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1 Sinjar Agreement yet to be implemented, says Kurdish Peshmerga official
2 Peshmerga Ministry delegation visits Washington, demonstrating US commitment
3 Kurdistan Peshmerga forces receive 50 vehicles from US-led Coalition
4 Kurdistan Peshmerga forces receive 70 armored vehicles from US-led coalition: Coalition official
5 Kurdistan Peshmerga forces receive another 61 armored vehicles from US-led coalition: official
6 Iraq military, Kurdish Peshmerga forces launch joint campaign against Daesh
7 PKK-affiliated fighters in Iraq's disputed Sinjar leave group, seek ties with Peshmerga
8 Iran Ups Pressure on Kurdish Rebels
9 Admit It: The United States Has Already Lost in Syria
10 Kurds in Kirkuk arrested after celebrating...
11 PKK denies killing two Peshmerga in Duhok
12 KRG condemns former Iraqi PM statement on 2017 assault on Kirkuk
13 On the anniversary of the independence referendum, Kurdish independence not a question of 'if,' but 'when'
14 Iraqi Kurd Soldier Killed by PKK Rebels: Mayor
15 Iraqi Militia Attacks Against Kurdish Peshmerga Benefit The Islamic State
16 America Lost Afghanistan: Is Iraq Next?
17 Fighting intensifies between Peshmerga and PKK in northern Iraq
18 For first time, two Kakayi women win two seats in Iraqi parliament
19 Kurds hope to double representation in German parliament
20 The Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga are finally teaming up against the Islamic State
21 A PKK-Peshmerga clash bruises the Kurdish cause
22 Politicians' displeasure with PDK: Do not become tool at Turkish State hands
23 Iraqi and Kurdish prime ministers discuss election tensions in Kirkuk
24 Mapping power in the Shiite street after Iraq's election
25 US-led coalition to arm new joint brigades of Peshmerga, Iraqi military: Kurdish official
26 Kurdistan Peshmerga forces receive roughly 70 vehicles from US-led Coalition
27 Kurdistan Peshmerga forces receive 20 armored vehicles, 30,000 magazines: Coalition official
28 Coalition committed to Kurdish Peshmerga forces: official
29 Dutch colonel advocates for Peshmerga reform as he departs Kurdistan Region
30 Anti-ISIS coalition pays $53 million in Peshmerga salaries
31 Iraqi Army, Kurdish Peshmerga to form joint brigades in disputed territories: Official
32 Kurdistan Region calls for unity against ISIS threats
33 KRG condemns Iraqi politician for 'insulting' Kurdish Peshmerga
34 Iraq holds early voting ahead of parliamentary elections
35 Kurdish Militants Kill Iraqi Kurdish Soldier: Sources
36 Iraqi forces, Peshmerga launch joint anti-ISIS operation in disputed territories
37 Karasû discloses a secret information of involvement of Leşkerê Roj mercenaries in Xelîfanê ambush
38 33 Years After the Anfal Campaign, Iraq's Kurds are Still Vulnerable
39 Kurd vs Kurd: Fears of full-scale war rise in northern Iraq
40 Peshmerga launch operation against ISIS in Garmiyan area
41 Deadly attacks stoke KDP-PKK tensions in Iraqi Kurdistan
42 Iranian commander warns Iraqi Kurdish government about harboring opposition
43 Coalition drives to build Iraqi Kurdistan’s Peshmerga into a self-sustaining force
44 Profile: Who are the Peshmerga?
45 Peshmerga killed in overnight ISIS attack in Garmiyan area
46 Casualties reported in new PKK-Peshmerga clashes north of Kurdistan's Erbil province
47 Iranian-backed militias accused of targeting Kurds in Iraq
48 Kurdistan Peshmerga forces receive 98 vehicles through US Counter-ISIS program
49 Following Deadly Attack, Iraqi Kurds Call for Better Coordination in Countering IS
50 Deputy coalition commander, President Masoud Barzani stress importance of Peshmerga-Iraqi coordination
51 Peshmerga condemn Iraqi militia accusation of...
52 PKK explosives injure Peshmerga in Iraq’s Duhok | Daily Sabah
53 Kurdistan Peshmerga announce 'final' deal with Iraq for joint forces in disputed territories
54 Coalition Forces Meet with Peshmerga and ISF to Coordinate ISIS Fight
55 Source: 3 bombs set by PKK kill 2 Peshmerga, wound 'several others' in Kurdistan Region's Duhok
56 UN envoy urges Kurdistan Region to move ahead with Peshmerga unification
57 Dutch citizen accused of wanting to join Kurdish forces denied bail
58 Tensions grow between Syrian Kurdish parties over return of Rojava Peshmerga
59 Peshmerga commander warns 'security vacuum' enabling ISIS movements
60 Power struggle in Kurdish region of Iraq raises questions
61 Turkish Operation Increases Conflict Among Kurds in Iraq
62 KRG deputy minister urges US-led coalition to condemn YPG attack on Peshmerga | Daily Sabah
63 A de facto regional alliance is forming against the PKK
64 US envoy to Iraq 'commends' KRG Peshmerga reforms
65 Iraqi minister presses Kurdish Peshmerga to expel PKK
66 Iraq army official denies Kurdish forces' return to Kirkuk
67 Iraqi Kurds Keep Faith in US Despite Drawdown
68 Uniting KDP, PUK Peshmerga units requires...
69 Afghanistan Fall Renews Kurdish Fears of US Withdrawal in Iraq, Syria
70 PKK terrorist group attack Peshmerga outpost in northern Iraq | Daily Sabah
71 Deputy commander of US-led coalition vows continued support for Kurdistan Region Peshmerga
72 Game of Thrones in Iraqi Kurdistan
73 IRAQ : Pentagon concerned about Peshmerga's slow unification
74 Kurdish Peshmerga Launch Massive Anti-ISIS Operation – Homeland Security Today
75 Why Iraqi Kurdistan won't suffer the same fate as Afghanistan
76 Peshmerga forces diffuse explosives planted by PKK on road in Kurdistan Region's Duhok: Source
77 When the Kurdish Peshmerga Fights Like an Army, It Loses
78 Almost 30,000 Peshmerga fighters unpaid for two...
79 Peshmerga not returning to Kirkuk city: senior Kurdish official
80 Why the US should stay in Iraq
81 The Russian widows of first generation Peshmerga
82 Peshmerga minister urges Iraq's PM to 'directly engage' on security cooperation in disputed areas
83 Coalition 'very happy' with Peshmerga reform, Kurdish-Iraqi coordination
84 Iraqi, Peshmerga forces near agreement on deal for joint brigade budget
85 Iraqi, Peshmerga forces plan to establish new joint media center in fight against ISIS
86 Iraqi Kurdish officials call Iran's Soleimani film 'insult' to Peshmerga
87 Oklahoma man sent to prison for smuggling guns to Kurdish freedom fighters
88 Peshmerga leader says ISIS cells bombed 28 times near Makhmour
89 Rocket attack targets Kurdish Peshmerga forces on Kirkuk-Erbil border
90 Former PKK commander describes Asayish assassination, Peshmerga killings in Kurdistan Region Security Council video
91 Iraqi forces, Kurdish Peshmerga start new round of talks, Iraqi State TV says
92 Two candidates in Iraqi election are backed by PKK: Peshmerga commander
93 Kurdish Parties Differ over Return of Syrian Peshmerga
94 PKK attack Peshmerga position at Mount Matina in Duhok
95 Kurds Warn of Growing Islamic State Capabilities in Iraq
96 Why PKK & Peshmerga Locking Horns
97 Kurdish Peshmerga: Divided from Within
98 Turkey urges neighbors to stop supporting PKK terrorists | Daily Sabah
99 Iran threatens US Kurdish allies in Iraq | TheHill
100 Survivors of the Anfal Kurdish genocide long for closure