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1 Israel State Archives releases declassified documents for Yom Kippur War anniversary
2 'Unpleasant' war crimes: The secret docs Israel insists on censoring
3 Colonialism in the Israel State archives
4 World will ‘throw us to the dogs’: Yom Kippur War papers reveal Golda’s despair
5 Kippur War files reveal the Egyptian spy who saved Israel and Golda's Soviet fears
6 Yad Vashem at risk due to reliance on donations, Israel's state watchdog says
7 These are the top secret documents Israel is hiding in its archives
8 Israel State Archives refuses information request on settlements
9 Israel's State Archives demand all state-related documents be handed in
10 Anti-Israel Google, Amazon protest accused of ‘astroturf’ BDS campaign
11 The man who sold the war – Mondoweiss
12 Librarians are asking how to turn their archives into weapon
13 Rare photos released of Babyn Yar massacre
14 Three plans to deal with Iran's nuclear program: Which one will go into effect?
15 PHOTOS: Colin Powell, 1937-2021 | News |
16 Sunburn — The morning read of what's hot in Florida politics — 10.19.21
17 Fire Burns in Santiago Amid Anniversary Protests
18 What secrets is Israel's state archive hiding from the public?
19 The Inside Story of Axel Springer’s Cutthroat Deal to Buy Politico
20 What Lebanon, Hong Kong, and Afghanistan Have Lost
21 'Netanyahu's shredding of docs is unprecedented and undemocratic'
22 When the Shin Bet chief warned that educated Arabs are a 'problem' for Israel
23 Israel: Nearly 10,000 files vanish from state archives
24 Revealed: How UK covered up killings of Jews in pre-state Palestine
25 Police covered up deaths in Mandatory Palestine, new documents show
26 Israel secretly detained innocent Palestinians in remote desert camps in Sinai
27 PODCAST: The Israeli researchers unearthing their country's dark past
28 Israel's state archivist opens up about censorship, digitization
29 Pre-Holocaust Jewish communal records saved from the auction block
30 Was Shin Bet deterred by a murderer?
31 Israel claimed its 1967 land conquests weren't planned. Declassified documents reveal otherwise
32 Israel says 1967 land conquests weren’t planned. Declassified documents tell a more complicated story.
33 Israel's chief archivist wants to declassify as many documents as possible, then post them online
34 Hundreds of state documents on Yom Kippur War declassified
35 Ben-Gurion's uncensored diary revealed: 'Pester and motivate the refugees to move eastward'
36 Netanyahu's shredded documents: Making files disappear is a tradition for departing Israeli leaders
37 The reel thing: New online film archive launches in Israel
38 The Americanization of the Israeli-Palestinian Debate
39 National Library of Israel, UAE counterpart sign MoU
40 What the Ben & Jerry’s Decision Reveals About Israel
41 Poland’s ‘legislation’ of Holocaust history vs. Netherlands’ open-access archive
42 Israel State Archives reveal: The secret protocols of Munich Olympics massacre
43 They tried to make Aliyah, but never survived the journey
44 The New Word Defining the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
45 Israel's Netanyahu shredded official documents ahead of Bennett taking office
46 ‘Arbitrarily’ marking papers secret, state created enduring kidnapping mystery
47 When the Haganah Trained on the Beaches of Tel Aviv
48 Archive of pre-state Jewish population offers glimpse of founding generation
49 Vanishing in the Desert, Traditional Bedouin Culture Lives Online
50 How buddies-in-chief sway US presidents, from the Civil War to Israel’s creation
51 Unique Bedouin archive finds home at National Library of Israel
52 Thousands rally in US in support of Palestinians
53 Are online sales of pre-Holocaust communal records their doom or salvation?
54 How Israel tormented Arabs in its first decades – and tried to cover it up
55 How Israel quashed efforts to recognize the Armenian genocide – to please Turkey
56 Burying the Nakba: How Israel systematically hides evidence of 1948 expulsion of Arabs
57 Don't Take the Narrow View of What's Happening in Gaza
58 High Court denies petition calling for release of Israeli secret service documents on Mizrahi protests
59 Ramallah exhibition presents historical 'Palestine from above' | | AW
60 Rare Israeli Bedouin audio archive digitized to boost study of nomadic society
61 Was Israeli looting in '48 part of a broader policy to expel Arabs?
62 Israel State Archives enlists to rehabilitate Golda Meir’s image
63 U.S. and E.U. security officials wary of NSO links to Israeli intelligence
64 IDF Archive allows Israelis to copy declassified documents
65 Israel vows to ‘act aggressively’ against Ben & Jerry’s
66 Rare 1986 document reveals Biden's views on Israel and Saudi Arabia
67 Rare documents from 1986 meeting reveal Biden's initial views on Israel
68 Israel opens database with 400,000 declassified documents on Yemenite Children Affair
69 First came the Farhud: The 2-stage ethnic cleansing of Iraqi Jewry
70 The U.S. Can Neither Ignore nor Solve the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Washington Must Actively Manage a Dispute It Can’t End
71 Anastasia Gorbenko Sinks 3 Israel Records, Hits Another Olympic "A" Cut
72 Clinton Bailey Archive of Bedouin Culture comes to National Library of Israel
73 Rouhani confirms Israeli heist of Iran’s nuclear archive
74 Netanyahu’s Secret Formula for Staying in Power
75 The story of Israel’s first trans woman, who resorted to operating on herself
76 Israel & Palestine: A History Of Conflict In 8 Key Episodes
77 Breaking the Israel-Palestine Status Quo
78 Mikveh Israel Archives 'a Mirror of Today'
79 Nasser and the Palestinians :: Middle East Quarterly
80 70 years later, these Holocaust survivors' names are still tarnished
81 Opinion | How Netanyahu vs. Israel's Change Coalition Is Like Trump vs. Biden
82 Newly Digitized Freedmen's Bureau Records Help Black Americans Trace Their Ancestry
83 Documentary Producers Warn against 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Iraqi Jews' Story as US Ponders Return of Rare Archives
84 A Liberal Zionist’s Move to the Left on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
85 The Canaanite files: How Israel's security service spied on political activists
86 Naftali Bennett Would Be Israel's First Religious Prime Minister
87 Jerusalem Mufti's Personal Diary Revealed in New Book
88 Never-before-seen aerial photos of pre-state Israel taken by a Nazi pilot
89 The Costly Success of Israel’s Iron Dome
90 Opinion: Palestinian leaders care more about destroying Israel than creating a new state next to it
91 Israel doubles down on booster shots as daily Covid cases set new record
92 After uploading 28,000 historical images, Wikimedia signs deal with National Library of Israel
93 Israel’s Spy Agency Snubbed the U.S. Can Trust Be Restored?
94 Opinion | The Nazi-Fighting Women of the Jewish Resistance
95 Two National Records and a New Olympic "A" Cut Wrap Israel Olympic Trials
96 Secretary of State Blinken heads to the Middle East on the heels of Israeli-Palestinian violence
97 It's Time to End the 'Special Relationship' With Israel
98 Israel State Archives declassifies 1970s Egypt-Israel peace docs that read like today’s headlines
99 The U.S. calls for ‘calm’ between Israelis and Palestinians. But it’s part of the problem.
100 Zionism cannot produce a just peace. Only external pressure can end the Israeli apartheid.