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1 Hague Institute's “Off-World Approach” Seeks Inclusive, Equitable Space Future
2 Black hole 'volcanic eruptions' influence vast areas of intergalactic space, study shows
3 Why Slowing Methane Leaks Is Critical to Climate Fight
4 Correction for Froitzheim et al., Methane release from carbonate rock formations in the Siberian permafrost area during and after the 2020 heat wave
5 Spectral resolution of superconducting single photon detectors more than doubled
6 DUK dean Alex P. James is among top-2% scientists
7 NASA Invites Media to Webb Telescope Launch Coverage Discussion
8 19 hidden planets revealed by their auroras
9 Black Hole Devours Star, Triggering Energy Burst That Could Have Outshone Galaxy
10 DUK professor in Stanford varsity’s list of top 2% scientists
11 Black Holes Give Shape To Bubbles, Rings And "intergalactic smoke" Filaments
12 Carbon Dioxide Released From Australian Bushfires Triggers Algal Blooms
13 Exploring Alien Planets: New Cereal Box-Sized Spacecraft Has Mighty Goals
14 Illegal mining in the Amazon hits record high amid Indigenous protests
15 The secret of ultralight but stiff sandwich nanotubes
16 Superconducting Single-Photon Detector Improved; Spectral Resolution Twice the Standard MKID
17 Volcanic memories: Black holes give shape to bubbles, rings and 'intergalactic smoke' filaments
18 Climate activists call for investigation of Bolsonaro
19 'I hope you die': how the COVID pandemic unleashed attacks on scientists
20 AIAA Announces its Class of 2022 Associate Fellows
21 Protecting Our Planet: A Global Test with Andrea Meza Murillo & Frans Timmermans
22 William Shatner will fly to space aboard Blue Origin rocket
23 Ejercicios de detección de líneas y bordes en una persona invidente con un implante
24 Tassie’s space scientists set sights on the stars
25 Zylorion Announces Appointments to Executive Leadership Team
26 Dutch climate scientist Geert Jan van Oldenborgh dies at 59
27 Scientists Create 'Artificial Vision' for Blind Woman That Allowed Her To See Shapes
28 Alien life could depend on this one geological event
29 MedicomZes-Kuijpers collaboration completes space research build
30 A global inventory of photovoltaic solar energy generating units
31 SAM|XL develops closed-loop manufacturing for composites
32 MFA debuts Center for Netherlandish Art
33 South Korea seeks space race entry with first homegrown rocket
34 China Exhibits Military Muscle to Extend Its Influence in the Pacific | International
35 Astronomers see first hint of the silhouette of a spaghettified star
36 Govt approves MoU between IIST and Netherlands' Delft University
37 'Spaghettified' star wrapped around a black hole spotted for the first time
38 Science meets art in the digital gallery
39 First detection of light from behind a black hole
40 Australian 'Black Summer' wildfires produced almost twice as much CO2 as all Australians in a year
41 TG The Gym – Mesa, Arizona grand opening November 6, 2021
42 Rocky worlds rock
43 Former Soros Activist Explains How Progressives Ruined San Francisco
44 Astronomers see white dwarf 'switch on and off' for first time
45 XRISM telescope filter wheel, calibration system sent to Japan for assembly
46 ISRO plans to develop next-generation astronomy satellite; Know about India’s first astronomy mission AstroSat
47 Wealthy Countries Are Spending More on Border Security Than Climate Aid
48 Huge Rings Around a Black Hole
49 Union Cabinet approves Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Indian Institute of Space science and Technology (IIST) and The Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands for research collaboration- reg
50 Proposed Tax on Billionaires Raises Question: What’s Income?
51 No Climate Justice without Debt Justice
52 'Radio colors' from mysterious deep-space flashes reveal lone stellar corpse as source
53 Hapless star 'spaghettified' by black hole. And astronomers capture the gory show in a first.
54 New method to measure loss of signal in far-infrared instruments
55 This is What it Looks Like When a Black Hole Snacks on a Star
56 A Supermassive Black Hole Emitted a Flare Away From Us, but Its Intense Gravity Redirected the Blast Back in Our Direction
57 New Black Hole Image Shows Plasma Jets Blasting Into Space
58 Astronomers See First Hint of Silhouette of Star Spaghettified by Black Hole
59 Scientists observe light behind a black hole in new breakthrough
60 The Rate of Global Warming During Next 25 Years Could Be Double What it Was in the Previous 50, a Renowned ...
61 European Space Research and Technology Centre – Noordwijk, Netherlands
62 New cereal box-sized satellite to explore alien planets
63 Spectacular Set of Massive Concentric Rings Around a Black Hole
64 Australian fires boosted CO2—but also carbon-capturing algae: studies
65 The Amazon rainforest is now releasing more carbon than it can absorb, study finds
66 Astronomers Measure Mass and Spin of Intermediate-Mass Black Hole
67 New model can predict carbon cycle presence on exoplanets
68 August 18, 2021
69 Astronomers Spot Unusual, Enormous Rings Around a Black Hole
70 A Curious Case of Clouds in Iceland
71 Black holes make a mess when they gobble up stars
72 Are we Seeing a Star That Just got Spaghettified?
73 Epic radio images give most-detailed views of distant galaxies
74 The Butterfly iQ Catches a Ride on the SpaceX Dragon to Space
75 Oil and natural gas production emit more methane than previously thought: Research finds EPA underestimates methane emissions from oil and gas production
76 September: BCI new co-directors | News and features
77 'The focea': A region of improved vision in mice
78 Joint Statement on India-The Netherlands Virtual Summit -Towards a Strategic Partnership on Water
79 Stanford astrophysicists detect light behind black hole, confirm Einstein's theory of general relativity
80 18-year-old joining Blue Origin's 1st passenger spaceflight
81 Tata Steel installs new energy-saving generator at UK plant
82 Astronomers Discover an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole as it Destroys a Star
83 Scientists' predictions for the long-term future of the Voyager Golden Records will blow your mind
84 New Technology Claims to Pinpoint Even Small Methane Leaks From Space
85 The Institute of Space Commerce Welcomes New Fellows
86 Astronomers Witnessed a Star Being Violently 'Spaghettified' by a Black Hole
87 Chromium Hydride Detected in Atmosphere of WASP-31b
88 Astronomers map interstellar dust grains in Milky Way
89 Kelvin Reinraumsysteme wins huge Netherlands university contract
90 Brain mechanism of curiosity unraveled
91 Serco awarded new contract to deliver satellite operation services to the European Space Agency in Germany
92 Why Africa is poised to be a significant player in the new space age
93 World’s First Wooden Satellite Set To Launch – Can Plywood Survive in Space?
94 A Jupiter-Like Exoplanet's Weather System
95 Deforestation, warming flip part of Amazon forest from carbon sink to source
96 Interview with Christiaan Boersma from the Astrophysics Branch
97 USRA Scientists Leading the Next Generation of "Earth at Night" Research
98 From a business park in Noordwijk to an international hotspot for space: NL Space Campus
99 Astronomers Capture Most High-Resolution Images of Deep Space Yet
100 USRA Selected as Member of the PHaSER Program Supporting NASA Goddard's Heliophysics Division