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1 Downspout threatens Paraguay's foreign trade yet again MercoPress 18 days ago
2 Argentina's AGP to stay in charge of Paraná Waterway pending bidding MercoPress 10 days ago
3 Paraná-Paraguay Waterway Agency finally has a board of directors MercoPress 4 months ago
4 Rains bring relief to Paraguay and Paraná rivers MercoPress 2 months ago
5 Brazilian businessmen eye Paraguayan move to escape inflation MercoPress 25 days ago
6 India and Paraguay Relationship: Boosting Bilateralism The Financial Express 16 days ago
7 South America's Parana river is drying up, baffling experts FRANCE 24 English 12 months ago
8 Parana River Hits 80-year Record Low Level OOSKA News 6 months ago
9 Paraná downspout better but still below historical levels MercoPress 2 months ago
10 Paraguay passes emergency bill as downspouts hinder river navigation MercoPress 1 year ago
11 The Parana River is at its Lowest Level in Living Memory CGTN America 9 months ago
12 No change in sight for downspouts – particularly of the Paraná river MercoPress 7 months ago
13 China competes in the dredging of Paraguay/Parana Waterway which handles 90 million tons of grains MercoPress 2 years ago
14 A Waterway Project in Brazil Imperils a Vast Tropical Wetland Yale Environment 360 3 months ago
15 Argentina extends Paraná river water emergency — MercoPress MercoPress 3 months ago
16 Mighty River to Muddy Trickle: South America's Parana Rings Climate Alarm MarineLink 10 months ago
17 Paraguay Maps & Facts 1 year ago
18 The Paraná River in south Central South America 6 months ago
19 Paraná–Paraguay waterway: Chinese company could run vital trade route Diálogo Chino 2 years ago
20 Paraná river at historic low: natural cycle or climate change? Buenos Aires Times 11 months ago
21 Historic drought means you can now walk across the dry bed of South America’s second-longest river The France 24 Observers 12 months ago
22 Brazil to boost Paraguay-Paraná waterway BNamericas English 2 years ago
23 Paraná/Paraguay river system navigation in critical state WorldCargo News 12 months ago
24 HotSpots H2O: Argentina's Paraná River Drops to 77-Year Low, Resulting in Economic Loss and Wildfires Circle of Blue 1 year ago
25 Drought hits South America river, threatening vast ecosystem The Associated Press 1 year ago
26 The Parana River 6 years ago
27 Landlocked Paraguay Becoming Major Cocaine Link to Europe InSight Crime 7 months ago
28 The Parched Paraná River 2 years ago
29 Bolivian river port offers landlocked nation alternative route to sea UNCTAD 4 years ago
30 Government hands control of Paraná-Paraguay waterway to port agency Buenos Aires Times 1 year ago
31 Security Forces Blow up Narco Clandestine Ports on the Brazil-Paraguay Border 4 months ago
32 Parana river levels rise, but full recovery unlikely until early 2022 AgriCensus 10 months ago
33 Brazil's Water Crisis Adds to the World's Supply-Chain Misery Bloomberg 1 year ago
34 Paraná's historic low levels test Argentina's agriculture trade Diálogo Chino 1 year ago
35 A Year of Change on the Paraná River Americas Quarterly 2 years ago
36 Paraguay: SENAD Dismantles International Narcotrafficking Organization Diálogo Américas 6 months ago
37 GE led consortium to upgrade Itaipu hydro plant in Brazil and Paraguay International Water Power 3 months ago
38 Paraguay drought: Extraordinary photos show how the country is drying up Euronews 11 months ago
39 The Paraguayan Navy, Relentless in the Fight Against Organized Crime Diálogo Américas 8 months ago
40 Paraguay: a significant electricity exporter, but citizens suffer outages Diálogo Chino 2 months ago
41 Paraguay’s heritage of agriculture: A gift, or potential curse? | Daily Sabah Daily Sabah 4 months ago
42 River bathers killed, injured by piranhas in Paraguay MercoPress 7 months ago
43 In Argentina, female fishers persevere as the Paraná's water level drops Diálogo Chino 6 months ago
44 Piranha attacks in Paraguay leave 4 dead, more than 20 injured this year Fox News 7 months ago
45 Port programme opens ocean of opportunities for Bolivia UNCTAD 3 months ago
46 Paraguay River reported to be close to historic downspout levels MercoPress 11 months ago
47 Paraguay's uneasy exterior Global Americans 9 months ago
48 Paraguay's big rivers shape its progress as a shipping dynamo Financial Times 3 years ago
49 Amid Old Rivalries, South America's Silver River Promises New Riches Americas Quarterly 5 years ago
50 In Brazil, worst drought in decades felt at gigantic dam The Associated Press 10 months ago
51 South America's unknown ancient path BBC 3 months ago
52 Paraguay capital choked by colossal smog cloud from Argentina wildfires The Guardian 5 months ago
53 10 Things That Make Paraguay So Famous TheTravel 3 months ago
54 Paraguay could be forced to import soybeans because drought has halved production MercoPress 6 months ago
55 Brazil extends federal troops deployment at Paraguay border The Brazilian Report 8 months ago
56 Drought Hits South America's 2nd Longest River The St. Kitts-Nevis Observer 11 months ago
57 Stories for April 28th 2022 — MercoPress MercoPress 4 months ago
58 What To Do At The Triple Frontier Between Argentina, Paraguay And Brazil TheTravel 9 months ago
59 Paraguay awards road contracts financed by M... BNamericas English 4 months ago
60 “Insect Apocalypse” – Study Reveals Drastic Decline of Aquatic Insect Population in Paraná River Basin SciTechDaily 11 months ago
61 Fowl Play – How Contraband Chicken is Flooding Paraguay InSight Crime 11 months ago
62 Decreasing water levels on Parana River threaten to further disrupt shipping Splash 247 1 year ago
63 Vicious piranhas kill four swimmers, wound 20 in CHILLING series of attacks MEAWW 7 months ago
64 Police search for killers of anti-drug prosecutor shot while honeymooning on Colombia beach EL PAÍS in English 3 months ago
65 Bolivia Rivers Become Increasingly Popular Drug Trafficking Routes InSight Crime 2 years ago
66 New Paraguay-Brazil bridge being built World Highways 2 years ago
67 Parana river water level hampering grain transport in the midst of peak harvest MercoPress 2 years ago
68 Waterways Are Drying Up in Key South American Crop-Shipping Hubs Bloomberg 1 year ago
69 Study launched to produce hydrogen from hydropower in Paraguay Power Engineering International 6 months ago
70 ITAIPU guarantees energy production despite the historical downspout of the Paraná River BNamericas English 1 year ago
71 South America ravaged by unprecedented drought and fires 2 years ago
72 Severe Drought Hits South America The Wall Street Journal 10 months ago
73 Feature: Parched Parana river disrupts Argentina's soybean exports S&P Global 1 year ago
74 Paraguay's drought hits biodiversity, Indigenous communities the hardest 6 months ago
75 Soybean prices rise as drought in South America reduces harvest Wisconsin State Farmer 5 months ago
76 Rivers of the week WWF 7 months ago
77 Why the Paraná Delta Is Unlike Any Other Place In the World Condé Nast Traveler 8 years ago
78 Paraguay lowers expectations on soy due to drought MercoPress 7 months ago
79 Paraná River push boats get Fleet Xpress connectivity Marine Log 2 years ago
80 Bolivia eyes foreign trade boost with new aquatic route to the Atlantic Diálogo Chino 9 months ago
81 Securitisation cannot stop the COVID-19 trafficking boom at the Triple Frontier between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina | LSE Latin America and Caribbean London School of Economics 2 years ago
82 A Closer Look at Renewable Energy in Paraguay BORGEN 9 months ago
83 Corrupt Paraguay Officials Allow Thriving Contraband Market Into Brazil InSight Crime 3 years ago
84 Engineering Efficiency On The Paraná MarineLink 8 years ago
85 GIEWS Country Brief: Paraguay 19-April-2022 Paraguay 4 months ago
86 Argentina's ebbing Parana River costs grains sector $244 million: exchange Reuters 2 years ago
87 Parched Parana River likely to hit Argentine grain exports through September Reuters 2 years ago
88 Extreme heat forecast to hit South America again in coming week The Guardian 7 months ago
89 Paraguay Archives Americas Quarterly 2 years ago
90 Itaipú dam generates more power to help Paraguayan barges with soybeans reach the River Plate MercoPress 2 years ago
91 Uruguay plans to award contracts to widen over 300km of roads before June BNamericas English 4 months ago
92 An indigenous community vs the giant hydro-electric company Open Democracy 3 years ago
93 Widespread flooding in Paraguay causes damage, deaths Al Jazeera English 3 years ago
94 Major Rivers Of Argentina 5 years ago