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1 Tsirkon hypersonic missile first time test-fired from Northern Fleet submarine
2 Russia Wants to Establish Navy Arctic Fleet
3 Nuclear-powered subs of Northern Fleet conducted training duel in Barents Sea
4 Why Russia Is Ready to Build an Arctic Fleet
5 Russia breaks the (polar) ice on its Northeast Passage aspirations
6 "Knyaz Oleg" has fired Bulava missile | The Independent Barents Observer
7 Russia’s Pacific Fleet entering Indian Ocean — source
8 Russian Navy warships hold anti-piracy drills in Gulf of Guinea in eastern Atlantic
9 Russian Defense Ministry posts clip of marines freeing ship from pirates in African waters
10 What Is "Ships of the Northern Fleet"?
11 Why Russia never became an aircraft carrier superpower
12 Northern Fleet warships will conduct tactical exercises around Scandinavia
13 Entertainment phenomenon 'Ships of the Northern Fleet,' led in part by Columbus man, isn't real — and fans like it that way
14 Defense Chief: UK Needs to Develop 'Capability and Deterrence' in the High North
15 In a surprise direction, Northern Fleet grouping sails west of Svalbard on annual Arctic voyage
16 Northern Fleet kicks off major exercise | The Independent Barents Observer
17 Russia's Northern Fleet Is Back in the Arctic (Training for War?)
18 TikTok: What is Ships of the Northern Fleet? This trend is fooling everyone!
19 Russia Elevates Importance of Northern Fleet Upgrading it to Military District Status
20 Northern Fleet moves large warships to Baltic Sea
21 Analysis 2/2: Lada-class diesel-electric submarine of project 677 for Russian Navy
22 Russia's Northern Fleet Upgraded to Military District Status
23 Northern Fleet exercises in parallel with Zapad-2021 | The Independent Barents Observer
24 Russia's Northern Fleet Integrates Automated C2 and Hypersonic Strike
25 The Columbus connection to ‘Ships of the Northern Fleet,’ the best show that never existed
26 Ships of the Northern Fleet: 5 Best Episodes from the TikTok "TV Series"
27 Beefing up forces ahead of Zapad-2021, Northern Fleet kicks off large-scale exercise
28 Northern Fleet starts removing oldest ballistic missile subs
29 Russia Northern Fleet gets new class of subs that worries US Navy
30 Northern Fleet gets first Yasen-M class submarine
31 Russia’s Northern Fleet successfully completes exercise in Arctic — commander
32 Thousands of TikTokers have nostalgia for a TV show that never existed
33 Russian nuclear submarine lost propulsion in Danish waters, sails submerged outside Norway now
34 'Ships of the Northern Fleet' on TikTok Is a Wild Social Experiment
35 Northern Fleet frigate fired missile at target on Novaya Zemlya as British reconnaissance aircraft was watching
36 World War 3 alert: Terrifying moment Russia fires new cruise missile amid rising tension
37 Russian Military Seeks to Outmuscle U.S. in Arctic
38 Rosatom manufactures nuclear fuel assembly for the first land-based SMR
39 VIDEO: Ships of the Russian Northern Fleet film their cruise missile launch
40 Sevmash yard begins construction of two more ballistic missile subs
41 Northern Fleet is testing submarines' weapons at great depths in Barents, Norwegian seas
42 Visiting Northern Fleet, Defense Minister Shoigu signals buildup along Ukrainian border will end in 2 weeks
43 The Heroic Tin Can Sailors Held Off the Japanese Saving Thousands of Lives in WWII
44 Egyptian, US, Greek, Spanish navies carry out joint drills
45 Heavily-armed frigate sails Norwegian Sea to "ensure safety of Russian fishermen"
46 Northern Fleet marines use clearly marked Red Cross vehicle as target and cover in ambushing drill
47 More than 20 Russian Warships and Submarines Conducting Barents Sea Exercise
48 Battlecruiser leads Barents Sea exercise | The Independent Barents Observer
49 Hydrogen ship maker to develop 2.8 GW green facility off the north coast
50 Under Biden, the US could fall further behind in the Arctic | TheHill
51 NJ Transit Board pushes zero-emission fleet forward with approvals
52 Russia's Northern Fleet Test-Fires Tsirkon Cruise Missile
53 Putin heightens the strategic role of the Northern Fleet
54 Northern Fleet Commander announces war games outside Norway
55 Russia's most advanced cruise missile nuclear sub arrives at Zapadnaya Litsa
56 The Russian Navy Just Showed Off Its Most Powerful Warships
57 Russia's biggest naval vessels are out at sea
58 Russian Nuclear Submarine Broke Down In Danish Waters
59 Russia flexes muscles in challenge for Arctic control
60 Norwegian frigate on patrol close to Kola Peninsula
61 Russian anti-submarine destroyer cruises into English Channel with support fleet
62 Sounds of heavy gunfire echo through Pechenga Valley
63 Russia's Northern Fleet begins 2nd stage of COVID-19 vaccination
64 Russia's most high-tech multi-purpose nuclear sub further delayed
65 Northern Fleet makes major investments in nuclear submarine infrastructure. Will not repeat mistakes of the Cold War
66 Busy day for Russian military in the skies above Arctic
67 Budget 2021: Fuel duty rise ‘on hold’ as pump prices continue to soar
68 Car2Go settles class-action lawsuit for $1 million – Prince Rupert Northern View
69 Northern Fleet makes ready for long-range test of Tsirkon hypersonic missile
70 20 warships sail out for new Barents Sea exercise
71 Keoride launches mini-bus
72 Brand new bulk carrier brings North Canadian ore to China via Arctic route
73 Disgruntlement Grows Within Leadership Ranks of Russian Navy
74 Russia Announces Arctic Military Drills In Further Sign Of Increasing Presence
75 Arctic exercise Umka-2021 shows Russian SSBN can deliver massive strike
76 Russia Launches New Arctic Military Drills
77 Putin appoints new leader of Northern Fleet | The Independent Barents Observer
78 Pretium Resources makes new discovery at Brucejack
79 Three nuclear ballistic missile subs surfaced simultaneously through the ice in complex Russian Arctic exercise
80 Russia in the Arctic—A Critical Examination
81 Fleet of Russian naval vessels enter English Channel
82 New Russian fighter jets on standby in upgraded Arctic air base
83 Russian Navy anti-submarine ship attacks enemy sub with torpedoes in Arctic drills
84 28 combat ships participated in Northern Fleet Navy Day parade
85 SECNAV Announces the Return of the US Atlantic Fleet, Focus Will be on Russian Threat
86 Russia Pays Considerable Attention to Improve Arctic Infrastructure, says Defence Minister
87 Faster, quieter and higher maneuverability. Northern Fleet soon to get first upgraded ballistic missile sub
88 Delta IV: Russia Retired One of the Most Powerful Nuclear Submarines Ever
89 Northern Fleet conducted 4,700 exercises this year | The Independent Barents Observer
90 Maersk makes changes to WCSA services to/from Northern Europe
91 Russia Bolsters Its Arctic Defenses With MiG-31 Interceptor Rotation In The Far North
92 Russia asserts presence in Arctic with northern military base
93 Russia's Northern Fleet Is Getting New Deadly Submarines To Support Its Arctic Mission
94 'Paranormal Activity' movie made in Allegany County set for Paramount+ premiere
95 Large Russian missile cruiser sails Varanger fjord close to Norway's border
96 Russian Northern fleet continues operating Admiral Ushakov destroyer
97 Gigantic special mission submarine starts sea trials in White Sea
98 Russia Just Accepted Its New Super-Quiet, Cruise Missile-Packed Submarine Into Service
99 As COVID surges, a new military hospital opens in Northern Fleet city Severomorsk
100 Russia's northernmost base projects its power across Arctic