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1 Egyptian FM meets with Libyan prime minister ahead of international conference
2 A return to a constitutional monarchy may solve Libya's problems
3 Head of Libyan Presidency Council announces plan to hold international conference
4 Amir meets Prime Minister of the National Unity Government of Libya
5 Libya's elections are around the corner. But the country needs a hard reset.
6 Al-Gotrani tells Cyrenaica government officials to ignore PM orders, listen to his
7 Libyan unity govt, NOC say they will build new refinery
8 Libyan oil minister says he has suspended NOC head again, as dispute resurfaces
9 Al-Gotrani says forming parallel government in east Libya is possible
10 10 years since Kadhafi death, stability still eludes Libya
11 Statement by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, 10 October 2021
12 Turkey: Withdrawal of confidence in GNU won't boost Libya stability
13 Libya's oil minister suspends NOC chairman again, in escalating political row
14 Libya: Government of National Unity must not legitimize militias and armed groups responsible for harrowing abuses
15 Libya's parliament withdraws confidence from government
16 Libya parliament adopts law on legislative elections
17 Libyan parliament approves unity government
18 US House passes Libya sanctions bill after blow to unity government
19 After the withdrawal of confidence, Dbeibeh calls on the Libyans to get out and express their opinions
20 US military enters the fray in Libya to push for elections, exit of foreign forces | Habib Lassoued | AW
21 PC and Dbeibah discuss with 5+5 committee the plan for exit of mercenaries from Libya
22 Libya's presidency seeks consensus on election law
23 The Role of Women in the Libyan Government: An Interview with Hajer Sharief
24 Libya: Vote of No Confidence Creates Tension
25 Libya's government has many pressing concerns, but it is financing weddings
26 Minister of Foreign Affairs holds discussions with Libyan counterpart
27 Libya's unity government sworn in
28 UN demands Libya inquiry into shooting of escaping migrants
29 Agree to Disagree: Libya's New Unity Government
30 Libya, US discuss anti-terror efforts
31 PM Dbeibah urges Libyans to go to polls after no-confidence vote | Daily Sabah
32 Libya's decade of instability after Moammar Gadhafi's death
33 Libyan activist abducted in Tripoli after calling for protest to back elections | | AW
34 On 10th anniversary of Qaddafi’s death, signs of stability in Libya
35 Libya's feuds spills over to US as Dbeibah backs prosecution of Haftar in Virginia case | | AW
36 Deputy FM Önal to represent Turkey at Libya stability talks | Daily Sabah
37 Remarks by Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, Rosemary A. Dicarlo, on behalf of the Secretary-General for the Libya Stabilization Initiative Conference
38 Libya conference seeks support ahead of key elections
39 Shoukry affirms Egypt's support for Libya
40 What does Dbaiba's appointment to head a national unity government in Libya mean for Egypt?
41 Libya's Presidential Council appoints new commander for central military zone
42 Explainer: Untangling the crisis in Libya
43 Migrants face tough conditions in Libyan detention after crackdown
44 Libya since Kadhafi: A decade of civil war and chaos
45 27 MPs urge for withdrawing confidence in Libya's unity government
46 EU: We are prepared to support Libya towards the upcoming elections
47 Is Libya moving from conflict to reconciliation?
48 Libyan HoR session to be held on time: Spokesman
49 Atrocity Alert No. 275: Myanmar (Burma), Libya and Cameroon
50 PC confirms the GNU's role in providing services to its citizens
51 Qatar expresses support for 'free and fair elections' in Libya
52 Libyan official probes with Abul Gheit Libya's election roadmap
53 Before endorsement, Libya's Unity Government busies people with its logo
54 Libyan FM invites Kuwait Crown Prince to attend October conference
55 Libya’s PM ‘hopeful’ foreign mercenaries will withdraw soon
56 Libya: New Government Should Put Rights First
57 Libyan PM, HoR deputy speaker review preparations for elections
58 HoR questioning document accuses Libya's Unity Government of failure
59 US, Mauritanian Officials Discuss Sahel Security
60 Menfi discusses mechanisms for activating government institutions in eastern region
61 Turkey pledges full solidarity with Libya's unity government | Daily Sabah
62 Libya's eastern administration hands power to interim authority | | AW
63 Al-Mishri says ready to grant confidence to Libya's Unity Government
64 Libya on brink of another west-east split and unravelling of LPDF's Road Map? |
65 Reports of physical and sexual violence as Libya arrests 5,000 migrants in a week
66 Libyan MPs back national unity government in historic moment
67 Can Libya's New Government Finally End the Country's Endless Civil War?
68 New initiatives on Libya
69 The end of Libya's nightmare or the beginning of a new one?
70 Libya's HoR fails to withdraw confidence in government
71 Libya unity government faces deadlock over draft constitution
72 Libyan women make history in new government
73 Libya: UN envoy hails new national government after years of 'paralysis and internal divisions'
74 Libya's Election Is All About Oil Money
75 Libyan PM lauds Qatar's continuous support
76 Libya: New government must prioritize human rights and tackle impunity crisis
77 HoR Speaker sets conditions for granting confidence to new Libyan government
78 Norland: US aims to help Libya hold elections, remove mercenaries
79 'No turning back in peace process' PM Dbeibah tells supporters
80 Libya's Unity Government asks HoR to speed up budget approval
81 Turkey looks to pull ahead of EastMed rivals in Libya
82 Libya Forms Transitional Unity Government After Years Of Conflict
83 Where is Libya’s unity government headed?
84 Head of Libya Unity Govt arrives in Doha
85 High Council of State rejects confidence withdrawal from Libya's unity government
86 Dbeibah to present Libya's Unity Government to Parliament Thursday
87 In Libyan city, mass graves evoke stakes of faltering peace push | Saltwire
88 Libya's fragile moment of unity
89 Libya's Ministry of Defence denies issuing document for Haftar's defence team
90 Around 80 migrants rescued off Libya's coast
91 The hard work in Libya has only just begun
92 ''Government of National Unity'' unveils new emblem and confirms its official name |
93 Libyan PM-designate proposes unity government plan
94 Libya’s PM-designate submits cabinet lineup to parliament
95 USAID Administrator stresses her country's commitment in supporting Libyan elections
96 Libya's Dabaiba hands over new government formation to Parliament, confidence-granting session to be held Monday
97 UN Security Council signals support for Libyan interim Government of National Unity
98 Libya’s new interim government is facing an arduous task
99 Ageela Saleh hands Aldabaiba huge PR victory – Tripoli Friday demonstration calls for parliament's downfall: Report and analysis |
100 Elections represent an opportunity for stability and unity in Libya