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1 Covid as Natural Disaster? Courts to Decide WARN Act Defense
2 Firing an employee? Here's what you need to know
3 SECOND UPDATE: Uncertainty Remains About Effective Date Of January 21, 2020 NJ WARN Amendments
4 Total Recall? Key Takeaways On The Nevada Hospitality And Travel Workers Right To Return Act
5 GDOL Says Only Ten Percent Of UI Initial Claims Due To Layoffs
6 GA Dept of Labor: Only Ten Percent of UI Initial Claims Due to Layoffs
7 The WARN Act and COVID-19: What are Employers Obligated to Do?
8 WARN Act Obligations for Employers and Layoffs
9 Amended N.Y. WARN Act Requires Advance Notice to Broader Range of Government Entities before Layoffs and Closures
10 Mass Layoffs in Pandemic Have Sparked Few Worker Notice Suits
11 Federal Court Decision On WARN Act And COVID-19 Could Signal Problems For Larger Employers (US)
12 WARN Act And Its Implications For COVID-19 Layoffs And Furloughs
13 New York Amends State WARN Act to Require Additional Notifications
14 NJ Employers Must Prepare for the January 21, 2020 Amendments to the NJ WARN Act To Become Effective Post-Pandemic
15 The WARN Act: 5 fast facts
16 COVID-19 Not An Absolute Defense To WARN Notice Obligations
17 UPDATE: NJ Employers Must Prepare for the January 21, 2020 Amendments to the NJ WARN Act To Become Effective October 2, 2021 (Or So It Seems)
18 How Much Discrimination Did Guardsmen Face from Civilian Employers During the Pandemic?
19 U.S. Department of Labor Issues Guidance on the WARN Act and COVID-19
20 Southwest Airlines WARN Act notices could be coming, union leadership tells members
21 NJ Employers Must Prepare For The January 21, 2020 Amendments To The NJ WARN Act To Become Effective Post-Pandemic
22 Nevada Enacts Right to Return Law for Certain Laid Off Workers
23 Coronavirus Layoffs and Business Closins the WARN Act
24 New Jersey WARN Act Amendments May Soon Become Effective
25 Complying With WARN Act Requirements During the Coronavirus Pandemic
26 Statement from Labor Commissioner Harrington on Koffee Kup/Vermont Bread closure
27 Key Considerations for Officers and Directors of Distressed Companies
28 ‘People are struggling right now:’ Cobb County residents fear eviction as end of moratorium looms
29 Kentucky sees layoff notices skyrocket in 2020 amid pandemic
30 COVID-19 and the WARN Act in Wisconsin
31 Notice Requirements When Furloughing Or Laying Off Workers in the Pandemic
32 “You never know”: Work and precarity in Las Vegas before and during COVID-19
33 Amendments to New Jersey’s WARN Act Provide Employers with Relief for COVID-19-Related Mass Layoffs
34 M&A Bargain Hunters Should Heed The WARN Act
35 Recent Federal District Court Ruling Provides Insight Into How WARN Act May Apply to COVID-Related Workforce Cuts
36 Enterprise WARN Act Ruling Spells Trouble For Big Employers
37 Statement from Labor Commissioner Michael Harrington
38 Fitch Affirms Suffolk County, NY's IDR at 'BBB+'; Rates $98.9MM GO Bonds; Outlook Revised to Stable
39 Southwest Airlines begins furlough process for nearly 7,000 employees
40 2021-22 Rules For K-12 Schools Come Into Focus
41 INSIGHT: Don't Fear the Math—Analyzing Layoffs, Plant Closings Under the WARN Act
42 Lawsuit filed against Koffee Kup Bakery over abrupt closure
43 Should Koffee Kup Bakery employees have been notified before losing their jobs?
44 Important Considerations in Implementing Workforce Furloughs
45 Southwest Airlines furloughs could occur for hundreds of mechanics in January
46 Nuts And Bolts Of Furloughs, Layoffs, And Plant Closings In The Age Of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stay-At-Home Orders: The WARN Act And Beyond
47 U.S. Labor Department Issues Guidance on WARN Notice Requirements for Employers Affected by COVID-19
48 Laid-Off Hertz Worker Sues Over Sudden Virus-Related Firings
49 How Unemployment Insurance Fraud Exploded During the Pandemic
50 A Legal Guide on Shifting from Furloughs to Layoffs
51 United Airlines will warn 36,000 workers of possible layoffs — more than a third of its entire workforce
52 Shop-Vac files notice with the state; 427 people out of work in Pa.
53 DOL Issues New WARN Act COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
54 Metro issues layoff notices hundreds of employees in DC area, starting on Christmas
55 Fair WARNing: COVID-19 WARN Act Class Action Filed Against Hooters
56 CA Requiring Employers to Offer Open Jobs to Laid Off Employees
57 Alaska state employees receive layoff notices as Gov. Mike Dunleavy says new state budget is 'defective'
58 DC: Assistance for Employees Laid Off during COVID-19
59 Welcome to THE COMMONS -- News and Views for Windham County, Vermont
60 WARN notices paint grim picture: Larger BI employers furloughed or laid off nearly 6,000 workers
61 Federal WARN and NYS Mini-WARN: Obligations for Employers in Light of COVID-19
62 Have You Thought About ... Impending WARN Act Issues?
63 Class action suit filed in wake of Vermont Bread closure
64 Could Unlimited Paid Time Off Become the Norm? How a Pandemic Expanded the Conversation Around Work-Life Balance
65 Maryland Enacts Mandatory State WARN Act Requirements
66 Golden Gate Bridge District sends 185 workers notices of possible layoffs
67 California Hospitality Employers Will Need to Track COVID-19 Layoffs Until 2025 Due to New Right-of-Recall Bill
68 New Jersey Approves Greater Protections for Employees in Mass Layoffs
69 Colorado not enforcing federal layoff rule
70 What to Include in Employee Layoff Letters
71 Termination provision done in by 'what if?'
72 When Should Employers Tell Employees That Layoffs Are Looming?
73 Layoffs During Leave Require Adequate Documentation
74 Should You Rehire a Laid-Off Employee?
75 Evictions back on table as Floridians struggle with increasing rent prices
76 Planning layoffs? Don't overlook these 2 key laws
77 California Establishes Immediate Right Of Recall For COVID-Related Layoffs
78 Hooters' Abrupt, Virus-Driven Worker Layoffs Spark Lawsuit
79 13,000 American Airlines workers told to 'tear up' layoff notices after COVID bill passes
80 Laid Off vs. Fired
81 'Suffocating': Why a Black Professor Quit Collin College
82 The Cost Of Failure To Contain The Virus? Massive Layoffs
83 Viatris telegraphs closure of decades-old West Virginia plant, where more than 1400 will lose jobs: report
84 California & COVID-19: State-Wide Right to Recall Law
85 American Airlines sending 25,000 furlough notices as U.S. demand sags
86 American Airlines warns of more than 1,000 possible furloughs in Philadelphia
87 Employment Interruptions in the Age of COVID-19
88 WARN Notice Not Needed for Furloughs Under Six Months?
89 Amazon's The Expanse Raises Issues Concerning Workplace Romances
90 Airlines warn of more than 2,100 potential layoffs and furloughs at PHL this fall
91 South Carolina unemployment claims down from last week
92 81 workers at Bucyrus GE plant facing potential layoffs
93 GE Lighting plans to lay off 81 at Bucyrus plant if it can't cut costs for LED bulbs
94 Southwest may furlough nearly 400 flight workers in Las Vegas
95 Improving the Worksharing System To Absorb Employment Shocks
96 GM India lays off 1,086 workers on non-acceptance of VSS; Union files case in industrial court
97 American Airlines prepares to send out layoff notices to workers
98 Form 485APOS Miller Investment Trust
99 New California Labor and Employment Laws for 2021
100 Committee Approves Cryan-Pou 'Toys R Us Bill' To Better Protect Workers' Rights