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1 Where are the Foreigners of the First International Age? Researchers use genetic and isotopic data to investigate human mobility at the Bronze Age city of Alalakh in Turkey
2 DNA from dirt can offer new view of ancient life
3 Half of Guadeloupe's snakes and lizards went extinct after European colonization
4 On the origin of our species
5 Neanderthal ancestry identifies oldest modern human genome
6 Indigenous mortality following Spanish colonization did not always lead to forest regrowth, study finds
7 A new archaeology for the Anthropocene era
8 Ancient megafaunal mutualisms and extinctions as factors in plant domestication
9 Science News Releases
10 Linguists predict unknown words using language comparison
11 Neanderthals and Homo sapiens used identical Nubian technology
12 Ancient proteins help track early milk drinking in Africa
13 The Forecast for Exoplanets is Cloudy but Bright
14 Study: Complexity holds steady as writing systems evolve
15 Nuclear DNA from sediments helps unlock ancient human history
16 The surprising evolutionary history of our oral bacteria
17 Microbes in Neanderthals' mouths reveal their carb-laden diet
18 The oldest human burial in Africa: Dating to 78000 years ago, the burial was found by archaeologists in Panga ya Saidi, a cave site on the Kenyan coast
19 Early dispersal of neolithic domesticated sheep into the heart of central Asia
20 Archaeological data demand new approaches to biodiversity conservation
21 'COVID-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable future': Future of field-based sciences in the time of coronavirus
22 Mongolian archaeological project receives 2 million euro Arcadia grant
23 Archaeology in West Africa Could Rewrite the Textbooks on Human Evolution
24 Towards a better understanding of societal responses to climate change
25 Inside the incredible journey to solve an ancient human mystery
26 Most southerly evidence of Neanderthals revealed in cave in Palestine
27 Thousands of Stars View Earth as a Transiting Exoplanet
28 Crafty cockatoos master dumpster diving and teach each other
29 Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prizes for 2021 go to four female and six male researchers
30 On the origin of our species: New research suggests that genetic and fossil records will not reveal a single point where modern humans originated
31 Altai Pastoralism Project funded by National Geographic Society and Wenner-Gren Foundation
32 Ancient genomes trace the origin and decline of the Scythians
33 Do you want to direct a research institute? Germany's Max Planck Society has hundreds of top jobs to fill
34 TRENDING SCIENCE: Will we ever know exactly where humans originated? | News | CORDIS | European Commission
35 Patterns of Climate Change Drove Early Human Evolution
36 Genetic Studies Reveal Mixing of Early Europeans
37 Oldest hominins of Olduvai Gorge persisted across changing environments
38 Population dynamics and the rise of empires in Inner Asia
39 U of T and Max Planck Society establish centre to study neural science and technology
40 So who made these amazing ancient artefacts
41 Remains of 17th century bishop support neolithic emergence of tuberculosis
42 First human culture lasted 20000 years longer than thought
43 Ancient Siberian cave hosted Neanderthals, Denisovans, and modern humans—possibly at the same time
44 ‘Dragon Man’ skull may be new species, shaking up human family tree
45 A tale of two cesspits: DNA reveals intestinal health in Medieval Europe and Middle East: New research proves the feasibility of retrieving bacterial DNA from ancient latrines
46 New Thoughts on Neanderthal Range and Tool Use
47 Research shows evidence of a river flowing through the Thar Desert 172,000 years ago
48 Neanderthal nuclear DNA retrieved from sediments helps unlock ancient human history
49 Ancient DNA provides new insights into the early peopling of the Caribbean: New study reveals multiple waves of settlement and connections to the American mainland
50 The origin of feces: CoproID reliably predicts sources of ancient poop
51 Beads made of boa bones identified in lesser Antilles
52 Ancient human footprints in Saudi Arabia give glimpse of Arabian ecology 120000 years ago: New archaeological research presents the oldest securely dated evidence for humans in Arabia
53 DNA Offers New Insights Into the The Origins and Decline of the Scythians
54 Vast stone monuments constructed in Arabia 7,000 years ago
55 Ancient genomes link subsistence change and human migration in northern China
56 Ancient genomes reveal insights into horse-riding Scythian warriors
57 How dogs tracked their humans across the ancient world
58 Study Pushes Back Herding in Central Asia by 3,000 Years
59 The aroma of distant worlds: New evidence that spices, fruits from Asia had reached the Mediterranean earlier than thought
60 New Research Proves the Feasibility of Retrieving Bacterial DNA From Ancient Latrines
61 Young tools rewrite old history
62 New neural network differentiates Middle and Late Stone Age toolkits
63 The World Before Us review: A gripping account of Earth’s other humans
64 What did ancient people eat? Scientists find new clues in old pottery
65 A 146000-Year-Old Fossil Dubbed 'Dragon Man' Might Be One of Our Closest Relatives
66 Pacific Northwest's 'forest gardens' were deliberately planted by Indigenous people
67 Human mobility and Western Asia's early state-level societies
68 Oldest securely dated evidence for a river flowing through the Thar Desert, Western India
69 What do we know about human evolution?
70 People have shaped Earth's ecology for at least 12000 years, mostly sustainably
71 Past tropical forest changes drove megafauna and hominin extinctions
72 'Fantastic' new technology finds secrets of human life from 100k years ago | TheHill
73 5 Takeaways From the Ancient DNA Research Story
74 Human populations survived the Toba volcanic super-eruption 74000 years ago
75 Ancient group once considered nomadic stayed local
76 New study tests machine learning on detection of borrowed words in world languages
77 Ten New Things We Learned About Human Origins in 2020
78 People have shaped most of terrestrial nature for at least 12000 years
79 On the Origin of Our Species: Untangling Ancestry in the Evolution of Homo sapiens
80 Invaders nearly wiped out Caribbean’s first people long before Spanish came, DNA reveals
81 High-altitude living has changed more than just the genes of some Peruvians
82 Roots of Animal Domestication in Central Asia Stretch Back at Least 8,000 Years
83 Microbiome pioneer Ruth Ley featured in virtual lecture Feb. 24
84 Our fractured African roots
85 Archaeologists Discover Neanderthals and Homo sapiens Used Identical Nubian Technology
86 Ancient bacteria reveals the critical food early humans ate
87 Mammals evolved big brains after big disasters
88 Sri Lanka : Sri Lanka Ambassador explores scientific and educational opportunities with Max Planck Institute
89 How millets sustained Mongolia's empires
90 More than one cognition: A call for change in the field of comparative psychology
91 In ancient Arabia, some tools were created to show off skills
92 People May Have Used Fire to Clear Forests More Than 80000 Years Ago
93 Revising the story of the dispersal of modern humans across Eurasia
94 Human footprints provide snapshot of last interglacial ecology in the Arabian interior
95 Climate change likely drove the extinction of North America's largest animals
96 Oral microbiome study unearths surprising clues about human evolution
97 Puzzling skull discovery may point to previously unknown human ancestor
98 Oldest-known shark attack discovered in 3000-year-old skeleton with 800 injuries
99 What Have We Learned From the Neanderthals Lately?
100 Crowdsourced archaeology shows how humans have influenced Earth for thousands of years