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1 The U.S. says humans will always be in control of AI weapons. But the age of autonomous war is already here.
2 U.S. says humans will always be in control of AI weapons. But the age of autonomous war is already here.
3 Stop the emerging AI cold war
4 The Need for and Elements of a New Treaty on Fully Autonomous Weapons
5 An Enduring Impasse on Autonomous Weapons
6 U.S. commission cites 'moral imperative' to explore AI weapons
7 Towards a Regulation of Autonomous Weapons – A Task for the EU?
8 Autonomous weapons that kill must be banned, insists UN chief
9 Hong Kong protester given 9-year term in 1st security case
10 Libyan Fighters Attacked by a Potentially Unaided Drone, UN Says
11 Protester given nine-year term in first security case
12 The Week that Will Be
13 Digital Brief powered by Facebook: Pegasus affair, Schrems III, online anonymity questioned
14 Accountable Autonomy: When Machines Kill
15 Was a flying killer robot used in Libya? Quite possibly
16 Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems at the First and Second U.N. GGE Meetings
17 A Military Drone With A Mind Of Its Own Was Used In Combat, U.N. Says
18 Inside the United Nations’ effort to regulate autonomous “killer robots”
19 Turkish drone sets off international buzz over 'killer robots'
20 World
21 Libya: A human target is shot down for the first time by a drone
22 Putin Urges AI Limits — But for Thee, Not Me?
23 Human Rights and Democracy: 2020 Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office report
24 Next: 1. Worries about developments in AI
25 We can't let China rule artificial intelligence, US congresswoman tells European Parliament
26 Office for Nuclear Regulation Annual Report and Accounts 2020 to 2021
27 Kaseya will patch on Sunday, as the US considers its response. Cyberattack in Ukraine? More ransomware. Assange's extradition.
28 How Brazil Spun the Atom
29 The Guide to Sanctions
30 US Govt Panel: Don’t Ban AI-Powered Autonomous Weapons
31 Congressional Panel: We Have a 'Moral Imperative' to At Least Consider Building a Terminator
32 Opposition to Lethal Autonomous Weapons Remains Strong: Survey
33 U.N.'s Guterres urges ban on autonomous weapons
34 Russia's Checkmate Light Tactical Fighter Is Officially Unveiled (Updated)
35 Drone Swarms Are Getting Too Fast For Humans To Fight, U.S. General Warns
36 Banning Autonomous Weapons Is Not the Answer
37 Q&A on Fully Autonomous Weapons
38 Statement to the CCW Consultation on lethal autonomous weapons systems
39 National security commission led by ex-Google CEO urges US to ignore calls to ban autonomous weapons
40 Turkish defense company says drone unable to go rogue in Libya
41 Kashmir: From Demographic Majority to Political Minority
42 Amid NSO Fallout, Israel Hosts Cyber Week Confab Highlighting Record Funding Year
43 Possible First Use of AI-Armed Drones Triggers Alarm Bells
44 Not smart enough: The poverty of European military thinking on artificial intelligence
45 Autonomous weapons and international law
46 Pentagon Is Clinging to Aging Technologies, House Panel Warns
47 Pentagon to Adopt Detailed Principles for Using AI
48 New Laws Are 'Probably Needed' to Force US Firms to Patch Known Cyber Vulnerabilities, NSA Official Says
49 Big Tech is fueling an AI "arms race": It could be terrifying — or just a giant scam
50 The future of US AI policy may hinge on a pretend war against a fictional China
51 AI regulations: “The starting package"
52 Ex-Google CEO Advocates For Autonomous Defence and AI Weapons To Get Ahead of Chinese and Russian Threats
53 James Meek · Who holds the welding rod? Our Turbine Futures · LRB 15 July 2021
54 WATCH: FOX Nation's Johnny Joey Jones shares powerful message of hope for all Americans
55 Services Infusing AI into Air Land Sea Robots
56 Silencing the Guns on the Banks of Lake Victoria
58 Can A.I. bring back the three-martini lunch?
59 Want To Worry About AI? Then Worry About This…
60 Japan's Defense Industry Faces Challenges as China Threat LoomsYour browser indicates if you've visited this
61 Why the government must help shape the future of AI
62 US-EU Summit Statement
63 Questions & Answers: EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement
64 Harbor defense program aids international interoperability
65 2020 Year-End Sanctions and Export Controls Update
66 Nuclear cost estimates spike 28 percent
67 New Tech, New Threats, and New Governance Challenges: An Opportunity to Craft Smarter Responses?
68 A Feminist Future Begins By Banning Killer Robots
69 Controlling killer robots: how do we do it?
70 Don’t worry, the earth is doomed
71 German military has no plans to acquire robot weapons
72 Bird & Bird: should Autonomous Weapons Systems be Banned?
73 Europe and AI: Leading, Lagging Behind, or Carving Its Own Way?
74 'Robocop,' the AI race, and ethics of creating killer robots | TheHill
75 Commentary: Are China, Russia winning the AI arms race?
76 Fully autonomous 'mobile intelligent entities' coming to the battlefields of the future
77 'Redacted'
78 Ex-Google worker fears 'killer robots' could cause mass atrocities
79 Autonomous AI Drones Hunt Soldiers | Avast
80 A beginner's guide to AI: Policy
81 Should 'Killer Robots' Be Banned?
82 Security center explores the 'Autonomous Future' through interdisciplinary lens | Penn State University
83 Davidson: China Could Try to Take Control of Taiwan In 'Next Six Years'
84 The secret to NATO's survival: Get political
85 To understand autonomous weapons, think about electronic warfare
86 Study Sheds Light on Chinese Directed Energy Program
87 The Future of AI, Ethics, and Defense
88 Killer robots: The soldiers that never sleep
89 Europe’s digital sovereignty: From rulemaker to superpower in the age of US-China rivalry
90 Attack on the killer robots
91 Machine politics: Europe and the AI revolution
92 The start of new rules for autonomous weapons
93 Amazon, Microsoft, 'putting world at risk of killer AI', Dutch NGO warns
94 Ethics for the AI-enabled warfighter — the human 'Warrior-in-the-Design' | TheHill
95 Mental health care in the military: An opportunity for progress
96 Algorithms: How they can reduce competition and harm consumers
97 Ethics of AI: Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence
98 The danger of Trump’s new sanctions on the International Criminal Court and human rights defenders
99 EU struggles to go from talk to action on artificial intelligence
100 Experts Say the 'New Normal' in 2025 Will Be Far More Tech-Driven, Presenting More Big Challenges