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1 Carol J. Burns Named Deputy Director for Research for Berkeley Lab | Berkeley Lab
2 Cyclotron Road Announces Newest Cohort of Entrepreneurial Fellows
3 Are Heavy Metals Toxic? Scientists Find Surprising New Clues in Yeast
4 How to Make Lithium-ion Batteries Invincible by Berkeley Lab
5 Five Berkeley Lab Scientists Receive Prestigious Five-Year Research Grant
6 Key to Cleaner Combustion? Berkeley Lab Scientists Look to the Stars
7 The Story Behind Our Infinitely Recyclable Plastic | Berkeley Lab
8 Cabling for Large Hadron Collider Upgrade Project Reaches Halfway Mark | Berkeley Lab
9 The Internet Eats Up Less Energy Than You Might Think
10 Women of Quantum Computing Go Tiny in Big Ways
11 US Power Sector is Halfway to Zero Carbon Emissions
12 Around 200GW of energy storage in US interconnection queues at end of 2020
13 DOE Announces Over $65 Million in Public and Private Funding to Commercialize Promising Energy Technologies
14 Study of harvey flooding aids in quantifying climate change
15 Berkeley Lab study uses baker's yeast to identify toxicity of metals
16 Space offers insight on benzene production, Berkeley Lab researchers find
17 5 Berkeley Lab Scientists Receive Prestigious 5-Year DOE Research Grant
18 Berkeley Lab Amplifies Power and Usability of Quantum Computing
19 Cyclotron Road, Activate welcome 2021 cohort fellows
20 Breaking Through with Laboratory Directed Research and Development
21 Innovation Supports Thousands of Jobs
22 Two Berkeley Lab Scientists Honored with the Lawrence Award
23 Berkeley Lab Celebrates 90th Anniversary, Imagines the Next 90 Years | Berkeley Lab
24 Basic building block to earliest forms of life discovered | University of Hawaiʻi System News
25 VIDEO: On the Line: Watching Nanoparticles Get in Shape
26 Therese M. Leone Named Berkeley Lab's Chief Laboratory Counsel | Berkeley Lab
27 Getting to Net Zero – and Even Net Negative – is Surprisingly Feasible, and Affordable
28 Researchers Hunt for New Particles in Particle Collider Data
29 New $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator to Pioneer Quantum Technologies for Discovery Science | Berkeley Lab
30 Hydrogen Fuel Machine Could Be Ultimate Guide to Self-Improvement
31 In Memoriam: David Shirley, Former Laboratory Director | Berkeley Lab
32 X-ray Instrument Takes a COSMIC Approach to Nanoscale Science
33 Experts' Predictions for Future Wind Energy Costs Drop Significantly
34 National labs identify priorities in modernizing U.S. electricity markets
35 9 Berkeley Lab Scientists Named 2020 AAAS Fellows
36 UC Berkeley researchers provide blueprint for campus COVID-19 testing
37 Berkeley Lab Names Noël Bakhtian to Lead New Energy Storage Center
38 New National Lab Supercomputer Inches America Closer to the Exascale Era
39 To Design Truly Compostable Plastic, Scientists Take Cues From Nature
40 From Smoky Skies to a Green Horizon: Scientists Convert Fire-Risk Wood into Biofuel | Berkeley Lab
41 Bay Area climate scientist protests Lawrence Livermore Lab’s decision to host controversial author
42 The Odd Structure of ORF8: Scientists Map the Coronavirus Protein Linked to Immune Evasion and Disease Severity | Berkeley Lab
43 Commercial Truck Electrification is Within Reach
44 Aerial Video: Berkeley Lab From Above
45 A New Way to Measure Record-Setting Electron Beams
46 Cameron Geddes Appointed Director of Berkeley Lab's Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division | Berkeley Lab
47 University of California Student Researchers Are Forming a Union of More Than 10,000
48 Berkeley Lab Technologies Honored With 7 R&D 100 Awards
49 Professor Wes Walter honored with 2021 Bonar Award | Featured News
50 Pioneering Framework Could Reduce Energy Demand in Buildings
51 Chasing Their Tails but Getting Somewhere: Reimagining the Shape of Noise Leads to Improved Molecular Models | Berkeley Lab
52 Berkeley Lab Biologist N. Louise Glass Elected into the National Academy of Sciences | Berkeley Lab
53 X-Ray Study Recasts Role of Battery Material from Cathode to Catalyst
54 Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab
55 How Techno-economic Analysis Can Improve Energy Technologies
56 UC Berkeley doctoral candidate awarded 2 national fellowships
57 Lab names Rachelle Jeppson chief financial officer
58 Nature Papers Describe Gut Viruses, New Format for Storing Quantitative Genomic Data, More
59 Focusing in on Aquatic Microbes: Berkeley Lab Scientists Receive Grant for New Microscopy Approach | Berkeley Lab
60 Rachel Slaybaugh to Lead Berkeley Lab's Cyclotron Road
61 Mina J. Bissell Ph.D. & Vectorspace AI Advance New Space Biosciences Division
62 India Can Boost Clean Energy, Double Its Power Supply by 2030
63 Designs Better Lithium Batteries With Drug-Discovery Model
64 Berkeley Lab Building Efficiency Campaign Drives $95M in Annual Energy Savings
65 Do You Know the Way to Berkelium, Californium?
66 The Future Looks Bright for Infinitely Recyclable Plastic Plastics are ubiquitous, but they're not practical
67 NERSC and LBNL unveil Perlmutter supercomputer
68 Opinion: How fiber-optic seismometers are revolutionizing the way earthquakes are measured
69 VIDEOS: Five Ways Berkeley Lab is in the Fight Against COVID-19 | Berkeley Lab
70 How Microorganisms Can Help Us Get to Net Negative Emissions
71 Lawrence Berkeley lab reverses decision to scrap diversity initiative
72 Why are solar PPA prices creeping upward? It's complicated, experts say
73 New Partnership Seeds Microbiome Research | Berkeley Lab
74 Hybrid storage and renewable projects are popular. Are they the best for the market?
75 Celebrating IceCube's First Decade of Discovery | Berkeley Lab
76 We've Got the Dirt on Soil Protists | Berkeley Lab
77 Successful Start of Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) Follows Record-Setting Trial Run | Berkeley Lab
78 Berkeley Lab Team Observes Charges Cascading Along a Molecular Chain
79 Discoveries at the Edge of the Periodic Table: First Ever Measurements of Einsteinium
80 Avalanching Nanoparticles Image Cells in Real Time
81 Berkeley Lab's Kristin Persson Explains Nanotechnology to Students
82 'Damning' science shows COVID-19 likely engineered in lab: experts
83 Supernovae Twins Open Up New Possibilities for Precision Cosmology | Berkeley Lab
84 Susannah Tringe Appointed Director of Berkeley Lab's Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Division | Berkeley Lab
85 VIDEO: Revealing the Nano Big Bang – Scientists Observe the First Milliseconds of Crystal Formation
86 Microbe “Rewiring” Technique Promises a Boom in Biomanufacturing | Berkeley Lab
87 Applying Quantum Computing to a Particle Process
88 How to Accelerate Solar Adoption for the Underserved
89 Berkeley Lab Scientist's Work Deciphering Early Universe Secrets Garners 2021 Gruber Cosmology Prize
90 Berkeley Lab Scientists Recruit New Atomic Heavyweights to Fight Cancer
91 Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille to Lead Berkeley Lab's Physics Division | Berkeley Lab
92 Berkeley Lab Part of Team Awarded $60M for Solar Fuels Research
93 US Magnet Development Project Moves Forward With DOE Approval
94 Xcel's record-low-price procurement highlights benefits of all-source competitive solicitations
95 Going Beyond Qubits: New Study Demonstrates Key Components for a Qutrit-Based Quantum Computer | Berkeley Lab
96 Detector Technology Developed at Berkeley Lab Yields Unprecedented 3D Images, Heralding Far Larger Application to Study Neutrinos | Berkeley Lab
97 Impacts of Climate Change on Our Water and Energy Systems: It's Complicated
98 The Secret to Renewable Solar Fuels Is an Off-and-On Again Relationship
99 Some of America's Favorite Produce Crops May Need to Get a Move On by 2045
100 Tantalizing Signs of Phase-change 'Turbulence' in RHIC Collisions