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1 An Open Letter in Defense of Democracy
2 Another Day, Another Delay: Democrats Come Up Empty Again
3 Pro-Trump Professors Are Plotting an Authoritarian Comeback
4 Glenn Youngkin Reaches for the Dogwhistle in the Election's Final Week
5 Is Covid Really to Blame for the Nursing Shortage?
6 Colin Powell, Havana Syndrome, and Washington's Obsession With Make Believe Weapons
7 Red America's Compassion Fatigue: A Report From Mobile, Alabama
8 Facebook Is Broken Beyond Repair
9 Joe Biden: Just Release the January 6 Documents!
10 Fox Weather Doesn't Deny Climate Change. It Just Ignores It.
11 Marc Lore's Fantasy City Telosa Is an Environmentally Catastrophic Tax Haven
12 Donald Trump Can Still Trigger a Major Constitutional Crisis
13 Joe Manchin Is Bad for West Virginians
14 South Dakota is a Massive Tax Haven. Can we just get rid of it?
15 The Danish “Skeptical Environmentalist” Beloved by American Conservatives
16 Don't Let the Austerity Hacks Get Their Hooks in the Climate Debate
17 How Much Will Virginia's Gubernatorial Election Matter in the Midterms?
18 Democrats May Ax Paid Family Leave From Their Budget Bill
19 South Dakota Is a Moral Sewer and Should Be Abolished
20 Teju Cole's Tour of the Shadows
21 Kyrsten Sinema, We're Sick of Your Act
22 The Democracy Walt Whitman Wanted: A review of “Song of Ourselves: Walt Whitman and the Fight for Democracy” by Mark Edmundson
23 Nobel Committee Chair Anders Olsson on the “Renovation” of the Prize for Literature
24 Mint the $1 Trillion Coin to Fight Climate Change
25 Free Community College Tuition Is Out Of The Biden Agenda and Four-Year Colleges Are to Blame
26 Phil Murphy's New Jersey Reelection Campaign Is 2021's Other Big Bellwether Race
27 Tapachula, Mexico, Is an Open-Air Immigration Prison for the U.S.
28 America's Worst Right-Wingers
29 Conservative America's Climate of Ignorance
30 Biden's Incredible Shrinking Climate Plan
31 “We've Gotta Do This”: Sherrod Brown on Build Back Better
32 Jeffrey C. Isaac | Page 1
33 How Newspapers Deserted their Civic Mission: Review of “News for the Rich, White, and Blue”
34 Republicans Want to End Public Education.
35 TRUTH Social, Donald Trump's New Not-Fake-At-All Social Media Company for TRUTH
36 If the G20 Can't Even Agree to Phase Out Coal, We're Well and Truly Screwed
37 The Movies Within Movies of Bergman Island
38 Did a Podcast About Donna Tartt Go Too Far?
39 The Psychology of the Pandemic Labor Shortage
40 The Democrats' Predicament du Jour: Expand Health Care Coverage to the Elderly or the Poor?
41 The New Season of “Succession” Exposes the Dark Soul of a Corporation
42 Angus King Leads a Chorus of Lawmakers Urging Biden to Act on Voting Rights
43 The Sunrise Climate Activists Are Going on Hunger Strike
44 Adam Schiff's Feud With Merrick Garland Over Trump Prosecutions Is Probably Futile
45 Should a Tree Be Able to Sue the State?
46 The New “Dune” Is the Adaptation Frank Herbert's Novel Deserves
47 Review: The Magnificent Jumble of Donald Barthelme's Stories
48 Jonathan Franzen, America's Next Top Moralist: A Review of "Crossroads"
49 Texas Republicans' Attacks on Trans Kids and Abortion Are Part of the Same Sinister Strategy
50 The Supreme Court Will Determine the Future of Reproductive Rights
51 Is the Covid Pandemic Rewiring Kids' Brains?
52 Biden's Bank Regulator Saule Omarova Has Been Targeted by Wall Street and the GOP With a Red Scare Smear
53 "The French Dispatch" Is Wes Anderson's Most Indulgent Fantasy
54 John Le Carré's Genius for Surveillance: A Review of “Silverview”
55 Succession's White-Collar Criminals
56 Climate Change Is Killing Autumn
57 Joe Penney | Page 1
58 Is Joe Manchin Aware That His Favorite Climate Technology Is a Total Bust?
59 Why Norma McCorvey Switched Sides
60 Review: “Man Ray: The Artist and His Shadows” Traces an Artist's Slow Fade
61 Housing Is the Great Endangered Necessity of the Build Back Better Bill
62 Abdulrazak Gurnah Is the Surprise Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
63 Joe Biden's Polling Is Not Great, but He's Not in Free Fall
64 Katie Couric's Decision to Conceal Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Remarks Is an Unforgivable Breach of Ethics
65 Kalamazoo leaders, organizations honored at ISAAC virtual banquet
66 What's the deal with Havana Syndrome?
67 Donald Trump's Plot Against America
68 George Packer's Center Cannot Hold: A Review of "Last Best Hope"
69 Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Right’s Creeping Embrace of Revolution
70 How Tucker Carlson Lost It
71 Nick Kristof for Governor
72 The Best of TNR's Politics Podcast
73 Barbados Elects Its First Head of State, Replacing Queen Elizabeth
74 The End of Friedmanomics
75 We're Already Forgetting the Trump Era. His Supporters Won't Forget Us.
76 The For the People Act Filibuster and the End of American Politics
77 The Afterlives of EM Forster
78 The Case Against Humane War: A Review of Samuel Moyn's "Humane"
79 The New Republic names a new top editor and will return to Washington.
80 How Does Don Jr. Roll?
81 The Sunday Shows Are Hopelessly Broken
82 Andrew Cuomo Has Resigned: Good Riddance
83 The Republican Party Crack-Up
84 Why Are Democrats Acting Like the Sky Is Falling?
85 The Incoherence of American History: A Review of "American Colonies"
86 Why Liberals Ought to Invest in Propaganda
87 We Really Don't Need Another Conservative News Platform
88 Book Publishing's Mike Pence Problem
89 Star Wars Squadrons for PC is a massive 38% off at Amazon right now
90 Greg Greene | Page 1
91 Mary L. Trump | Page 1
92 DDoSecrets Is the New WikiLeaks
93 The Radicalization of Clarence Thomas
94 Moderate Democrats Are Working From an Outdated Midterm Elections Playbook
95 How the Washington Media Botched the Liz Cheney Story
96 Rosa Brooks: The Professor Who Became a Police Officer
97 The Walls Are Closing in on Andrew Cuomo
98 The Andrew Cuomo Show Has Lost the Plot
99 Sarah Palin Apparently Wants to Return to the Senate and Our Lives
100 Tucker Carlson Melts Into A Zombie On The New Republic's Damning Cover