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1 Peoples Liberation Army eyes new military bases across Indo-Pacific
2 China's People's Liberation Army will continue to build world peace, contribute to global development and defend international order
3 Panel: Taiwan Needs More Capacity to Defend Itself as China's Military Modernizes
4 Joint Efforts for World Peace, Full-hearted Support for Peace and Security in Africa
5 China's air force has big plans for its biggest planes
6 94th anniversary of Chinese People's Liberation Army: Actively contributing to building a community
7 The threat of China invading Taiwan is growing every day. What the U.S. can do to stop it.
9 Pakistan Army commemorates 94th anniversary of Chinese military at GHQ
10 China’s Looming Succession Crisis
11 PLA fighter bombers practice maritime mine blockade
12 China’s President reshuffles PLA border command leadership amid India stand-off
13 50 years of Kuwait-China strategic partnership
14 At least 25 dead as rains deluge central China's Henan province
15 India China 12th round of talks at Moldo Garrison: Crystal Grazing
16 WW3 fears as China threatens to NUKE Japan on eve of Olympics if it intervenes in Taiwan conflict...
17 China using machine guns, rocket launcher to train troops in Tibet
18 China's gene giant harvests data from millions of pregnant women
19 China's Xi Jinping Tells People's Liberation Army to Get Ready For Combat
20 The People's Liberation Army Attempts to Jump Start Training Reforms
21 An Expert Explains: The PLA and its relationship with China’s Communist Party
22 Chinese embassy celebrates 94th anniversary of PLA
23 The People’s Liberation Army is strong. But it has four weaknesses
24 Worrying: China is creating permanent structures in Ladakh
25 Austin Discusses Need for Indo-Pacific Partnerships in the Future
26 Federal charges dropped against IU PhD student accused of spying for Chinese government
27 Chinese military staunch force for world peace, stability: official
28 Book exposes how China launched a PPE-repatriation operation
29 China’s military commanders come under attack for outdated training
30 Who Is Qin Gang, China's New US Ambassador?
31 Why China’s PLA Keeps Putting up Posters to Threaten War Against Taiwan
32 On the centenary of China's communist party: My last hurrah
33 New report flags Chinese push to field support ships, planes for greater reach
34 China's People's Liberation Army ground forces hold attack drill
35 China spy ship spotted near Queensland as it sails into Australian waters
36 Enhance combat readiness, Xi tells People’s Liberation Army
37 U.S. Army Paratroopers Capturing Chinese Outposts? People’s Liberation Army Scoffs At The Idea
38 People’s Liberation Army seeks better infrastructure, training bases along LAC
39 Canada govt objected to military decision to cancel training with Chinese Army: Reports
40 China's first stealth fighter for aircraft carriers is emerging, but a big problem still weighs it down
41 China’s PLA delivers Covid-19 vaccines to Pakistani military
42 China flanks Taiwan with military exercises in air and sea
43 Australia may be left to battle China 'on their own'
44 The Chinese Military Might Not Be in Control of Escalating Crises
45 China’s Naval Strength Gives It Crucial Clout in Negotiations around Asia
46 Assessing 70 Years of China's PLA Air Force
47 China's Modernizing Military
48 A New Step Forward in PLA Professionalization
49 US defense secretary broadens cooperation with Vietnam
50 China military to get loyalty lessons as party gears up for 100th birthday
51 Knowing China’s People Liberation Army and how it is different from other armies of world
52 Sudan's Liberation Movements Chart Conditions for Lasting Peace
53 Canadian military not training with Chinese army, defence minister says
54 Canada's ties to China's military underscore the weird contradictions in its foreign policy
55 New Research Points to the People's Liberation Army Hospital in Wuhan, China as the Origin for the Worldwide Coronavirus Pandemic
56 Why China’s Communist Party maintains a tight grip on the military
57 Chinese military jets that crossed into Singapore FIR on May 31 'not deemed a threat': Ng Eng Hen
58 Chinese Stanford researcher allegedly hid affiliation to People's Liberation Army, destroyed information,
59 Pentagon Pushes For Bigger Effort To Deter China's Growing Military Might
60 China, Russia Military Budgets Combined Exceed US Spending, Top General Says
61 China Makes It A Crime To Question Military Casualties On The Internet
62 China Military's Taiwan Invasion Force Conducts Amphibious Beach Assault Drills
63 China's coronavirus vaccine shows military's growing role in research
64 China's President Xi Jinping directs the People's Liberation Army to 'act at any second'
65 5 Five Things About the People’s Liberation Army
66 'Prepare for War,' China Military Warns in New Propaganda Poster for Taiwan
67 Communist Chinese Military Companies and Section 1237: A Primer
68 China has built the world's largest navy. Now what's Beijing going to do with it?
69 Special Report: China expands amphibious forces in challenge to U.S. beyond Asia
70 China's most advanced lightweight tank Type 15 enters PLA Navy Marine Corps service
71 PLA sets up army, air force joint defence system in western theatre command
72 China's Military Preparing for U.S. Intervention in Taiwan Strait
73 US paid Chinese People’s Liberation Army to engineer coronaviruses
74 'China Has a Large and Growing Navy: What is the Rest of the Story?'
75 American Troops Train Remotely With Chinese Army From Schofield
76 Chinese Navy Faces Overseas Basing Weakness, Report Says
77 China to boost pay for PLA forces after years of sweeping reforms
78 Taiwan says record 25 PLA warplanes entered its air defence zone
79 China Building Formidable Amphibious Fleet
80 PLA : People`s Liberation Army or party leaning accomplices?
81 China's People's Liberation Army pulls back from Pangong area along LAC
82 China sends 16 military aircraft over disputed South China Sea shoals near Malaysia
83 China has done human testing to create biologically enhanced super soldiers, says top U.S. official
84 China, US step up military activities near Taiwan
85 Xi Jinping orders China’s military to be ready for war ‘at any second’
86 Huawei on List of 20 Chinese Companies That Pentagon Says Are Controlled by People's Liberation Army
87 Pentagon Report: China Now Has World's Largest Navy as Beijing Expands Military Influence
88 To Rule the Invisible Battlefield: The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Chinese Military Power
89 Yes, China Has the World's Largest Navy. That Matters Less Than You Might Think.
90 India allows captured Peoples Liberation Army soldier to return to China
91 China's military budget: no need for alarm yet
92 U.S. Navy Asserts “Freedom of Navigation” in the South China Sea
93 As China Gray Zone Warfare Escalates, U.S. May Stand to Lose First Shooting Battle
94 The People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force: Update 2019
95 China's Military Modernisation: Recent Trends
96 China’s People’s Liberation Army upgrading troops quarters for winter
97 China's second nuclear base uncovered in Xinjiang
98 What newly released Pentagon maps reveal about China's growing military reach
99 PLA Xinjiang Military Command reveals 3 new weapon systems: reports
100 Chinese students, researchers with 'military links' barred