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Result Content Outlet Published Research
1 Abortion is also about racial justice, experts and advocates say NPR 2 days ago
2 Primaries spotlight coming battles over state supreme courts Elizabethtown Bladen Journal 7 hours ago
3 North Carolina election: Republicans challenging for open US Senate seat in Tuesday primary WXII12 Winston-Salem 4 hours ago
4 Liberty County Man and Woman Behind My Buddy Loans Guilty of Fraud Related to COVID Relief Department of Justice 11 days ago
5 From Starbucks to Cease-and-Desist: The Implosion of a Philly Racial Justice Org Philadelphia magazine 6 hours ago
6 Perspective | What everyone gets wrong about evangelicals and abortion The Washington Post 11 hours ago
7 Proxy season culture war: Republicans urge investors to vote against 'woke' big business like Disney USA TODAY 5 days ago
8 Domestic (Intimate Partner) Violence Fast Facts kuna noticias y kuna radio 1 day ago
9 How Trans Sports Bans Became Part of Conservative Movement TIME 7 hours ago
10 Transcript: Patrisse Cullors on Making Mistakes MSNBC 3 hours ago
11 In the Poconos, a community contends with lack of access to abortion Pocono Record 12 hours ago
12 Editorial Roundup: Ohio | Ohio News | US News U.S. News & World Report 10 hours ago
13 Leveling the academic playing field Sampson Independent 2 days ago
14 Chicago-area COVID victims are misidentified as other races, costing Latinos urgent public health resources 3 hours ago
15 US Supreme Court Support for Rhode Island Disclosure Law is Good News InsiderNJ 7 hours ago
16 In US, states struggle to replace fossil fuel tax revenue 7 hours ago
17 The War on the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party The Nation 4 hours ago
18 Gaskins and Swartz compete in Democratic primary for Third District seat in Congress The Outer Banks Voice 4 hours ago
19 Law enforcement talk internet safety tips ahead of summer WSFA 4 days ago
20 The COVID Testing Company That Missed 96% Of Cases Block Club Chicago 12 hours ago
21 Do Clark County's crowded classes fuel school violence? Las Vegas Sun 2 days ago
22 Mario Batali Acquittal Underscores Perils of #MeToo Cases Insurance Journal 8 hours ago
23 Can free college tuition and scholarships solve the nation's labor shortage crisis? These governors seem to think so USA TODAY 3 days ago
24 Progressive Democratic House candidates are being hammered by outside spenders ahead of primaries CNN 1 day ago
25 The Chicago Neighborhood That Will Generate Its Own Energy Next City 8 hours ago
26 The Fight for Abortion After “Roe” Falls The Nation 7 hours ago
27 Raising hell with Appodlachia's Chuck Corra – Reckon South Reckon South 6 hours ago
28 Students Hold Protests Against Leaked Anti-Abortion SCOTUS Opinion The UCSD Guardian Online 24 hours ago
29 Wrongful convictions: How to create criminal justice accountability USA TODAY 2 months ago
30 Roe leak stokes fears that LGBTQ rights are now at heightened risk Washington Blade 13 days ago
31 Transcript: Overview of Planned FY 2022 NIJ Funding Opportunities National Institute of Justice 2 months ago
32 National Security Agency Employee Facing Federal Indictment for Willful Transmission and Retention of National Defense Information Department of Justice 2 months ago
33 How Prevalent is Violence in Missing and Unidentified Persons Cases? National Institute of Justice 3 months ago
34 Research on the Rise: National Institute of Justice Awards Professor Joshua Freilich $797,000 to Expand His Research on School Shootings | John Jay College of Criminal Justice John Jay News 4 months ago
35 Jewish tradition 'permits' abortion. That's not enough. | Michal Raucher | The Blogs The Times of Israel 8 hours ago
36 Opinion: Attacks on judges undermine public's trust in democracy The Columbus Dispatch 2 months ago
37 FACT SHEET: The White House and Department of Justice Announced 99 Law Schools in 35 States and Puerto Rico Continue to Answer the Attorney General's Call to Action for Stronger Access to Justice and Court Reform on Eviction Prevention The White House 4 months ago
38 Hate/Bias-Related Crimes Washington, DC 3 months ago
39 Addressing Violent Crime More Effectively 8 months ago
40 5 Reasons Why the United States Can't Drill Its Way to Energy Independence Center For American Progress 2 months ago
41 Voting Laws Roundup: February 2022 3 months ago
42 Justice Department to Step Up Focus on White-Collar Crime Victims The Wall Street Journal 2 months ago
43 Why the Term ‘JEDI’ Is Problematic for Describing Programs That Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Scientific American 8 months ago
44 New York Democrats pare back nation-leading bail reform amid crime wave POLITICO 1 month ago
45 New England Compounding Center's National Sales Director Sentenced Department of Justice 3 months ago
46 It's a Good Jobs Shortage: The Real Reason So Many Workers Are Quitting Center For American Progress 5 months ago
47 Congress Could Finally Bring Some Justice for Native Women The New Republic 3 months ago
48 What we know about the increase in U.S. murders in 2020 Pew Research Center 7 months ago
49 The Prosecutor Problem 9 months ago
50 Fort Smith Woman Sentenced to More Than 3 Years In Federal Prison For Pandemic Benefits Fraud Scheme Department of Justice 5 months ago
51 OPINION: Studying humanities can prepare the next generation of social justice leaders The Hechinger Report 2 months ago
52 The Politics of Judicial Elections, 2019-20 4 months ago
53 Reforming Forensics: Why Academics Are Challenging the Science Behind U.S. Criminal Justice DISCOVER Magazine 7 months ago
54 Police Use of Force and Misconduct in California Public Policy Institute of California 7 months ago
55 Will the Justice Department investigate Trump for Jan. 6 riot? The Washington Post 4 months ago
56 Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson—what can we expect? Brookings Institution 2 months ago
57 A Criminal Record Shouldn't Be a Life Sentence to Poverty Center For American Progress 12 months ago
58 Why crime is at the center of California elections this year Los Angeles Times 3 months ago
59 The First National Center, one of OKC’s iconic skyscrapers, gets set to reopen after a 5-year renovation KFOR Oklahoma City 3 months ago
60 Why Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas could be impeached MSNBC 2 months ago
61 A better path forward for criminal justice: Fostering desistance Brookings Institution 1 year ago
62 New restaurant, bar set to open at First National Center KFOR Oklahoma City 1 month ago
63 How Waukesha Christmas Parade suspect Darrell Brooks dodged the law Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2 months ago
64 What to know about the Justice Clarence Thomas recusal debate around his wife's texts CNN 2 months ago
65 City leader presents results of Indianapolis' gun violence reduction program WRTV 2 months ago
66 COVID Harmed Kids' Mental Health—And Schools Are Feeling It The Pew Charitable Trusts 6 months ago
67 Op-Ed: Legal marijuana can reduce crime, improve law enforcement resources 6 months ago
68 Social Security Employee Charged With Pandemic Fraud Scheme Department of Justice 9 months ago
69 LA County DA George Gascon is center stage in national revolution to reform justice system LA Daily News 1 year ago
70 A Supreme Court Justice’s Wife Attended the Rally Before the Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Rolling Stone 2 months ago
71 A Proactive Abortion Agenda Center For American Progress 1 year ago
72 Why Opponents of Voting Reforms Are Wrong 4 months ago
73 Remarks by President Biden at the National Prayer Breakfast The White House 3 months ago