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1 Gov. Greg Abbott vetoes funding for Texas Legislature and its staff as punishment for Democrats' walkout on elections bill
2 Gov. Abbott says he’ll veto budget item, cut funding for Texas legislative branch
3 Questions raised over whether Texas Gov. Greg Abbott can veto lawmaker pay
4 Expert calls Governor Abbott's threat to defund the legislative branch impractical
5 Legislative branch budget set at $73.88 million for biennium
6 Gov. Greg Abbott Could Veto Funding For The Legislature This Week In Retaliation For Democratic Walkout
7 Gov. Abbott says he will cut funding to legislative branch after House Dems walk out
8 Abbott says he'll veto budget article that funds legislative branch
9 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he'll strip legislative branch of pay
10 Mask guidance conflicts as lawmakers return to State House
11 John Krull: A system that rewards fights and punishes solutions
12 The Civics Project: Democratic president, prime minister can govern and wield power differently
13 As the pandemic winds down, so does the Minnesota Legislature's battle over Tim Walz's emergency powers
14 Texas lawmakers are finished, but expect them back for a special session
15 Garland to Discuss Protections for Reporters With News Leaders
16 Bill adds $15.98 million to cost of legislative session
17 Jon Lender: Lamont pulls staffing money out from under contracting watchdog board, days after legislature approved it
18 The Legislature and the PFD | Letters To Editor |
19 Bipartisan group of Texans in the U.S. House support ending president's authority to use military force in Iraq
20 From the House to Your Home “First extraordinary legislative session,”
21 Congress must seize the opportunity to claw back its power
22 KY Supreme Court To Hear Case Over Legislature Limiting Beshear
23 Texas' $16 billion in coronavirus aid won't be allocated until fall
24 Gov. Greg Abbott Discusses Special Session, COVID-19, Re-Election
25 Jon Lender: As a candidate in 2018, Gov. Lamont supported ‘fully funding and staffing’ a state watchdog agency. But this week, he slashed its funds.
26 Alford: Legislative session will continue to reverberate
27 Oregon legislative staff votes to form union, first of its kind in country
28 Montana has recognized Juneteenth since 2017
29 Session will continue to reverberate
30 A state government shutdown in Minnesota this year wouldn't just be pretty bad. It would be very, very, very bad.
31 State Rep. Kacal: Voting bill and bail reform will be included in special legislative session
32 Clash Between Inslee, Legislature Takes Center Stage in Washington Supreme Court
33 Texas Governor Threatens to Withhold Lawmaker Salaries
34 Sen. Joe Manchin isn’t a statesman, he’s a fool
35 Legislative inspector general wants more from ethics reform bill
36 Auditor: $300 payments for legislative staff unconstitutional
37 Voter initiative process has been a hard right to win and an even harder one to keep
38 Trump DOJ takes extreme measures to another level
39 NEA legislators discuss 93rd General Assembly controversies
40 A $350 credit on your Texas electric bill died in the legislature in a jolt of disorganization and delay
41 Governor Abbott’s Tweet On Vetoing Legislative Budget Has Texas Lawmakers Talking
42 Lawmakers seek funds to improve the workings of Congress
43 The Great Debate: Who Has the Authority to Spend Federal Stimulus Funds?
44 Kentucky Supreme Court to hear case over legislature limiting Beshear
45 At least someone is doing something to protect voting rights
46 Why Indiana's governor and attorney general are feuding over emergency powers
47 Resolution passed in Erie County Legislature removing county executive's emergency authority
48 Montana Has a Supreme Problem
49 Our Opinion: The Legislature should be meeting in-person — good governance demands it
50 Lawmaker asks attorney general if Nashville DA not enforcing anti-trans law is grounds for removal
51 Registration Now Required for Virtual Lobbying in Nevada
52 Rachel Saunders on trial for violation of Title X 1002.1; Articles of Impeachment forwarded to Legislative Branch
53 Montana law upheld allowing governor to appoint judges
54 The death knell: How Kentucky's governor's abuse of executive power threw Goodwood Brewing in a tailspin
55 Give voters a say on Governor Murphy’s emergency powers | Mulshine
56 Janet Mills' wait-and-see legislative style contributes to chaotic end of pandemic session
57 How Austin Knudsen is flipping the script for attorney general
58 Coax, bribe or mandate? Companies wrestle with employee vaccinations.
59 Gallagher Urges Speaker Pelosi to Reopen the Capitol Complex
60 We the People: Why does the U.S. have three branches of government?
61 Online opinion: Regents v Montana, the philosophical argument
62 Legislative Top 5: May 21, 2021 | Winthrop & Weinstine, PA
63 Ohio GOP leaders may have sole power to intervene in gerrymandering cases
64 Government: The Legislative Branch
65 Why disputes between Congress and the White House so often end up in court
66 HB6 sponsor Callender says ‘no’ vote on Householder expulsion not about former speaker
67 The Legislative Branch’s Answer to Stopping Counterfeit Goods: The SHOP SAFE Act
68 Rep. Mike Garcia speaks to high school students about legislative branch
69 Pennsylvania Republicans celebrate amendment curbing governor's emergency powers: 'Voice of the people'
70 SGA confirms nominations, passes bill to modify legislative branch statutes
71 Measures to limit executive powers die in Legislature
72 Citing converging crises, groups ask Congress to boost spending on itself
73 Legislative Branch
74 Legislative Branch bill includes new accountability measures for Capitol Police
75 Remembering the Role of the Legislative Branch During the COVID Pandemic
76 12 Surprising Facts About the Legislative Branch
77 Ousted Autocratic Presidents and Their Backers in the Legislative Branch
78 Congress Has Been Losing Power for a Hundred Years
79 With new House rules, more diversity in technology legislation and hearings is possible
80 Supreme Court Dismisses Red State Challenge to Obamacare
81 Fewer independents vie for Vietnam's Communist Party-dominated assembly
82 Reforming Congress's Power of the Purse
83 Zeiger: A Call to Reform Emergency Powers
84 First Branch News | Legislative Headlines, Week of March 8, 2021
85 Unanimous Senate votes to override Gianforte's first veto
86 Constitutionally Speaking: Article I the Legislative Branch of Government
87 Earmarks are back, and Americans should be glad
88 Biden team making legislative outreach an early priority
89 Who's the Boss? Separation of Powers in Local Government
90 An agenda for Congress on oversight, transparency and ethics
91 Guest view: Our legislative authority is being usurped
92 SA Senate approves funding increase for student organizations
93 What Legislative Powers Are Left for Impeachment to Defend?
94 Congress must reclaim its Article I powers in order to earn back public trust | TheHill
95 The Washington Post named the top news source for national opinion leaders in executive and legislative branches of government by 2020 Erdos & Morgan study
96 Measures looking to limit executive powers die in state legislature
97 New York Times confuses legislative check on unilateral power with partisan warfare
98 Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville botches history facts, including three branches of government
99 Opinion: Louisiana's battle of the branches begins as lawmakers wrangle over governor's COVID powers
100 Backers of HJR 1 say they don't think Idaho has co-equal branches, that Legislature should be the 'main branch' of government