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1 PKK stood against KRG from beginning, Barzani says | Daily Sabah
2 Kurdistan Region PM outlines current key KRG policies at MERI Forum 2021
3 Iraq: Kurdistan Regional Government Makes Third Monthly Payment
4 UAE's Crescent may export Kurdish gas in about 5 years after fulfilling local needs
5 An independent Kurdistan is the best bet to contain ISIS | TheHill
6 Kurdistan Regional Government's COVID-19 information webpage wins international award
7 Advice letter: Lee Cain, commission with Kurdistan Regional government
8 Kurdistan Region approves new project to develop services in rural Rania
9 Baghdad to send over one million liters of gasoline to Erbil daily in November: KRG
10 Q&A: Begard Talabani, KRG Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources
11 Dana Gas says payments from KRG jump by 77%
12 KRG financial data shows it spends millions more than it brings in
13 Iraqi, Kurdish officials speak on hopes and challenges during Iraqi elections
14 USIP, KRG foreign relations sign MoU on bilateral ties
15 Kurdistan Region to focus on Peshmerga in negotiations to form next Iraqi government
16 Turkey resumes deforestation in Kurdistan Region: sources
17 KDP in talks with Iraqi, Kurdish parties ahead of government formation
18 Iraq should seek non-military relations with the US: President Barzani
19 Washington to encourage US investment in...
20 KRG cut over 18000 illegal power lines in two years: minister
21 New silo ready to store Kurdistan Region wheat
22 Iraqi and Kurdish prime ministers discuss election tensions in Kirkuk
23 In Iraqi Kurdish city, women gain power without parity
24 IRAQ/UNITED STATES/UNITED KINGDOM : KRG communications service armed from London and Washington
25 Kurdistan Region has granted licenses to over 40 large industrial projects in past two years
26 PM Masrour Barzani strongly condemns deadly ISIS attack in Diyala
27 Turkey, Iraq should cooperate against terror threat: Envoy | Daily Sabah
28 KRG to ease costs for Erbil bakeries after nearly 500 shut down
29 Reports highlight crackdowns on press in Kurdistan Region
30 In Iraq Kurdish town, many undertake smuggling route to Europe via Belarus
31 US company expands oil field in Duhok
32 PM Masrour Barzani promises to help student with digital exhibition
33 Sweden will aid anti-ISIS mission for as long as Iraq wants: Ambassador
34 Will internal fractures harm PUK-Gorran coalition at the ballot box?
35 Kurdistan Region warns that PKK is tightening its grip on Sinjar, urges international action
36 Admit It: The United States Has Already Lost in Syria
37 Gulf Keystone confirms payment from Kurdistan government for July crude oil sales | 5 October 2021
38 Along campaign trail, KDP delegation prevented...
39 "Greater Kurdistan" an impossible dream: KRG representative
40 Iraqi Kurdistan's authoritarian turn: western ally 'discards idea of democracy'
41 Yazidi organizations welcome German court...
42 Iran, Turkey agree to ramp up security cooperation on borders
43 'Nobody can protect us': Iraqi villagers suffer as Arab-Kurdish tensions lead to Islamic State resurgence
44 It is time for a system overhaul in Iraq’s Kurdish region
45 KRG Representative in Washington: It's crucial for Kurds, Iraqis to vote in elections
46 Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq imposes partial lockdown amid rising virus cases
47 COVID hospitals beyond capacity in Sulaimani's...
48 Halabja hopes to export its famous pomegranates
49 Iraq: Kurdistan Regional Government demands compensation for Anfal victims
50 Kurdistan PM reached deal with Iraqi PM for restoring federal budgetary payments
51 Joe Reeder: Kurdistan Region is 'red line' for the US
52 KRG's 9th cabinet focuses on transparency, accountability with parliament
53 The Iraqi and Kurdish Regional Government's Sinjar Agreement: Consequences for US, Turkish, and Iranian Influence and Rebel Rivalries
54 PM Masrour Barzani awards Kurdistan Region, Kirkuk, and Khurmatu students
55 CPJ calls on Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Masrour Barzani to respect press freedom
56 Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq receives AstraZeneca vaccine
57 Family power grab in Iraqi Kurdistan raises fears of intra-Kurdish violence
58 Iraqi Kurds Say Major IS Attack on Capital Was Foiled
59 The Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Unity and Constitution | Remarks by SRSG Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert [EN/AR/KU]
60 Halabja's pomegranate festival takes in over...
61 Kurdistan president affirms commitment to budget agreement with Iraq federal government
62 KRG Investment Council discusses eliminating bureaucratic routine, accelerating projects
63 Yezidis welcome statement of 'great concern' by 18 nations on missing captives
64 Kurdish gov't ready to fulfil obligations under Iraq federal budget
65 New KRG oil minister unlikely to end spat with Baghdad over oil, revenue
66 Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Arabs Blocked From Returning
67 KRG aims to end economic dependency on Baghdad: finance minister
68 Power struggle in Kurdish region of Iraq raises questions
69 Kurdistan Region seeks to create 200,000 new job opportunities over the next two years
70 Iraq and KRG reach deal on 2021 budget
71 Iraq: New UN report shines light on 'deeply worrying' pattern of restrictions in Kurdistan
72 In pursuit of reforms, Kurdistan drafts regional budget
73 Iraqi And Kurdistan Budget Hangs In The Balance
74 Iraq – Telephone conversation between Jean-Yves Le Drian and Masrour Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (25 Feb. 2021)
75 Kurdistan Regional Government under fire for...
76 Why protests are raging across Iraq's Kurdish region
77 KRG hands powers to Duhok, Erbil towns in decentralization move
78 Turkey warns KRG of ‘harsh response’ over controversial stamps | Daily Sabah
79 KRG optimistic about budget implementation: spokesperson
80 Conference on normalizing ties with Israel held without KRG's awareness: KRG spokesperson
81 Kurdistan Region PM receives Turkey's new ambassador to Iraq
82 Iraq cuts federal budget from KRG, Kurds defy it as political
83 Baghdad sends 200 billion dinars to Erbil:...
84 ISIS’ Situation and Prospects in the Middle East
85 Will US support for stability in Kurdistan regions continue?
86 Letter: Call for objectivity when judging Kurdistan’s record
87 Iraqi minister proposes forming company to handle Kurdish oil operations
88 What is Turkey’s real goal in northern Iraq’s Kurdish region?
89 Trade Minister Muş meets KRG officials in Irbil, N. Iraq | Daily Sabah
90 Strengthening relations between Israel and Iraqi Kurdistan
91 KRG warns Turkey to stop 'unacceptable'...
92 Kurdish delegation soon to visit Baghdad to...
93 Kurdish leader blames Iraq for economic woes
94 The KRG Needs to Listen to Critics, Not Arrest Them
95 Iraq says KRG yet to hand over crude as budget stalemate continues
96 Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government files suit against broadcaster NRT for protest coverage
97 KRG has 'other alternatives' if no agreement reached with Baghdad: Spokesman
98 Turkey slams KRG over stamps commemorating pope visit
99 PKK sends members from Europe to N. Iraq to destabilize region: KRG | Daily Sabah
100 Iran hosts 35th Islamic unity conference