Public Health Conferences in Effort to Shift Blame for Obesity, Study Says US Right to Know 1 year ago
78 Volunteer Firefighters Have Higher Levels of “Forever Chemicals” Rutgers Today 7 months ago
79 Peden Named Inaugural Editor-in-Chief of New AAAAI journal | Newsroom UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine 5 months ago
80 Study Says Up to 75% Of Plastics From Detergent Pods Enter The Environment, Industry Says They Safely Biodegrade Forbes 4 months ago
81 Detergent Pods: Not As Eco-Friendly As Advertised Fronteras: The Changing America Desk 4 months ago
82 Paw hygiene no reason to ban assistance dogs from hospitals EurekAlert 9 months ago
83 The scariest thing about Halloween may be what's lurking in candy Environmental Working Group 1 month ago
84 Army occupational health expert discusses teleworking impacts on health DVIDS 2 months ago
85 South Korea data helps create framework to identify COVID-19 vulnerable areas worldwide EurekAlert 8 months ago
86 Outdoors and health: Science Says Omniscience 5 months ago
87 Is your child a fussy eater? Science Daily 2 months ago
88 Rutgers study finds higher levels of 'forever chemicals' in volunteer firefighters News-Medical.Net 7 months ago
89 Hormel Institute: Research suggests biofuels reduce cancer risk KAAL 5 months ago
90 Scientists need to better communicate the links between pandemics and global environmental change 3 months ago
91 Cruise ships must be effectively regulated to minimise serious environment and health impact EurekAlert 2 months ago
92 In the social distancing era, boredom may pose a public health threat Science News 10 months ago
93 Study explores the implementation of TWH approach in Latin America 8 months ago
94 Poor iodine levels in women pose risks to fetal intellectual development in pregnancy Science Daily 7 months ago
95 UCLA-led study reveals 'hidden costs' of being Black in the US EurekAlert 9 months ago
96 38 Ways to Measure Awe and Connectedness to Nature Psychology Today 3 months ago
97 Hyena scavenging provides public health and economic benefits to African cities Science Daily 2 months ago
98 PLOS Sustainability and Transformation: A Peer-Reviewed Open-Access Journal PLoS Blogs 7 months ago
99 Air quality and mortality: An under-researched pollution type Medical News Today 4 months ago
100 Positive messaging plays a key role in increasing COVID-19 mask compliance UNC News : UNC News 10 months ago